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The research was on the thrust to examine the impact of advertising on the sales and consumption of Coca Cola with a study of Novena University students. The research adopted survey method as a quantitative research and questionnaire was employed to elicit responses from the respondents that were drawn through accidental sampling of 120 respondents. The theory that led support to this study were Cultivation Analysis and Persuasion Theory and Advertising: Strong and Weak Theory etc. According to these theories media is responsible for shaping or cultivating viewers’ perception of social reality. Findings show that majority of the respondent often exposed to one form of advertisement or the other particularly from the television, billboard and online media. They were highly exposed to Coca cola advertisement in the recent time in the media mentioned above. Also, substantial numbers of the respondents (56.4%) were influenced by the Coca Cola advertisements campaigns while the crucial element that enticed respondents to most of the coca cola advert lies in the type of celebrity/model, copy structured and the visual effects. Similarly, drinking of Coca cola by the Novana University students were partially as a result of their exposure to Coca cola drink advert, although, many of the respondents (72%) still prefer Coca Cola to other drinks to a reasonable extent. Findings further reveled that taste and price of Coca Cola drink are the quality that the majority of the respondents like most. it is recommended that advertising should be real and interesting so as to call and retain prospective buyers for the advertised product.

Do You Have New or Fresh Topic? Send Us Your Topic

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