Best Business Programs in Europe by Top MBA Ranks 2020

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Business Programs in Europe by Top MBA Ranks

Studying abroad is becoming more popular every year. MBA courses have become trendy for the advantages they offer. European B-schools are attracting growing interest from potential applicants. Today 50% of the programs from 10 best MBA lists are in Europe. American schools were the first to seek candidates and offer Master degrees, but their European partners are catching up.

  • European business education is becoming more appealing for potential MBA holders. In line with Business Because, training in the US has to either adapt to market alterations or lose its leading positions. Given the difficulties with obtaining a visa, the anti-immigration policy, high tuition fees, and the extended course period, MBA applicants are not eager to enroll in American schools.

Best Business Programs in Europe by Top MBA Ranks 2020

Many people think they can only get an education in Europe, with rich parents or genius abilities, but it’s not true. This requires a wish to learn self-confidence, diligence in finding a grant, and preparing documents. The grant can cover expenses, including flights and accommodation, or the training fee itself. We have selected the most prominent business schools in Europe after comprehensive research.

Is the European MBA a significant investment?

QS Report on training payback, showed that if a learner’s goal is a big salary, it makes sense to enter business colleges in the USA. The list of the major courses whose alumni get the highest salaries include prestigious American B- schools. Just one European Academy is in the global Top 20 rating: the Swiss IMD institution.

While the standard alumni’s salary of American MBA is $89037, in the EU, it amounts to $73271. The return rate of European instruction is higher than in American. One-year-long courses dominate in the EU; the contrary is true in the rating based on the funds to return in training. The average American graduate pays his education debt in 55 months, and the European — in only 51 months.

Which MBA schools are leaders in the European rating?

In the European Top 10 list, French institutions engage the first two places. INSEAD is the leader, and HEC is in second place, with a slight gap. They are among the best three in the global rankings from QS. Like Harvard, INSEAD has a status that ensures longevity. Various business schools offer enhanced programs that last only one year. Such courses compete with conventional two-year studies. This allows students to create an extended network of acquaintances in various countries, not taking up the standard two-years.

There are four British schools among the selected 20. The prospects for foreign students’ employment are unclear. Yet, the seekers’ interest to the Grade A British colleges, such as the Business School of London (#3) with the Judge Business School (#4) is consistently high, as is their teaching quality. Next, Spanish school – IE (#5) with its EMBA program follows. The Swiss school IMD (#6) with SDA Bocconi, Italy (#7) completes this list, and European institutes lead in it.

The trend carries on in the second ten. Amid the 20 innovative schools, you will find colleges in Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands. If you need a high-quality cover letter, go to paper writing services to outsource your assignment to a professional. Qualified authors will write in the best way for you.

Here is the list of the best European programs according to 7 famous rankings of business institutions. Choose several options that meet your demands, then try them out.

INSEAD, France

INSEAD occupies a primary position in the worldwide Forbes rating. Its campuses are in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, plus France. The school positions itself as the “business establishment for the globe.” The institute brings together individuals, notions, with cultures worldwide to change establishments and lives. INSEAD’s exceptional standpoint and multicultural range are shown in all aspects of its investigation. It comprises 148 distinguished academic fellows from 40 states. They motivate over 1005 MBA partakers, 9500 CEOs, 85 Ph.D. candidates, and 221 Executive MBAs.

HEC Paris Management School, France

Originated in 1881, the institute focuses on administration and educational research. It offers a comprehensive choice of the syllabus for prospective frontrunners: HEC Executive MBA, Ph.D., Executive Education, TRIUM Global Executive MBA, including open registration and individual curriculum. The prominent institution has a stable faculty of over 4,000 scholars, 115 lecturers, and over 8,500 officials undergoing preparation every year.

London Business School, Great Britain

This school is amid the top ten specialized establishments on the list, a groundbreaker in the business sphere, and offers a diversity of first-rate degrees to meet your requirements. It does not matter if you are a graduate seeking a degree of MBA or a high-ranking Manager considering Sloan Masters, the school will boost your productivity and teach you to build your career. The existing MBA studies were ranked first worldwide in 2009, 2010, then in 2011 by the Global MBA classification.

  1. Cambridge Judge Business School, Great Britain:

The establishment is amid the top one-year courses. It is a far-reaching involvement in business, arranging an exceptional learning path for its graduates. Its MBA program is a rigorous 12-month Management Course, developed for full-time specialists pursuing career advancement. They educate via a series of lectures, discussion groups, seminars, and team projects. Every year specialists from 40+ countries join the pilot course. The focus is on the practical use of theory via joint assignments and workshops.

IE Business School, Spain

The Madrid Business School has a distinctive achievement – among 10 best of top world rankings of MBA programs, several years in a row, leaving behind the other famous schools. IE enrolls 1,900 applicants per year, offering MBA, DBA with Ph.D. degrees. It has an Executive MBA and an innovative course. IE students stay on campuses in Spain, Brazil, and China. IE has over 40,000 graduates in 125 states. Over 10% of learners start projects after they proceed. They get the highest salaries – on average, it grows by 52%, and in two years, the wage rises by 125%.

Prospective of globalization

To sum up, the leading business schools have a diverse range. The interests of foreign applicants are no longer focused on American courses. MBA schools in the US reported a decrease in demand from non-nationals in 2017. Meanwhile, the same numbers of British business institutions report an upsurge in the figure of applications from non-residents. In Europe, 90% of the students are foreigners.

This is how business schools there achieve development and diversity. As non-nationals live in globalized cities, they can navigate a varied environment better. Problems as a turbulent political state and rising unemployment in EU countries often prevent the alumni from looking for a job.

However, students are aware of the paybacks derived from diversity in the learning environment. These advantages will stay with them, whether they remain in Europe after graduation, or continue their career in other countries.

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