The Effect Of The Study Environment And The Performance Of Secretarial Students (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri)

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This research work is on the effect of study environment on the performance of secretarial students.  It aimed on its organization and at the same the proffer the improving the performance of students on the environment. The outline leaver around which this study revolves. Notably the introduction and review of the effect of the study environment in an organization. The view held by specialist in the field are discussed under the following headings; research question, significance of the study, scope of the study and presentation and analysis, data analyzed and method of data collection. Here, data were presented under respective research questions and analyzed using the primary data collected and the findings were pinpointed in order to produce a comprehensive work in this study. Finally, the research put forward the summary, conclusion and recommendation based on the effect of study environment on the performance of secretarial students, its effect on the performance of an organization.



Background of the Study

Over the year, it has been observed that environmental forces pose a great influence on the performance of students. The provision of adequate physical learning environmental like light, ventilation, flooring, noise reduction device to a great extent influence the performance of students if the classroom is not comfortable, it makes the students unhappy and  induces mental strain, affect the mood, performance and productivity, which also affects the institutions adversely. Effective use of the windows, door an skylight will sore eye.

Nwosu, (1996) postulated that to improve performance and higher productivity in the office, consideration must be given to the state of the following: lighting, cleanliness and management policies that trait student especially secretaries with fairness, provide then with recreational facilities. The provision of these entire in place for students learning will increase their performance.

The nature of the social learning environment to a great extent contributed to the performances of students. According to Azuka and Agomuo (1993) “good human relation has it’s basis on  the biblical injunction often referred to as the golden rule which says “do unto them that you would like them to do unto you”. In the institution where there is food human relation among the lectures and the students, it will go a long way to contribute to their performance, but student will feel bad and demoralized where the environment is not free and conducive for them, this would affect their performance.

The availability of material resources for learning to a great extent influences the student’s performance. Since the role of secretary has shifted from typing of documents and writing of shorthand and to that of mangers and administrators in modern times.  According to Ohakwe, Idih and Chukwumezie (2002), the secretarial profession has been revolution as a result of the as a result of the advancement in computer technology computer, according to Biglon and Holmes (1992), are designed to enable secretaries to speedily create, manipulate and produce text. This is one part of the wider field of information processing of which entails taking information doing something with it (that is processing it) and then presenting it in a suitable from at the right time, so that decision can be made through it by the relevant individual. The introduction computer in some schools especially in federal polytechnic Nekede, Owerri has posed a great challenge to every student not only secretarial students.

Specially, the school management has a great role in the performance of the learning of secretarial student by making the academic calendar convenient for student’s provision of adequate learning material for students to facilities their performance. The management should have exact number of students to be admitted in over to have adequate and proper materials for learning. If students were over populated in class and there were no enough materials for learning. It will have effect over their performance.

However, it has been notice that some lecturers are not being fixed at the appropriate time. In arranging for lecturers time table, human resources should be considered by knowing that human beings at any point in time gets to their saturated point when some lecturers are being fixed at the time. Definitely the students can never comprehend and it would have effect over their performance.


Statement of the Problem

A close look at some classroom or environment within which secretarial students study in Federal Polytechnic Nekede reveal a great deal of problems and show comings which lead to their low performance.

The rate at which we experience deterioration of study environment is so alarming.  This has become a major problem to students, staffs and management of the institution. It has been noted that most secretarial students study in an environment that lack the necessary amenities and conditions such as good lighting systems proper ventilations, comfortable furniture, good human relation and good leadership style. These identities problems constitute the physical, social and management provokes and student learning environment, which if not adequate provided for, affect the performance of secretarial students.

The problem of the study therefore is to generate empirical data and document the environmental impacts on the performance of the secretarial students.

Purpose of the Study

The major objective of this study was to identify the effect of study environment on the performance of secretarial students. Specifically it attempts to:

  1. Identify the physical learning environmental under which secretaries’ student in federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri study.
  2. Identify the material resources for learning and it effects on the student study in federal polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.
  • Identify the material resources for learning and it effects on the students.
  1. Identify the school management and students learning.
  2. Identify the human resources for learning, it’s effects on the students performance.

Research Question

  1. To what extent would physical leaning environment affect the performance of secretarial student?
  2. What are the physical learning environments that influence the performance of secretarial students in federal physical Nekede Owerri?
  • How would the availability of material resources for learning affect the performance of secretarial students?
  1. How would the school management improve on the learning of secretarial student?
  2. To what extent would human resources for learning influence the performance of secretarial students

Significance of this study

This study is intended to serve as a guide to the management of students’ affairs division, special conditions for effective performance of secretarial students.

It will equally being improvement on the performance of secretarial students that will ultimately lead to higher moral and productivity. It is also intended to serve as reference materials for researchers on the effect good and healthy environment has over the performance of secretarial student. It will be of great important to secretaries students in various levels as well levels as well as other academicians who may embark on researched on this particular may embark on research on this particular subject in future as they keep them in library for consultation.

It will also add to existing idea or theories on students’ condition of study with particular reference to environment and motivation in general.

Scope of the study

Secretarial students have many problems facing them, but this study is restricted to determining effect of study environment on the performance of secretarial in federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri.


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