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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it

In order to approach the problem of anxiety in play. Let us consider the activity of building and destroying a tower. Many a mother thinks that her little son is in a ‘destructive stage or even has a destructive personality’ because after building a big tower, the boy cannot follow her advice to leave the tower for Daddy to see but instead, must kick it and it collapses. The almost manic pleasure with which children watch the collapse in a second of the product of long play-labour has puzzled many especially since the child does not appreciate it at all if his tower falls by accident or by a helpful uncle’s hand. He, the builder, must destroy It himself. This game, I think arises from the not so distant experience of sudden falls at the very time when standing upright on wobbly legs afforded a new and fascinating perspective on existence. The child who consequently learns to make a tower ‘stand up’, enjoys causing the same tower to waver and collapse. In addition to the active mastering over a previously passive event, it makes one feel stronger to know that there is somebody weaker and towers, unlike sisters, can’t cry and call ‘mummy’.

  1. In the passage ‘manic pleasure means _______

(a) Human Pleasure
(b) Wicked Pleasure
(c) Unlimited Pleasure
(d) Childish Pleasure

Answer: D

2. According to the passage, it gives the child great pleasure

(a) for daddy to see the tower he has built
(b) to be helped to destroy the tower
(c) to destroy his tower himself
(d) to see his tower accidentally destroyed

Answer: C

3. The expression ‘must kick it and make it collapse’ in the context means

(a) cannot resist the urge to demolish
(b) ought to kick it make it collapse
(c) it forced to kick it and demolish it
(d) is obliged to kick it and make it collapse

Answer: A

4. How does the author try to explain this destructive stage?

(a) it is the last stage in child development
(b) the child is just going through a destructive stage
(c) the child wants to displease his parents
(d) it grows out of the child’s recent experience of sudden falls.

Answer: D

5. What other feelings does the child have from the fall of his tower apart from pleasure?

(a) pity
(b) depression
(c) strength
(d) anxiety

Answer: D

Choose the word(s) or phrase that best fills the gaps

6. A good government should try not to ______ the press

(a) bind
(b) gag
(c) fetter
(d) tie

Answer: B

7. Those who_______ policy must have facts at their disposal

(a) instigate
(b) fabricate
(c) organize
(d) formulate

Answer: D

8. Because foul play was suspected the dead man’s body was ______ from the grave

(a) examined
(b) expelled
(c) exhumed
(d) extracted

Answer: C : “Exhume” in this context refers to the act of bringing out a corpse from the grave. It is a verb. Synonyms for exhume are dig up, unearth, disinter. Antonym is bury.

9. We reported the robbery and a policeman was asked to ______

(a) probe
(b) investigate
(c) explore
(d) inquire.

Answer: B

10. The Vice-Chancellor has set _______ up to study the complaints of the students

(a) a tribunal
(b) a brains trust
(c) a panel
(d) an inquest

Answer: A

11. The President has refused to give his ______ to the bill

(a) ascent
(b) accent
(c) accent
(d) asset

Answer: B : “Brain trust” an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government. It is used in the academic context. It conveys similar meaning with option A and C

12. The ______ of armed robbery has been on the increase

(a) incident
(b) accident
(c) incidence
(d) accidence

Answer: C : while an incident means an event, incidence is an uncountable noun meaning the rate of which something happens

13. The ______ of our troops was high

(a) morale
(b) moral
(c) morals
(d) morel

Answer: A

14. Age is the cause of _______

(a) infirmary
(b) infirmity
(c) infinity
(d) infertility

Answer: B

15. We heard _______ of laughter from inside the hail

(a) pills
(b) peels
(c) piles
(d) peals

Answer: D : Peal a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)

From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences.

16. I want to tell you frankly that measles _______ no longer impossible to cure

(a) are
(b) were
(c) is
(d) was

Answer:C : Measles irrespective of ending with ‘s’ is a singular disease entity.

