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This research work focused on Effect of Pastor And Pulpit Ministry On The Church; using Christ Apostolic Church, Holy Ghost Zone, Abeokuta as a Case Study. An historical method of researched was employed out and several books were consulted in the library of LIFE Theological Seminary Ikorodu, Lagos State along with personal library for information. Oral interview and questionnaires were used to collect adequate information on the case study. The bulk of the decadence prevalent on our churches is traced to the effect of pastoral and pulpit ministry in most of the churches of nowadays because most pastors preach to the best interest of the members not of the Kingdom of God. There is evidential lack of defined platforms whereby members can grow to learn and obey the truth of the gospel. The project work discussed the Concepts of Pastoral Ministry, What is Pulpit Ministry by looking into duties of pastoral ministry, the importance of pastoral ministry in the church administration, the benefit of pastoral ministry in the church, the effect of pastoral ministry on the church and challenges facing church planting. In the case of Christ Apostolic Church, Holy Ghost Zone, Abeokuta the research demonstrated that pastoral ministry is effective but there are some members who are not willing to yield to the word of God. However, the researcher recommends that the leadership of Christ Apostolic Church, Holy Ghost Zone, to  allow every minister of God in their zone to seek the fruit of Holy Spirit before embarking into the journey of ministry, Ministers of God should know their limitation and weaknesses for excellent result in all spheres of the ministry, Elders and church committees should give total cooperation to their pastors, members of the church should give their pastor the chance to lead the church well.




1.1       Background to the Study

1.2       Statement of the Problem

1.3       Purpose of the Study

1.4       Significance of the Study

1.5       Delimitation of the Study

1.6       Research Procedure

1.7       Limitation of the Study

1.8       Definition of Terms



2.1       The Concepts of Pastoral and pulpit Ministry

2.2       The 21st Century Pastoral Ministry

2.3       The Duties of Pastoral Ministry

2.4       The Importance of Pastoral Ministry in the Church Administration

2.5       Characteristics of Pastoral Ministry in the 21st Century

2.6       The Challenges of Pastoral Ministry in the 21st Century

2.7       Challenges Facing Church Planting in the 21st Century



3.1       The Old Testament View

3.2       The New Testament View



4.1       Brief History of Christ Apostolic Church World-wide

4.2       Brief History of Christ Apostolic Church Holy Ghost Zonal

Headquarter  Abeokuta.

4.3       Problems Facing Pastoral Ministry In Christ Apostolic Church

Holy Ghost Zonal Headquarters Abeokuta

4.4       Prospect for Pastoral Ministry In Christ Apostolic Church Holy

Ghost Zonal Headquarters Abeokuta

4.6       Data Analysis of the Effect of Pastoral and Pulpit Ministry In

Christ Apostolic Church Holy Ghost Zonal Headquarters Abeokuta

4.7       Solutions to the Problems Facing Pastoral Ministry in Christ Apostolic Church Holy Ghost Zonal Headquarters Abeokuta

4.5       Effects of Pastor and Pulpit Ministry in Christ Apostolic Church Holy Ghost Zonal Headquarters Abeokuta



5.1       Summary ………………………………………………………. …..

5.2       Conclusions Pastoral and Pulpit ministry

5.3       Recommendations





1.1       Background to the Study

The matter of Pastoral pulpit ministry is the most vital agent in church growth, because the way a pastor interacts with the members of the congregation will largely determine the brand of the church he will have and the success in the ministry is determined by the ability to establish worthwhile relationship. Ministry is more than loving God alone, it includes loving people, the ministry is to reconcile people and connect them to God through their message (Pulpit), but this will be a mirage or mission impossible if an atmosphere for sound and scriptural message is not well taught or preach to the members.

Having been involved in pastoral ministry for years, the researcher has discovered that the effect of pastor and pulpit ministry in the 21st century determine the future of the nowadays churches. Over the years the trend show that many of the pastors are not given the church (laity) the adequate message which have lead to the drift away of many church member to another denomination

It is a common story today that many of the pastors cannot hold or control their pulpit again because they lack messages because they don’t bother to learn or study more, they defend on their knowledge and the Holy Spirit (fasting and prayer only), no secular knowledge added to their ministry and this affect most churches in the 21st century because they are tired of this is the way their forefather do it, as  sometime they said the Lord gave them a message right now as they are mounting the pulpit which the pastor will preach on.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

In contemporary churches, there are controversial practices, wrong perception and misplacement of priority in the pastor and his pulpit ministry in this 21st century. This has led to many effects of today churches. To pursue and achieve a positive aim, the researcher needs to investigate the followings:

  1. At what level can a pastor must be educated in this 21st century
  2. Do the pastor consider what (2Timothy2:15) says in their ministry and how best to lay a proper foundation for the church of God (Members)
  3. The rescue and savaging operation for soul winning and population of the kingdom of God.

