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The 1975 ECOWAS Treaty made by the founding fathers of the West African Regional Integration Philosophy was revised in 1993 in view of the developments in the region and the new world order. ECOWAS is still today, the common partnership through which Member States attempts to aggregate their common dream and aspiration for a prosperous United Economic Union in the Africa sub-region.

The Integration instruments though very ambitious made no pretension of the hopes and aspiration it seeks to achieve in this globalize and competitive world. The carry over of Colonialism and the epileptic nature of the African Economy tends to presents the coming together of African Countries synonymous with coming together to share poverty. The divide and rule strategy of the West has made African States to distrust themselves that today, the Franco-phones speaking West African is suspicious of every move of the Anglo phone on the Integration Ideology. Hence every state party does not want to concede anything out of its sovereignty to the organization but wants to harvest the whole benefit of integration.

This thesis attempts in the main, to bring to the fore both the Economic and Human Rights frame work as enshrine in the ECOWAS Treaty and the journey so far and the implementation of the acts and decisions of the community in Nigeria in particular. The first chapter introduces the research work. The second chapter considers the meaning of Treaty and Treaty as a source of international law. The third chapter of this thesis deals with the meaning, nature and scope of Economic integration. The chapter also considers economic integration under the ECOWAS Treaty. The forth chapter considers the analysis of human right framework under the ECOWAS Treaty. The fifth and the concluding chapter, summarizes the work and offers some far reaching recommendation for policy makers and the operators of the ECOWAS Treaty.

This thesis presents to the reader a handy compendium of recent status and trends in the West African Integration agenda through ECOWAS and the issues, challenges and prospects of the Organization and the call for more commitments of State Parties to the ECOWAS Programmes.

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Do You Have New or Fresh Topic? Send Us Your Topic

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