The Detail Fabrication Of A Candle Moulding Machine

Candle Moulding Machine
Candle Moulding Machine
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Candle molding machine is universally used for molding candlestick, which supplement light during darkness. Since man is endowed with the gift of sight and to make use of it in darkness a light source is required and the attempt made to aid man in his shortcoming leads to the production of a candle-molding machine had undergone series of modification in order to meet the standard and requirements. The recorded first candle-molding machine was made of iron bars, welded flat to four by four stands and covered with jute materials. Due to the integration of certain properties this was replaced with hard wood, but hard wood could not stand the test of time due to wear and lack of other desirable properties.
Eventually, light mild steel iron pipes of different diametre were used with raypia but all this could not get to the major requirement of the machine
To ease production and to save cost. Most of the technical inventions were concentrated to arrest technological and human constraints as well aesthetic sensibility. However, the introduction of Aluminum pipe (Duraluminum) ie alloy of aluminum, copper, magnesium and manganese brought a lot of designs and reliability as well as ease of manufacture. More so, the jute materials was replaced with Tarpautin or twine. The first candle moulding machine can now be found in museum for technological research in Paris, city of France and Manchester laboratory in England.

Based on this, we fabricated a portable candle moulding machine which is influenced by a number of factors ranging from cost of finished product, low scale production, ease of manufacture more do the product which must correspond to specifications in the design process of this sort, the mechanical properties of the materials used were taken into consideration such as weld ability, strength, portability and impact resistance according to functional requirement.

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