17. I don’t want to ________ your morale at this early stage of the competition

(a) damping
(b) dampen
(c) damp
(d) doubt

Answer: B

18. The military________ contributed ________ quota to the development of this state

(a) have/their
(b) are/their
(c) has/it
(d) has/there

Answer: C

19. The girl who ________ beautifully in the school hall every morning as if she ________ a professional singer is my cousin

(a) sings/is
(b) sings/will become
(c) sing/has become
(d) sings/were

Answer: D

20. The class _______ into two before the teacher was transferred to another school

(a) had been split
(b) has been split
(c) was split
(d) had been splitted

Answer: D

21. I cannot _______ the noise of the children any longer

(a) put up with
(b) put off with
(c) put out with
(d) put on by

Answer: A

22. Many workers were ________ recently by federal government

(a) laid down
(b) laid of
(c) laid off
(d) lay out

Answer: C

23. Let’s go to the market to buy some food items _______?

(a) don’t we
(b) shall we
(c) shouldn’t we
(d) can’t we

Answer: B

24. It is useless _______ over a loss

(a) broadening
(b) brooded
(c) brooding
(d) brooding

Answer: D

25. Rice and beans _______ a kind of food I like in the morning nowadays

(a) are
(b) was
(c) in
(d) were

Answer: A

In each of the questions below, choose the most appropriate option opposite in meaning to the words or phrase in italics.

26. Good students can easily identify spurious arguments

(a) genuine
(b) interesting
(c) false
(d) illegal

Answer: A : “Spurious” means false (synonyms are bogus, fake, forged, counterfeit, imitation, specious, unauthentic, sham, illegitimate, phoney). Opposite in this context is genuine other words for genuine is authentic, indisputable, unadulterated, legitimate, valid real, true.

27. Eze’s skin now looks flabby as a result of his changed circumstances

(a) near
(b) firm
(c) weak
(d) oily

Answer: B : Flabby means weak (synonyms are flaccid, slack, loose, sagging, soft, floppy, unfit, out of condition). Opposite is firm (fixed, definite, fit, athletic, concrete.)

28. He and his lieutenants have been accused of remaining intransigent

(a) rigid
(b) stubborn
(c) compromising
(d) popular

Answer: C : Intransigent means unyielding, stiff, rigid, unbending, inflexible, stubborn, obdurate. The opposite of this is Compromising

29. In the opinion of most observers, it was a disinterested decision

(a) neural
(b) impartial
(c) biased
(d) candid

Answer: C : Disinterested means neutral. The opposite of this is Biased.

30. We watch in wonder as she rattled away in that esoteric language
(a) inscrutable
(b) familiar
(c) secret
(d) obscure

Answer: C


31. Which of the following structures are present in both epidermis and dermis of the skin?

(a) hair and sweat ducts
(b) fatty tissues and sweat glands
(c) hair and fatty tissues
(d) sweat glands and sweat ducts

Answer: A

32. The numbers of individuals of a specie per unit area at a particular time is a

(a) niche
(b) population density
(c) population
(d) community

Answer: B

33. Cockroach has been found to carry germs of dangerous diseases such as

(a) AIDS, dysentery, cholera
(b) leprosy, dysentery, typhoid fever
(c) skin diseases, heart attack, cholera
(d) diabetes, typhoid fever, AIDS

Answer: B

34. Which of the following glands secretes a substance into the bloodstream

(a) Gastric glands
(b) salivary glands
(c) tear glands
(d) adrenal glands

Answer: D

35. Which of the following substances from the mother’s blood diffuse through the placenta into the blood vessels of the foetus?

(a) Glucose and oxygen
(b) Urea and carbon (IV) oxide
(c) Digested food and Carbon (IV) oxide
(d) carbon (IV) oxide and oxygen

Answer: A

36. Which of the following is not an abiotic factor

(a) precipitation
(b) Grazing
(c) Predation
(d) Migration

Answer: C

37. To form ball and socket joint, the head of the humerus must fit into another structure in the scapula called the

(a) acetabulum
(b) glenoid cavity
(c) patella
(d) olecranon fossa

Answer: B

38. All are examples of alkaloids except

(a) morphine
(b) quinine
(c) cocaine
(d) cinnamon


39. Which of the following pairs of organelles are likely to be present in an actively respiring and photosynthesizing cell?

