Fabrication Of Metal Shelf

Metal Shelf
Metal Shelf
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Bookshelf, a Mechanical arrangement of materials were documents are stored, it could be made with metal or wood. But this one is fabricated with metal.Metal Shelf
The type of metal used in the fabrication is mild steel and square baluters.
The undismountable bookshelf which has five partitions and four compartment under went many process namely, the drawing and the dimensioning of the bookshelf, needed materials, the marking out and cutting of the materials, welding, smoothing and filling of the work, then finally painting.Metal Shelf
Actually our dreams has come through in fabrication of metal shelf that will be economically and at the same time meet up with the needed standard despite the subsidized rate.Metal Shelf
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Letter Of Transmittal
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Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Description Of Metal Shelf

Chapter Two
2.1 Material Selection
2.2 Construction
2.3 Workshop Sequence Of Operation

Chapter Three
3.1 Material Cost
3.2 Machine Cost
3.3 Labour Cost
3.4 Reporting

Chapter Four
4.1 Conclusion
4.2 Recommendation
A bookshelf is an invention with compartments and partitions where books and files are packed in offices, libraries and even homes.Metal Shelf
A bookshelf can be wooden, metallic or even glassed. They could also be dismountable metallic and indismountable.
In our project, we decide to design and fabricate an undismountable metallic bookshelf. Certain factors were considered before embarking on this project.Metal Shelf
An undismountable metallic bookshelf, have a longer life span and serves its purpose better than a wooden bookshelf. Also lose of parts of many dismountable bookshelf held us into opting for the one with its pant in tact.
Nevertheless, the need for preservation of books to enhance researches and studies purpose has brought about the construction of bookshelves for offices, libraries and homes. Thus, these protects the books from been easily destroyed by ants, rats, and from children.Metal Shelf

And it also enhances systematic arrangement of books for easy reference of location.
In the fabrication, the frame first erected before making the sides and the partitions with the steel material. The mass and volume of the books to be contained by the partitions were considered before they were erected; so certain experiments were carried out which will be further discussed in the report.Metal Shelf

This description of the metallic shelf is as shown in fig 1. It is made up of the following pants.
(i) side
(ii) back
(iii) partition
(iv) frame work
(v) door

(i) SIDE
The side of the bookshelf are shown in fig 1a. It is made up the square pipe frame and the mild steel plate material welded to it. Each side is specially designed to act as support in carrying the load under any stress. the load dispersed on the system. The sides measures and tacted at an angle of 900 to each other giving the system a more rigid frame work. The sides measures.Metal Shelf

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