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The main aim and objectives of this research were to unravel the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy in secondary school students in some selected secondary schools in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State. The numbers of related literature were reviewed in order to know the way which peer group. Family background, environment, socio-economic status of parents, negative effects and socialization of mass media have been the major causes of teenage pregnancy in our society and how we can find solution to these problems. The female secondary school students whose parents live together can be involved in premature sex. The student from separated homes can be the victims of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers that are not mature enough have sexual intercourse. From the result obtained, the researcher recommended that parents need to stock together in harmony if only for the up-brining of their children in morally acceptable way and the general public should rise up to the occasion to end this shameful phenomenon teenage pregnancy. Likewise, teachers should endeavours to be good examples. The mass media should be able to stop this shameful phenomenon, moral education should be giving in homes and religious centres and also guidance and counselling services should be provided in our schools so as to counsel the students.           
            In fact many researches have been conducted in many countries, especially in Nigeria to verify the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy. The reason suggested for this is the easiness of teenagers to fall into the pit of premarital sexual immorality. This simply means that we are all living in a world plagued with one form of moral decadence or the other.
            It should be noted that the world has experienced an outrageous drop in its level of morality illicit sex is no longer a problem in our society, even homosexuality and lesbianism has poked their ugly head into the scene.
            The ugly scenario has gradually found its way into our secondary schools which is the first point when looking for youths who are nation builders. As a matter of facts, with the recent vivid accounts of renewal immorality among our secondary school girls as reported by mass media books, like Journal, magazines and newspapers, there is need to look into these ugly pictures of the level of sexual immorality in our secondary schools.
            Nigerians thinks that the secondary school girls who are mostly teenagers who can fall prey to teenage pregnancy, but they do not condemn this moral decadence.
            Today, in many developing countries of the world and Nigeria in particular teenagers do not only content with living their lines the way they want, they also have to content with premarital sex which leads to the gentle killer “Abortion” Teenage pregnancy vesico-vagina fistula distress, social stigma due to their increase interest towards sex.
            More so, teenage pregnancy in our secondary schools also has influenced on their children in terms of improved health care and better nutrition. With this, the rate of mortality of their children will be reduced will also enhance physical and intellectual develop of children from literate family because they are placed on balanced diet.
            many Nigerian woman also cause the teenage pregnancy in our secondary schools while they have no time with their children especially girls, training them and building them up to become future leaders.   
1.2     STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM               
            The problems which this research is trying to investigate are;
1.         Could student from separated homes be a victim of teenage pregnancy?
2.         Is teenage pregnancy rampant among teenage student of nowadays?
3.         Could the female secondary schools whose parents live together be involved in      premarital sex?
4.         Can the incorporation of sex education into the secondary curriculum control         teenage pregnancy?
5.         Are teenagers old enough to have sexual intercourse?
6.         Are there aides and a betters for teenage pregnancy?
            The purpose of this study is to investigate the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy in secondary schools in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.
            This would be done by examining the influences derived from schools, family background, peer groups, socio-economic status of parents. Negative socialization of mass media and it is strongly hoped that this study would find permanent solution to this study would find permanent solution to these problems.   
            The researcher of this study has the following assumptions, which were later correlated with findings from the investigation and other that may arise in the course of the work
1.                  The female students, whom their parent live together can be involved in premature sex.
2.                  The student from separated home can be a victim of teenage pregnancy.
3.                  Teenage pregnancy is rampant among students of nowadays.
4.                  There are aiders and abetters of teenage pregnancy.
5.                  Teenagers are not mature enough to have sexual intercourse.
6.                  Incorporation of sex education into secondary curriculum can control teenage pregnancy.
            The study would enable the teacher’s school counsellors, parents, siblings, teenagers peer group, community health workers and the society at large to have better understanding of what used to prompt our secondary school teenagers into having premarital sex leading to teenage pregnancy.
            Moreso, we have to monitor and enlighten our secondary school girls very well in order to sexual intercourse at tender age also, the study will discuss the various harm effects of teenage pregnancy among our secondary school girls in Obafemi Owode Local Government area of Ogun State.
            The guidance and counselling department could also be restructured in secondary schools in order to meet individual needs of teenagers.
            Furthermore, the reasonable suggestions offered by the researcher at the end of the study would help Local Government Education Authority, state and Federal Ministries of Education to find out measures that will curb the premature sexual immorality leading to teenage pregnancy among our secondary school girls.    
The study was to cover secondary school in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.
            This project will be limited only to Owode Egba Community Grammar School, Owode, Abeokuta and Owode High School, Owode, Abeokuta.
It will have been for any the secondary schools in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State as a whole but because of the limited time for the researcher to carry out the study and the financial problems.
Teenagers: People in their years between the ages of thirteen to nineteen.
Premarital: Happening or existing before marriage.
Moral: This refers to the principle of right or wrong especially in matters of sex.
Researcher: A careful study of subject, especially in order to discover new facts or information about something.
Decadence: This is a state of having low moral standard or imperfection in behaviour.

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