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The research work was primarily conducted because the contemporary church is in dire need of a teens’ church that can be contemporary yet not compromising. The research work therefore accessed the impact of the teens’ church on the teens ministry using Foursquare Gospel Church National Headquarters teens church as a case study. The research work adopts library/field based approach; this includes the study of related materials, books and the use of oral interview. The research concluded by encouraging all churches to endeavor to start a teens church because it is through the teens church that the large population of teenagers in the society can be reached and equipped for kingdom life. The researcher therefore recommended that the church leadership must be intentional about giving teenagers a sense of belonging in the whole church by allowing them to serve in the church service, invite teenagers to youth leader meeting, encourage the senior pastor to speak to them, invite teens to give input into the sermon, include teens into small groups with adults.



1.1       Background of Study

The world is in a “whole new ball game” because of the complex issues affecting today’s teens in our media-driven youth culture. Christian churches are discovering that the “old ways” of reaching teens with the gospel are no longer effective. Times have changed, and so must the methods of teens ministry and evangelism. An open and honest approach is essential as these challenges are faced. The response will dramatically affect the future of the churches.

According to David Kinnaman, the problem of young adults dropping out of church life is particularly urgent because most churches work best for ‘traditional’ young adults—those whose life journeys and life questions are normal and conventional. But most teens no longer follow the typical path of leaving home, getting admission into higher institution for conventional courses like Law, accountancy, medicine, engineering amongst others. More teenagers are opting courses like theater art, music and at a very young age. Life events are re-ordered and sometimes pushed completely off the normal track. The world for teenagers is changing in significant ways through remarkable access to the world and world view through technology. In order to address this challenge, many churches in recent time started Teens church to be able to minister to the needs of the teenagers. However, how effective has the Teens church  impacted the teenagers.

The research work is to evaluate the teens church program and activities, how effective is it to attract this group of people to Christ compared to other distractions from peer pressure, illegal work for money by gambling, commercial sex workers, occultism amongst other vices. The attendance of teens church is to be checked to know how effective the various activities are, the effect of these programs on the teenagers, how it affects their lifestyle, the changes in their lives and character. The research work is to suggest ideas to the Teens pastors and parents on programs and activities such as Christian worship, conviction and conversion, church membership, bible study that will enhance the teenagers’ life, encourage the teenagers to be focused on their life goals and Christian believes as accepting Christ as savior, being sensitive to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, church membership and witnessing for Christ.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

It is no more news that the teenage age bracket is full of confusion and questions that no one person can sort nor settle. In the struggle for identity and accommodation into the church setting the teen’s church is blatantly abused. This research is aimed at proffering solutions such as; attracting the teenagers to church, retaining the teenagers and how to encourage the teens to decide for Jesus Christ which are the challenges of the teen’s church and bringing about growth in the body of Christ. In achieving this, the teenagers will be challenged to seriously and constructively consider the implication of God’s word and how to interact with basic issues personally

1.3       Purpose of the Study

This research is aimed at the following ;

To make clarifications on the teens church activities.

To make thorough investigation on the characteristics of a teenager.

To examine  the personality of the Christian  teenager

To make recommendation(s) on ways the teens church can be more impactful.

1.4       Significance of Study

This research will be beneficiary to the followings;

The teenager’s parents. It will help them know how to create an atmosphere of peace in the family that presents God as creator of heaven and earth, and Jesus as savior.

The teenager’s counselors. It will help them give godly advise and instructions to teenagers whenever necessary.

The teenager’s Pastor. It will enable them to organize programs and activities that will promote spiritual growth for the teenager

The teenagers. It will help them personally to make right decisions about relationship with God through Christ.

The teens ministry leadership. It will help to be able to plan for teenagers and how to train the Teens workers.

Church organization. It will help to know what and how to finance the various activities of the teens church.

1.5.      Research Procedure

The research work will be primarily based on library work and field research, the LIFE Theological Seminary and Revd Dickson Okuagu’s libraries are the main libraries the researcher intends to go to.

The field research included questionnaires and interview. The questionnaires were given to workers and members of the executive of the teens church , Foursqaure Gospel Church, National Headquarters (FGC,NHQ), Yaba, located in Lagos State, South West Nigeria. The population of the Teens church was one hundred and seventy-seven (177) out of which fifty five (55) were given questionnaires, This is because this set of people are the regular members and program planners of the church in question. They can give right answers to the questions raised in the questionnaires. The researcher gave out fifty-five (55) copies of questionnaires, for high number of returned forms. This covers the workers and the executives as the sample to be studied and tested. The questionnaire contains questions relating to the aim of the research work, the impact of teens church on teens ministry, to which respondents gave answer by writing-in their responses. These factual information about the past, present and future of the Teens church enabled the researcher to analyze and make well informed conclusion.

Included in the field work is interview, this is the one-on-one or face-to-face interaction of the researcher and the respondent(s). it is more reliable compared to the questionnaire  method, because people are more willing to talk than to write, and the sincerity level is higher. Some teenagers are selected randomly to be interviewed in the teens church.

1.6       Delimitation of the Study

The research work is intended to only examine the impact on the teenagers of the effect of the teens ministry. The work will not consider other issues like the qualities and qualification of the teens pastor or counselor, the home setting (talking about the parents) of the teenagers, nor the denominational doctrine or believe of the church of the teenager. The research work only analyze the effect of teens ministry on the individual teenager. Also, the research work has nothing to do with the other arms and departments of the FGC,NHQ church like the children and the adult church, the research work is concentrated on teens church, National Headquarters, Yaba.

1.7       Limitation of the study

Literatures related to dealing with Christian teens are scarce, materials are more available on youths and the church, even children, this is because teenagers who are unique in age and character are most times marginalized with the children or better still, the youth. Another limitation is availability of teens churches, the idea of teens church is still new in some churches hence the scope of getting a case study is limited.

1.8       Definition of Terms

Teenager:         A person between 13 and 19 years of age, an adolescent.

Church:           An assembly of the call-out ones for God’s eternal purpose.

Relevance:       Bearing upon or relating to the matter in hand, pertinent, to the point.

Contemporary:   Happening or existing now or at the particular to which time you are referring.

FGC,NHQ      Foursqaure Gospel Church, National Headquarters

Teens Church: Assembly of teenagers (adolescents, people between age 13-18), for the purpose of worshipping GOD in the name of Jesus

The word   The bible


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