1.3       Purpose of the Study

The objectives of the researcher in this study are:

  1. To find out the factors that is responsible for the poor pastoral pulpit ministry and the effect of Pastor and Pulpit Ministry in Christ Apostolic Church, Holy Ghost Zonal Headquarters, Abeokuta.
  2. To establish the fact that the current agitation of pastor to develop more in his pulpit ministry in other to have good effect in the church
  3. To undertake a thorough study of how to achieve an effective pastoral and pulpit ministry on the church in Christ Apostolic Church Holy Ghost Zone
  4. To give suggestions on how best the pastor (Minister) can meet the need of the church of today and those of tomorrow

1.4       Significance of the Study

The research underscores the fact that the act of pastoral pulpit ministry has greater effect in this 21st century, this is to identify the causes of poor pastoral pulpit ministry that have almost turned the church apart and to suggest solutions to such problems. The ultimate benefit of this research work can be summed up as follows:

  1. To give necessary information to pastors, church leaders and church workers in understanding the main effect of the 21st century pastor and his pulpit ministry to the church today
  2. As a guide in raising a future generation of pastor whose lifestyle is pattern with the present century ministry and after God.
  3. This work will help the pastor to re-engineering his pulpit ministry to have good effect on the church
  4. To helps the pastors to have better understanding of the roles and responsibilities assigned to them by the Lord as the under-shepherds of the flock through their pulpit ministry.
  5. It is of benefits to church council members and church leaders who always at loggerhead with the pastor, making them to know the Biblical lay down principles to follow in pastor and congregation relationship through their pulpit ministry.
  6. It helps the pastors and members of the congregation to understand the differences that exist between what is right and wrong for the Christian life.
  7. It is of help to the Christian students in the institutes of learning and seminaries, for better learning of biblical principles on pastoral Pulpit ministry
  8. This research work will help the pastor or church leader in and effective skill in gap bridging between the yesterday and today ministry

1.5       Delimitation of the Study

The scope of this study is confined to the challenges posted by the effect of pastor and pulpit ministry in the 21st century referring to Christ Apostolic Church, Holy Ghost Zone alone and not to other denominations through the selected churches, couple with the information from questionnaires and oral information will permit adequate and comprehensive information for this study.

1.6       Limitation of the Study

The impediments that confronted this research work are

  1. Lack of relevant books, is like many authors have not extensively treated this topic for research work.
  2. Some interviewees did not keep the appointment time thereby making repeated calls necessary and information gathering delayed.
  3. Failure of some respondents in returning the questionnaire sent to them.

However, the researcher will try his or her possible best to work with the available materials in the school’s library to do a worthwhile research on the topic

1.7       Research Procedure

This section of the work is concerned with the procedure used in carrying out this research. The instruments used in carrying out the study were oral interview and questionnaire the researcher conducted a survey of related literatures such as textbooks, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, Christian Journals. The survey was done in the following libraries: LIFE Theological Seminary Library Ikorodu, the researcher’s personal library, Personal libraries of the colleague Pastors and Friend, also the researcher will made use of internet facilities, documents, articles and magazines of the church

1.8       Definition of Terms

The researcher here gives common definition of some words that relate with the theme and body of this work.


The word pastor in the research work means the head of a church or congregation. Pastor is a one who has the care of flocks and herds.


To the understanding of the project ‘’ministry’’ means the office and duties of a minister of religions or the period during which a minister serves a congregation. Greek word for the word ministry is “Diakoria”


Pulpit in this research work means raise structure on which preachers stand, or elevated platform or reading desk in a church from which a sermon’s is preached.


Laity within the merit of this research means body of people not in religious orders, or general public other than those with some special skill or work


Century in this study means one hundred years, or group of one hundred

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