Repair Of A Damaged Refrigerator

Damaged Refrigerator
Damaged Refrigerator
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Refrigeration is the process, which deals with the process of reducing and maintain the temperature of a material or space below the temperature of the surroundings. Refrigerator is an electro mechanical appliance, which carry out the refrigeration principle.Damaged Refrigerator
In otherwords, a refrigerator absorbs heat from a low temperature region. Consequently, thus he at flows are transmitted through a medium or mode conduction, convention and radiation transmit heat. Conduction and convection art extensively adopted in refrigeration.Damaged Refrigerator
Refrigerators contain some components, which transmit the mode of heat flow. They are compressors, evaporators, condenser, and expansion valve etc. These components after some constant usage are required to be maintained. Maintenance is generally defined as the up keep repair, renewal and replacement of worn, damage or absolute parts of a machinery, equipment or building. These can be corrective, preventive or breakdown maintenance. Observing the steps in tracing the faults associated with each component and the necessary replacement in this case carried out maintenance or repair was carried out.Damaged Refrigerator
These activities were carried out using the instrument for the refrigeration repair such as pinch off tools, ratchet, manifold guage, and thermometer, the application of halide lease detector.Damaged Refrigerator
In this write up, the application and uses of refrigerator was discovered, refrigerants and their properties, determination of co-efficient of performance (COP) and refrigerator effect, as well as sequence operation and cost analysis.Damaged Refrigerator
Summarily, this test contains all you need to know about, refrigeration and its principle, application and uses, it maintenance, determination of the COP and refrigeration effect, as well as sequence of operation and cot analysis.

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