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The aim of this research is to investigate and find out the school factors that affect teaching and learning English language at primary level. It constitute for the students’ success or failure in studying English. The research also attempted to know those things which students lack in school which caused them to have poor performance in English as well as how good and modern techniques of teaching contribute to the success of the students.

The research is design by using questionnaires and observation. However, 27 questionnaires were distributed in three different primary schools and were successfully returned. The first section revealed the information about the learner’s age, sex and tribe etc.; while the second section, contain pupils responses based on their teachers’ activities and their environmental experience.

Finally, the research also present recommendations and suggestions about the factors that affect teaching and learning English at primary level such as the use of instructional materials/aid, use of modern techniques/methodology of teaching and learning environment.



1.1              BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY

English language was introduced in Nigeria in the earlier, 19th century by British colonial masters. English language as a second language in Nigeria has played a role in Nigeria which could be seen in an education, government, business, commerce, media and most of internal and external communication. Above all, English language has played the role of the language of political unity.

In recent research, English has rated as the world most popular language which is characterized by active communication from one continent to another, especially by indigenous owners of the language. Today, formal education in Nigeria has been taking place through the use of English language as a medium of instruction, despite the importance of English language; there are many factors that affect teaching and learning English language over the years, particularly northern Nigeria. As result, most been done by researchers on those factors which affect teaching and learning English language at primary level. It is very important to emphasize here that the use of teaching materials/aid and use of instructional techniques/methods as well as the teaching and learning environment. Those factors have greatly affected teaching and learning English language to the pupils of primary level.

1.2              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

English as a subject at primary level keeps moving with some important factors such as the use of instructional techniques/methods, use of instructional materials/aid and the teaching and learning environment as well.

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