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The present study is undertaken to determine the various strategies to enhance teaching and learning of computer science in secondary schools. The major findings were that employing qualified and professional teachers and the creation of a conducive academic environment and PTA body could enhance the teaching and learning of computer science. The need for the provision of financial support by some philanthropists and communities will also enhance the teaching and learning of computer science in secondary schools.         
 Computer science, is science subjects who are concerned with gaining knowledge about man’s contained search for a toll that will enable him meet his computation and data processing requirement with a minimal, manual and mental effort.Consequently, the educational implication of this finding has a for reaching effect on both the society and the general economy. Thus, a society without a computer literate workforce will definitely lack behind in an age that is variously regarded as a digital age information age and millennium era and computer age.
STRATEGY: According to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary strategy is define as plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose or process of learning into something. In other words, it can be the process of putting a plan into operation in a skillful way.
 ENHANCE: It means to increase or further improve the good quality value or status o f something. It is also opportunity to the reputation of the company.
TEACHING          Gage (1994:4) observed teaching as any interpersonal influence aimed at changing the ways in which other persons can or will behave.         
 In other words, teaching deal of a particular person or group especially about political, region or society, that is taught to other people.          
Teaching is a systematic, rational and organized process of transmitting knowledge, attitudes, and skills in accordance with professional principal principles.          
According to Thompson (1969) observed that teaching identifies with communication, which involves the transmission of information from senders to receiver and from receivers to senders.
LEARNING: Oxford Advanced Dictionary defined learning as the process of gaining knowledge through reading and studying. It is also the relative change in human behaviour as a result of experience, training and the ability of acquiring knowledge through reading and writing.
COMPUTER: Reinhold (1964) defined computer as an electronic device that are capable to accept data as an input, process it before given it out as a result or information. He further defined computer as any electronic device that performs calculation and process information. 
SCIENCE: This is a system for organizing the knowledge about a particular subject especially, one concern with aspects of human behaviour or society
The importance of computer cannot be over-emphasized considering its assistance to mankind in terms of business, industry, Government and law enforcement, banks, in biological, physical and social sciences, chemistry and physics, fine art, education and in home etc.          
For instance, the computer is playing an increasingly important role in society, particularly in industrially developed countries. Its usage can be seen in various ways, which includes: —        
-It helps to find a move in a game of chess-        
-It helps to transfer finds from one bank to another-        
-It helps to calculate their employee’s wages and print pay roll cheque.-        
-It helps record the amount of money deposited and withdrawn by customers for type setting books, magazine and documents.-        
-It stores a vast amount of data.-        
-It checks tax returns each year-        
-To finger print daily-        
-To store even crime statistics, license numbers of store cars in the computer database.-       
-To plan troop man over.-        
-To analyze experiment data used to guide telescope and other objects in space.-        
-To find out various major illness (e.g. in diagnosing brain turners and certain other disorders.-        
-It is also used for lectures through a step-by-step lesson.Used to play the music stored in our CD-ROM used to scan picture into document for publishing used for sending mail to a friend across the globe.

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