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The oxford advanced Dictionary (7th edition) describe the term alcoholism as “the medical condition caused by drinking too much alcohol regularly”. While, the encyclopedia Encarta (2006) describes the term alcoholism as “the consumption of either spirits wine, bee and malt to such an extent that it affects the social or  work related functioning of an individual”.

Alcoholism  has become a common practice especially among youths it in Chukun Local Government Area. Most of the youths find it necessary to use alcohol in order to feel comfortable or if their lives are lacking meaning they resort to taking alcohol as a reliever to them.

An  addicted person could be psychologically dependent on alcohol; this means that the person thought he or she must take alcohol at all time His body may actually need it or not need it at all. But the point is that, he goes on craving for it because he thinks he need it. This craving can be so strong that he find it difficult to give up to alcohol.

An addicted person could also be physically dependent on alcohol. This means that the person’s body actually needs the alcohol different from the feelings in the addicted person’s mind that needs the alcohol.


There is a general observation that the  youths in Chikun Local Government Area, have a serious problem of Alcoholism and which affect the psychologically, physically and also educationally. Alcohol addition is a process of habitual cause of alcohol by an individual when a person becomes an addict, it means he/she cannot do without taking it.

Most of the youths have become psychologically and socially dependent on alcohol. This tend to manifest in everything they do each day where by most of them find it had to work without taking alcohol even some of them that are into sports, cannot  step into pitch or count without taking some alcohol.

In view of this, I want to  focus my attention on the following questions in which are the research question?

  1. Is there any considerable effect of alcoholism on the youths of Chikun Local Government Area?
  2. Is there any significant number of youth who are psychologically and socially dependent on alcohol as a result of addiction in Chikun Local Government Area?  

General objectives of this study is:

  1. To know the effect of alcoholism on the youths
  2. To identify the youths who are addicted to alcoholism.
  3. To also prefer solutions in reducing the in-take of alcoholism among the youths.

A Study on the cause and effect of alcoholism among youths in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State is because of its advise effect on the society and the state in general. Alcoholism has become one of the problem facing our society most especially among youths. Therefore the study is carried out to highlight some of the problem associated with alcohol addiction and how this problems influences their performance, economically, psychologically and socially.

Another important aspect of this study is that it helps to tackle one of the greatest social problem happening the development or progress of our society in addition, it need urgent attention since the future of every society lies greatly on its youths who are economically productive. Therefore this study will draw attention to the problems of reliance on alcohol by youth in Chikun Local Government Area and how it can be negative force to the society.

This study will also be of benefit as a reference material to other researchers.

Finally, this study will also help in enlightening those who are involved in alcohol taking on the habit. This will also help in the contribution to the social discipline and source of information from where polices shall be drawn to tackle problems and issues on alcoholism not only in Chikun Local Government Area, but to the state at large. 
The subject of Alcoholism among the youth cannot be comprehensively covered within the limited time of this study. This is because alcoholism among youth extends beyond geographical boundary that means it is multi-national.

For this  reason this research project is  limited to the Causes And Effect Of Alcoholism Among  Youths in Chikun Local government Area of kaduna State.

Communication with some of those interview   was not easy because most of them did not want to tell the researcher their problems or why they are involved in alcohol.

Another limitation includes time factor and finance. In addition, there are transportation problems with the current high cost of transportation. As a student, the finance to carryout a project of this nature is not easy, unless with the help of God all mighty and also assistance by my family members.

1.       How can social change be created among the youth of Chikun Local Government Area  on the consumption of alcohol leads to alcoholism?
2.       What are the effects of alcoholism on youths?
3.       What are the general percentage of youths that are addicted to this alcoholism?
4.       What are the possible solutions for reducing the intake of alcohol?

“Kaduna” is derived from a house word” (crocodiles). This is the name given to a vast fertile land that is found in the heart of middle belt of northern Nigeria. The river Kaduna from which the state derived its name’ is know to be a heaven for crocodiles.

Kaduna was formally the capital territory of the northern Nigeria in 1956. In 1966, Chikun Local Government Area was created by the federal government. In 1976, the federal government created more local government and marked the beginning of election of the chairman in the Kaduna local government area as a result of the reform during the reign of Murtala Ramat Mohammad in 1976.

Kaduna state had fourteen (14) Local Government Areas and today there are twenty three (23) Local Government area, name Musa Makama Chikun Local Government Area comprises of six (6) districts namely U/Yelwa, Sabo, U/Baro, Mahutar, Maraban-Rido and Kujama districts.

The Christians and Islamic and their traditional leaders in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state have lent their support to current news technologies and development of Chikun. The major activities of the people in the Area bare business, farming and government workers, they are mostly culturally, the have similar culture practice include marriage rate festival and there is similarity in-term of their way they speak and interaction with one another. The have respect for the elders as an accepted tradition in Chikun Local Government Area. Both the Christians, Muslims their elders men Big grown and turbans while the young ones wear Kaftan, for the ladies, they mostly tie wrappers and head-ties lastly, business is one of their main occupation as  well as farming e.g. groundnuts, maize, millets and potatoes.

–        Youth: is a person of moderate and productive age of year ranging from 16 years to 35 years according to united Nation and Nigeria definition of youth.
–        Alcoholism: Is a complex services of condition that involves physiological and sociological factor.
–        Alcohol: Is a colourless liquid, contained in drink such as lever, wine and spirit that can make people drunk. 
–        Alcoholics: Are those excessive drinkers whose dependence on  alcohol has attained such a degree that show a noticeable mental disturbance or a person who  regularly drinks  too much alcohol and cannot easily stop drinking because it has became an illness to him/her.
–        Delinquent: Minor crime especially committed by a youth person.

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