effect of modern office automation on the productivity of secretaries in government parastatals in enugu state (case study of unth, enugu)

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Work was the major activities of man before the industrial revolution, that was the period marked with mechanization of work, presently computed is representing mechanization thereby turning the work into automation.

The 21st century has witnessed a lot of advancement both n science and technology.  This advancement has been growing rapidly since the end of the second world war both in manufacturing, aviation, medicine, engineering, finance and administration, such advances has affected adversely in all aspects of life.  These technological advancement includes the modern office automation which we use in our day to day activities in the business organizations.

However modern automation in all works of life does not exempt secretarial productivity.  The required unchanged while the procedure continues to change as more and more sophisticated machines are introduced in the office.

The impact brought about by the invention of the new office machines are immeasurable many of those office automation out-ways the secretaries performance due to their effectiveness, speed and time saving.  The introduction of most office automation might go as far as costing secretaries their jobs as a result of limited numbers being employed.

The fear of cost of craftsmanship as new product (automation) replaces the old ones”  becomes the issue at stake.  Consequently, the issue of bearing extra cost in training and retraining secretaries to get accustomed with these inventions becomes a problem.

These and many other reasons motivated the researchers into investigating and ascertaining how true these statement are with regards to the effect of modern office automation to the productivity of secretaries in Government parastatals such as university of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu.


The world is undergoing a rapid change due to the innovation of modern automation as we are the new millennium and the evolution continues and government in Enugu state, in order to cope with the modern age needs to know the effects of all these automated machines.

What are the effects of these changes on the productivity of secretaries in the office, hr ability to cope, her job security, her relevance to the office work for which she is employed and moreover, the training  which is to prepare her to meet the challenges of her over-changing work environment.

For Government parastatals to equip their office with modern automation they need enough capital to import these machines since they are not produced in Nigeria.

Modern office automation as we know needs expertise as regards to repair and procurement of spare marts.

Some of these automated machines need suitable environment like air-conditioned room, isolated pace and wide space. For government parastatals, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.  (UNTH) Enugu to acquire these equipment, they will have to re-adjust their environment to  suit the new machines that is to acquired.

This research, using university of Nigeria teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu is aimed at finding answers to these questions.

1.                 What are the effects of modern office automation on the productivity of secretaries in UNTH, Enugu?

2.                 What are the problems secretaries’ encounters in suing those automation?

3.                 What type of modern office automation used in our offices today?

4.                 What are the recommendations on how the secretaries can make maximal use of this modern office automation? Of modern office automation.


The research is carried out in the sense that its findings will reassure the secretaries who think their skill is no longer useful in the office as a result of the introduction of new modern automation. This ought to be done in order to boost their morale and increaser their productivity as well.

It will also be useful to both practicing secretaries and secretaries to be, not to fear about the future prospect of their profession, the study will also be very  handy to various institutions where secretaries are trained to design healthy training programmes for secretaries sin schools so that experience gained will  be useful in the world of work if all the study will be immensely important to the general public especially the government parastatals to appreciate the best way to make sue of automation available to them.


The scope of this study is based on the university of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu Only, where Enugu North L.G.A. of Enugu State, Nigeria


The following questions were formulated

1.                 What are the effects of modern automation on the productivity of secretaries?

2.                 What are the problems secretaries encounter in suing those automation?

3.                 How far are the type of modern automation used in our offices today?

4.                 What are your recommendations on how to make maximal us of modern office automation.

1.7            DEFINITION OF TERMS

The following terms used in presenting report of this study are explained below:-

OFFICE:- Office is used in this work as a place where business activities are carried out.  It can also be a room or building where clerical  processes or duties are carried out.

2.                 MODERN:- Any think of present or recent but Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary says that modern is up to data, methods and ideas of doing things.

3.                 AUTOMATION:- Automation is used in this work as automatic equipment to do works which are previously done by man manually.

4.   SECRETARY – popular definitions of secretary are “An office worker who combines the competencies of stenographer, clerical officer, receptionist and more, talents and attitude” (Anyachuba, 1991) An assistant to an Executive possessing mastery of office skills and ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who displays initiative, exercises judgment and makes decision within the scope of her authority. (The international Association of Administration Professionals USA).

Consequently, a secretary is said to be one who exercise initiative and take decision within the scope of her assigned authority.

5.       PRODUCTIVITY – Oxford mini-reference Dictionary explained productivity used in this work as bringing forth in large quantity; nothing more powerful promotes the efficiency of labour that an abundance of productivity.

6.       GOVERNMENT PARASTALS – these are establishment owned by government like NEPA NITEL, etc.

7.       U.N.T.H.ENUGU-University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.  This is federal establishment, Health institution provided by the government for teaching and training of students like medical students, Nurses both for advanced courses in health and also for treatment of ailment of all sorts.  And it is the best throughout the federation. 


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