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he establishment of large palm plantations, gave rise to the large scale mechanised palm oil processing and resulting in the evolution of the palm oil processing steps, designed to extract oil palm from harvested palm bunch

  1. Palm Bunch Reception
  2. Palm Bunch sterilization
  3. Palm bunch threshing
  4. palm fruit digestion
  5. Palm Pulp pressing: Output also nut and fibre for pal kernel oil bye product, which may under go palm nut recovery, palm nut drying, palm nut cracking, palm kernel seperation, palm kernel storage
  6. Palm oil clarification
  7. Palm oil drying
  8. Palm oil packing

Palm oil processing machine and palm oil processing equipment

In the past, palm oil was refined in “oil pots” manufactured in the ground. The control then involved scrubbing and contracting the palm kernel fruits till the oil was extracted. However, that previous method is quite inefficient, since it leaves some significant amount of oil left on the kernel fruits that has been changed into more palm oil.

But nowadays, devices are employed to process palm oil. This contemporary method is more hygienic, and it helps to remove all the palm oil on kernel fruits without making any quantity to waste. You should also know that a lot of devices for processing palm oil can be imported or manufactured domestically at a cheaper rate. Samples of equipments required for palm oil processing organization

  • Palm Fruit Stripper
  • Boiler
  • Palm nut Fibre Separator
  • Pounding Equipment
  • Machine for Screw Press
  • Oil barrels or floor tanks for storage applications

 Setup the palm oil processing plant

You might need to seek the companies of professionals to simply help develop the required infrastructure and also mount the palm oil processing machines.

Palm oil processing plant cost

The cost of palm oil processing machine in Nigeria may vary depending on the palm oil processing machines manufacturers pricing and location. However, palm oil processing plant cost summary and contacts of palm oil processing machines manufacturers in Nigeria can be found in this palm oil business plan attached.

Palm Oil Business Plan

Palm oil is one of the most consumed edible oil internationally. Palm oil is an exportable comodity.
The demand for Palm oil in Africa is enormous, because it is used in almost every home for cooking and other house hold purposes. Africans also grow and process palm oil in subsistent quantity. The African continent provide for less than 5% of the palm oil processed worldwide. Malaysia and Indonesia are the world’s largest producers and exporters of the of Palm oil.

West Africa is one of the biggest markets for Palm Oil, because African countries are not producing enough palm oil to meet the demands of their local markets.

Presently, the global palm oil market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and it only keeps growing.

You can make a lot of money, tapping into this lucrative  palm oil market. There are many opportunities in palm oil production for interested entrepreneurs.

THIS PALM OIL BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive PALM OIL business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful PALM OIL business. This PALM OIL business plan will help you get capital loan from a bank or other investors for your new PALM OIL business.


PALM OIL PROCESSING business anywhere in the world is a viable business and can be done on large scale or small scale.

Starting PALM OIL PROCESSING business in Nigeria is usually for two major investment purposes; To produce processed palm oil for local market and export purpose and to produce kernel for marketing purpose to other company who will later process it into palm kernel oil..

The PALM OIL business plan is fully updated with current research on how to start a PALM OIL business, get the attention of the market, retain them and make profits.
Also, this PALM OIL business plan will not only help you start your PALM OIL business, but will give you all needed guide to start an ultra-modern palm oil processing company.

The PALM OIL business plan will help you set up a large composite machines and equipment (MILL) capable of 25% extraction efficiency of palm oil, as compared to the old method which is only capable of 3-5% extraction efficiency.

The PALM OIL business plan will give you a guide to profitability as all necessary financial projection for the business has been made such as PALM OIL business break even analysis, PALM OIL business marketing analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis for your PALM OIL business, sales forecast, etc.

The business plan has full analysis on PALM OIL business in nigeria, PALM OIL large composite machines and equipment (MILL) and PALM OIL design and installation, cost of PALM OIL, PALM OIL dealers. The PALM OIL business plan also has indepth analysis on oil palm processing equipment.

The PALM OIL business plan is a six(6) chapter business plan.
3 Years Automated Financial Model in MS Excel. It has a complete industry research.
Bank/ Investor/ Grant Ready- The business plan is design to enable you use it to access loan and grants.
Exceeds all legal requirements and standardsy.
Automatic download after purchase online.

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