design and implementation of a computerized hotel management system

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In virtually any job whether it is clerical technical, business, or professional whether it is banking, manufacture, medicine, or retailing compare are useful tools with which to calculate, measure asses store, retrieve, regulate, monitor information, dry field of human endeavor is characterized by one a combination of these process. hotel management system
The impact of computer or organization and societies has been phenomenon. In recent years, on increasing number of researcher have processed various ways of incorporating the use of computer, in Hotel catering and management course.

A project is a well defined effort to produce specific result at a specification. Project are always unique, be definition, an contrasted to normal on going departmental activities. Management is the art of purposeful direction. On the psychological sides, this involves both leadership and supervisor. Leadership involve helping other, reach goal oriented achievement by motivating people to adept common goals and work toward them. Supervisor on the other and involve helping other to avoid penalties for misdirected actions, those to avoid penalties for misdirected actions, those are contrary to the pursuit of accept organizational objectives.
The four basic management function are to plan, organize, direct and control the work of others.
Project management in different from the management of a functional department. Management techniques that have proven successful in other areas do apply the engineering of industrial computer system.

Computer is an electronic device that are humorously join together to accept data, process data, store data are outputting the resulting of the processed data in accordance to an internally stored programme.
Computer are basically concerned with the processing of data into a meaning from. Today with the development of computer system, we are able to use computerized methods that not only described importance features of the data a but methods that allows into processed beyond the collected. Data into the area of decision making through generalization and prediction.
In Nigeria today, nearly all the hotels want there activities to be computerized. Because of its efficiency and the effectiveness.
The efficiency impacts are mainly visible as reduction in transaction process cost, reflecting reduction in clerical cost, inventory cost and other current also. hotel management system
Effectiveness impacts are visible in term of faster processing of throughout increased responses to ad how incurring increased accuracy the more complete converge of information that computer can accept, process, retain and provide.

This project focuses mainly in computerized of Hotel catering management consequent upon numerous problem faced by manualÂhandling of hotel information here below are the main aims and objectives of introducing computers into hotel and catering management.

To provide information that could not be obtained before
To provide accurate data, when it is required
To help to do jobs more efficiently
To allow a wider range to task to be performed
To present data in a more understandable way (e.g graphics/colour)
This project is mainly on the application of computer to hotel catering and managers, staff do face in book keeping, searching, calculating updata, drawing and transferring of record or file from one department to another.

The gateway, Hotel, Abeokuta is a home away from home in the respects situates on a wide expanse of land quite, free from Hubbub area of KUTO on the Muritala Muhammed Way. The hotel is ideal resort to recreate enjoy life in the fullest perspective.
According to the general manager, Mr Bolaji N. Sonde and the public relation and marketing officer, Mr Adeolu Adebai, Gateway is a group of three hotel owned by the Ogun State government and was managed centrally until recently when each become autonomous with separate boards. hotel management system
At Gateway hotel, there are 200 rooms including suite and chalet and another annex located at the G.R.A containing 20 rooms.
Other facilities include a car park, which can contain 1,500 cars an Olympic size swimming pool, conference room shopping plaza and four standard terms courts. One of the attraction of the gateway hotel is the animal pepper soup carnival in JANUARY where no top artists performed on the carnival group. hotel management system
Weekend are always busy at the hotel when guest, are treated to varying of entertainment and attended to by over 200 highly trained professional fort example, Porter waiter, keepers, chefs, doorman, linemen, lift man and receptionist to mention just a few.

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