(a) food vacuoles and contractile vacuole
(b) lysosome and ribosomes
(c) chloroplast and mitochondria
(d) Golgi bodies and endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: C

40. Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis are both terms used to describe

(a) mitosis
(b) gametogenesis
(c) meiosis
(d) implantation

Answer: B

41. Which disease is sex-linked and mainly afflicts male offspring?

(a) Sickle cell anaemia
(b) haemophilia
(c) diabetes
(d) malaria

Answer: B

42. A genetic make-up of an organism is described as its

(a) phenotype
(b) genotype
(c) character
(d) chromosome

Answer: B

43. During blood transfusion, agglutination may occur as a result of the reaction between

(a) similar antigens and antibodies
(b) contracting antigens and antibodies
(c) two different antigens
(d) two different antibodies

Answer: A

44. Species can be defined as the group or organisms that

(a) resemble each other and live in the same habitat
(b) are of common origin and are always found together
(c) resemble each other and can interbreed freely
(d) resemble each other and occupy the same niche

Answer: C

45. Which of the following represents the phenotype ratio, when a plant Rr is crossed with another plant Rr

(a) 1:2:1
(b) 2:2:1
(c) 3:2
(d) 3:1

Answer: D

46. The theory that new organs or characteristics develop in organism when there is a need for them was postulated by

(a) Charles Darwin
(b) jean Lamarck
(c) gregor mendel
(d) Wallace

Answer: B

47. Which of the following parts of the mammalian brain is involved in taking the decision to run rather than walk

(a) cerebellum
(b) medulla oblongata
(c) cranial nerves
(d) cerebrum

Answer: D

48. In testing for a reducing sugar the food substance is usually warned with

(a) sulphuric acid
(b) Millon’s reagent
(c) sudan III
(d) Benedict’s solution

Answer: D

49. Which of the following statement about the circulation of blood is not correct?

(a) Deoxygenated blood flows in the heart through the vena cavae
(b) blood is pumped out of the heart through the aorta
(c) oxygenated blood from the lungs is carried to the left auricle
(d) the oxygenated blood enters the lungs through the pulmonary vien

Answer: D

50. The enzyme that acts on milk in the stomach is

(a) invertase
(b) trypsin
(c) diastase
(d) renin

Answer: D

51. Elements P,Q,R,S, have 6,11,15 and17 electrons respectively, therefore

(a) Q will from a covalent bond with S
(b) Q will form an electrovalent bond with S
(c) R will form an electrovalent bond with S
(d) Q will form a covalent bond with R

Answer: B

52. The empirical formula of an oxide of nitrogen containing 30.4 percent of nitrogen is

(a) N2O3
(b) NO
(c) NO2
(d) N2O

Answer: C

53. Given the mean atomic mass of chlorine prepared in the laboratory to be 35.5 and assuming that chlorine contains two isotopes of mass number 35 and 37. What is the percentage composition of the isotope of mass number 35?

(a) 75
(b) 20
(c) 50
(d) 25

Answer: A

54. Which of the following types of reactions takes between C2H4 and halogens?

(a) addition
(b) substitution
(c) polymerization
(d) oxidation

Answer: A

55. Water is poured over a white solid and a colourless neutral gas is evolved. It burns with a sooty flame. The white solid is

(a) calcium
(b) calcium oxide
(c) calcium carbide
(d) sodium peroxide

Answer: C

56. The reaction Mg + H2O MgO + H2 takes place only in the presence of

(a) excess Mg ribbon
(b) excess cold water
(c) very hot water
(d) steam

Answer: D

57. Increasing the pressure of a gas

(a) lowers the average kinetic energy of the molecules
(b) decreases the density of the gas
(c) decreases the temperature of gas
(d) increases the temperature of gas

Answer: C

58. Which of the following solid will leave a black residue after being heated strongly

(a) iron (ii) trioxosulphate (iv)
(b) iron (ii) trioxosulphate (iv)
(c) copper (ii) trioxonitrate (v)
(d) calcium trioxocarbonate (iv)

Answer: C

59. Which of the following will undergo addition reaction

(a) Enzyme
(b) butane
(c) pentane
(d) tetrachloromethane

Answer: A

60. The scum formed when soap is mixed with hard water could be

(a) calcium hydrogen trioxocarbonate (iv)
(b) propane -1-2-2-triol
(c) calcium hydrogen trioxocarbonate (iv)
(d) magnesium tetraoxosulphate (vi)


