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In reality, during the course of research report, there are some obvious points when remembered do help to understand what the project work is all about.

First  of all, a critical look is taken to know and find the invaluable role of National Directorate of  Employment in combating the danger of unemployment as specified in its four programmes  such as National Youth Emloyment and Vocational Skill Development Programmes, Agricultural sector Employment and Special public work programme.  Federal Government agencies contributions cannot be left mentioned such as NAPEP, ITF,  etc.

In a similar way, the practical solution towards solving the scourge of incessant unemployment and under employment since and after the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria and alternative solutions of not depending wholly on oil such as second-tier foreign Exchange Market.  It only promote diversified economy as a way of reducing unemployment problems which have eaten deep the fabric of our economy.

Meanwhile, the design and methodology adopted is clearly explained.  For instance, the population and sample size used, the use of primary and secondary data and the method of analysis, to mention but a few.

On the other hand, the descriptive statistical tool used is percentage and tabulation method and analysis adopted makes the research to be understandable and dependable.  In fact, the presentation and analysis of data is an eloquent testimony of practicable work.

Then, federal Government and non-governmental organization should join hands together to ensure that the compounding problems of unemployment in co-operative societies should be squarely tackled.  Entrepreneurial training and development should be incurred in all our educational curriculum, right from the primary to the tertiary institutions, to discourage the over dependent of government paid employment but rather become innovative and creative.




There are some vital issues that we have not failed to know and understand about the topic under discussion.  First and foremost, we have succeeded in bringing into cognizance  that one of the support agencies which its role deals squarely on unemployment and underemployment in Nigeria  is National Directorate of Employment (NDE).  It was established by the Federal Government in November, 1986 which is solely dealing with the menace of mass unemployment in the country as it was stated in its four core programmes and it was inaugurated on 30th of January, 1987.

On the other hand, the co-operative societies  are not exempted, in so far that the both are promoting the creation of employment opportunities for co-operators.  Co-operative itself cuts across every facet of social, political and economic aspects.   For instance, Nigeria Agricultural and Co-operative Bank (NACB) which was constituted in 1973 by the federal Government with an initial capital of twelve million naira (N12m).  In this direction of co-operative societies in the agricultural sector with the provision of credit facilities.

In furtherance, National Directorate of Employment has the following cardinal objectives to achieve especially in generating employment.  Ensuring that co-operators or job seekers become entrepreneurial oriented and pay less attention on government paid employment and thus reducing drastically the high level of unemployment.

Before we round off, the federal government has been making concerted effort to mass unemployment.  Currently, Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime is tackling this through  National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) as far back as 1999 till date (2005).  All is to stamp out unemployment.

Recently, the National Directorate of Employment announced and outlined various training programmes and thousands of job to be provided for the unemployed Nigerians at the middle of August, 2005.

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