Design And Rabrication Of Modern Lockable Bookshelf

Lockable Bookshelf
Lockable Bookshelf
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Lockable Bookshelf


Based the fact, for humans quest to belted and secure things he uses and have them arranged in place without being transfer, like the files tea books, important to man for future wage and academic excel.

To this end, in which this written articles need to be presented, we embarked on the consultation and research to being out a fornicated type of modern lockable bookshelf with which documents can be preserved and packed.

We involved ourselves in the necessary tedinealities for the project to the a reality buy sketching, drawing to scale, selection of a particular drawn design,  fabrication and finally joint the component parts to what is called modern lockable bookshelf.


The purpose of this project which is the design and fabrication of lockable metal shelf is to keep the files, text books, documents etc. in a safe place for future we by the institution and also it will render a maximum service to any office where it will be kept. The primary and second any delta used for the construction of this project were given to us by our supervisor. Engr. Mrs. Muo. This idea helped a lot in making this project a reality.



1.1              Introduction

1.2              Material selection

1.3              Description of the metal shelf

1.4              The base /base top.

1.5              The sides

1.6              The back

1.7              Partitions for locks

1.8              Rollers

1.9              The doors

1.10          The stopper

CHAPTER TWO         

2.1              Constructional choice and method

2.2              Fabrication procedure

2.3              Material selection


3.1              Design analysis

3.2              Assemble

3.3              Pakiting.


4.1              Sequence of operational,


5.1              Cost evaluation

5.2              Material cost

5.3              Labour cost

5.1              Cost project report

5.2              Guidelines on usage /precaution

5.3              Conclusion



1.1              INRODUCTION

A metallic lockable bookshelf is a rectangular piece metal device and fabricated for the main purpose of artery keeping of book, files audio and vides cassette in homes, offices and libraries etc. as well as retrieval and consultation when needed.

On starting of this project a lot of consideration was done based on the workability of such project, the consideration of material available as well as they choice of the advantages of the material later stetted including research on the regimen properties of the material with at most carefulness if such material chosed is combustible, environmental finally or Harvard an resistance to insects attack like metals instead f wood. Strenuous become the consideration to make the project quite affordable, this in the area of cost of production which was over comer by adopting certain amendment with the need to achieving the shelf in such a way that it become a modern lockable bookshelf which can contain quite number of books and files. It was felted with rollers stands and stoppers for stability at any kept point and easy movement and solidity welded


The modern lockable bookshelf as shown in fig 1.1

Was constructed using 20mm square pipe and gauge 15mm mild steel street/plate and comprises of the totting parts /components:

  1. Base
  2. Side

iii.            Partitions or rocks.

  1. Roller Stands
  2. The doors
  3. Locks

vii.            Stopper

viii.            Book



In everyday work, an engineer comes across certain material like steel grides. Angle non circular bars, wrought iron, Aluminum etc. which are to be used  in fabrication of projects. While selecting a suite as ability t resist stress (tensile stress and comprehensive stress), strewn, elastic limit etc under the external force. It has been observed that under the influence these forces, the material is first deterred and made an the forces and their sheet along with some suitable precutting measures to determine the strength of material and to have a better quality product. As the case may be, this knowledge is very essential for an engineer to enable him design and fabricate his project.

This table below shows the value of elasticity of material under a tensile force.

S/No Materials Moderns of (E) in gaine gae/mm2 & km/ mm2
1 Steel 200 to 220
2 Wrought iron 190 to 200
3 Cast iron 100 to 160
4 Copper 90 to 110
5 brass 80 to 90
6 Aluminum 60 to 80
 7 Limber w


With this table above, the wrought iron is been selected in fabrication of our project, because it can with sand up to 190 to 200 kn /mm2 of tensile forces.




I Ich =25.4mm

12inhces =304.8mm

12 inches =304.8 =1 foot












1.2.1    THE BASE / BASE TOP.

The base is made up of that sheet properly reinforced with 20mm square pope at all four rectangular sides of the rollers and stopper. The quality of this enforcement was bultress by good welding job and tilling eared out. He width is 70mm. The base top has no roller tiller (. Fig 1B)

1.2.2. THE SIDES

The side as shown in fig is of a mild steel plate sheet of gauge 20, having a height and width dimensions of 10mm and 370mm it was properly reinforced with a for (20mm) square pope after framing and bending of the sheet at an angle of go which serve a propose of safety handling. The welding of this side was done with guage 12 mild steed. Doctored to show more stability or solidity knowing fully well that it will help in carrying the locks / partitions.(fig 1 A)



















                                    BASE. (Fig 1B)

1.2.3                THE BACK

The back of the modern lockable bookshelf was of gauge 15mm mild steel which was formed as was bent at an angle 90o with the correct exact marking out of 910mm as length, 770mm as width. The essential of the back being to serve a cover and support to carry the locks, based on this the back was reinforced and welded in place/position see fig ld.


The locks (partition) used were of metal sheet of the gauge 15mm. Being the place where the books will be kept the folding of by an angle 900 was done and welded in the square pope with at most aim of smoothness and easy handing of the book in place. The shape is rectangular length 765mm, 300mm width positioned at a distance of 300mm from one lock to another. The lock was welded inside the shelf properly in other to gain and maintain rigidity see fig. I.e.











1.2.5                                ROLLERS

The roller fitted to the modern lockable shelf is oracular in shape. The important of the rollers is to enable easy movement and it carries the shelf and also its entire load based in this the rollers was fitted in the shelf by welding to enable strong grip and avoid slip paring of the roller (fig 1f).

1.2.6.   THE DOOR

The door of the shelf is of 370mm width and 850mm length made from metal sheets into shape by an angle of 900 and the welding reinforcement and rigidity of the door by the used of square pope the door was in two joined to the shelf by 2 inches hinges to the shelf (i.e. 25mm inches) (see fig ig)











1.2.7    LOCK

The lock wed was bought in the market, it was sea red to the doors by welding and positioned to the doors to achieve locking easily and security when closed.

1.2.8    STOPPER

The stopper is a mutable constructed vice placed at the base to ensure not dritking or movement of the shelf when kept at a place as shown on fig.

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