computerized guest information tracking system

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Information technology is an essential tool to guest tracking. The faster and more effectively it works, the safer our business management is.  Information system (IS) refers to a system that comprises of persons, data records and activities that process data and information in an organization, and it includes the organization‟s manual and automated processes. In a narrow sense, the term information system refers to the specific application software that is used to store data records in a computer system and automates some of the information-processing activities of the organization. guest information tracking system
The term information technology has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology, and the term has become very recognizable. The information technology umbrella can be quite large, covering many fields. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information database.
Since the first wave of computerization in the 1970‟s, the implementation of information technology within policing has been questioned and often met with resistance. The development of an information technology strategy must be viewed in the context of increasing expectations and pressure for reform within organizations. 2 guest information tracking system

The business environment in which banks operate is changing; increased demands for efficiency has led to information technology being recognized as a valuable and innovative addition to guest tracking system.
Over the last decade, computer and telecommunication technologies have developed at an extraordinary rate. Increased computer power, advances in data transmission, attractive and user-friendly graphic interfaces present bank with unprecedented capacity to collect, store, analyze and share data with stakeholders inside and outside of bank.
Historically, the innovation of information systems has served as the catalyst for dramatic changes in the organization work and has presented both opportunities and challenges to operators.
Some banks have made tremendous efforts in creating databases for guest information system for security purposes.
Keeping record of visitors in a bank has been a big task for the management. Often the identity of the guest is forgotten as soon as he/she leaves the bank. This is a big security risk as there is need to maintain an automated record of daily visitors to the bank in case security issues arise. 3

The purpose of this study is to design software that will serve as an electronic register to keep record of daily guest to the bank. The software will maintain a centralized database system for the purpose of information sharing.
The software developed will be beneficial to the bank management in so many ways:
1. Maintain a centralized database for Guest records
2. Retrieve previous information on guest from the system easily using serial query language
3. Have a good surveillance on the guest information for security purposes
4. Know the number of guest they receive on daily basis
5. Track the frequency of a guest visitation to the bank


The purpose of this research work is to develop a system that should be able to achieve the following:
1. To provide an electronic register to keep record of guest visit to the bank
2. To produce a system where information and output report will be produced much faster, more accurately and more detailed.

3. Keeping record of total number of guest coming to the bank on daily basis.
4. Keep track of old guest in case of any security breach. guest information tracking system
5. Provide password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and manipulating information.

This research project covers only records on the banks managers guest and some other management staff, as it will be difficult to maintain guest record on every staff of the bank. guest information tracking system
Due to time constraint and limited resources, the use of biometric could not be incorporated into the work for authentic identification of guest.
ARRIVAL FILE: This is master file consisting of the guest name, companies name and address, state, country, nationality, profession etc. which also include the mode of payment to be used by the guest.
DATABASE: This is the collection of related data/information
GUEST: This guest are used in the contest of the work refers to individual, companies or corporate bodies that visited the bank 5

guest information tracking system

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