61. The headquarters of the world health organization is located in which of the following

(a) Geneva
(b) Zurich
(c) New York
(d) Madrid

Answer: A

62. Secretary General of the United Nations is one of the following

(a) Kofi Annan
(b) Banki Moon
(c) Henry Kissinger
(d) Ken Bank Annah

Answer: B

63. Nigeria became a Republic in

(a) 1960
(b) 1964
(c) 1963
(d) 1962

Answer: C

64. A man stands on a spring scale placed in a lift. The lift descends at constant velocity as a result, the scale read a weight

(a) greater than the weight of the man
(b) the same as the weight of the man
(c) of zero
(d) less than the weight of the man

Answer: B

65. A load of 5N gives an extension of 0.56cm in a wire which obeys Hooke’s Law. What is the extension caused by a load 20N

(a) 2.14cm
(b) 2.24cm
(c) 1.12cm
(d) 2.52cm

Answer: B

66. In what range of temperature is the expansion of water anomalous?

(a) +208OC
(b) -80 OC to 76 OC
(c) +96 OC to 100 OC
(d) -4 OC to 0 OC

Answer: D

67. Change of state is accompanied by change of

(a) Temperature
(b) volume and heat content
(c) temperature and volume
(d) volume

Answer: C

68. A metal cube of volume V and linear expansivity α is heated through a temperature of rise of T. the increase in volume of the cube is

(a) αVT/3
(b) 2αVT
(c) 3Αvt
(d) αVT

Answer: C

70. Which of the following arrangements gives the electromagnetic radiations in their ascending order of wavelength?

(a) Radio waves, ultra-violent rays, X-rays, ỿ-rays
(b) X-rays, ỿ-rays, ultraviolet rays, radio waves
(c) X-rays, ỿ-rays, radio waves, ultraviolet rays
(d) ultraviolet rays, X-rays, ỿ-rays, radio waves

Answer: B

71. Which of the following is used to slow down fast moving neutrons in a nuclear reactor?

(a) concrete shield
(b) carbon dioxide gas
(c) boron rods
(d) graphite black

Answer: D

72. X is directly proportional to Y and inversely proportional to Z, if X=9 when Y=24 and Z=8, what is the value of X when Y = 5 and Z=6?

(a) 5/6
(b) 11
(c) 33/5
(d) 21/2

Answer: D

73. If√3x=∛9 , then the value of x is

(a) ¾
(b) 4/3
(c) 1/3
(d) ½

Answer: C

74. Find the missing numerator

(a) -1
(b) x-1
(c) x
(d) 3(1-5x)

Answer: C

75. Solve the following equation 4x-3 = 3x+y = 2y+5x-12

(a) x= 5, y = 2
(b) x = 2, y = 5
(c) x = -2, y = -5
(d) x = 5, y = -2

Answer: A

76. If x = 1 is a root of the equation x3 – 2×3 – 5x + 6 find the root

(a) -3 and 2
(b) -2 and 2
(c) 3 and -2
(d) 1 and 3

Answer: C

77. If x is jointly proportional to the cube of y and the fourth power of z. in what ratio is x increased or decreased when y is halved, and z is doubled?

(a) 4:1 increase
(b) 2:1 increase
(c) 1:4 decrease
(d) 1:1 no change

Answer: B

78. One interior angle is of a convex hexagon is 170o and each of the remaining interior angles is equal to xo.. Find x

(a) 120 o
(b) 110 o
(c) 105 o
(d) 102 o

Answer: B

79. List all integers satisfying the inequality -2

(a) 2,3,4,5
(b) 2,3,4
(c) 2,5
(d) 3,4,5

Answer: B

80. If the quadratic function 3x-2-7x+R is a perfect square. Find R

(a) 49/24
(b) 49/3
(c) 49/6
(d) 49/36

Answer: A

The bearing of a bird on a tree from a hunter on the ground is N72OE. what is the bearing of the hunter from the bird?

(a) 18OW
(b) S72OW
(c) S72OE
(d) S27OE

Answer: B

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