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Employments are a contract and the express and implied terms of this contract are still the basis of the relationship between employer and employee.  However this employment relationship arises when one person (the employee or work) supplied his skill and labour to another (the employer or mater) in return for payment.

On the other hand for social economic and political reasons there has been increasing government intervention in employment since the  early nineteenth century.  As will be seen many of the rights and duties of the parties are imposed by legislation today still there is unhealthy relationship between  the employers of labour and their employees.  This problem had caused devastating and unfavorable consequences in the work place paralyzing the activities of many organization/ companies in this country which given rise is adverse economic situation and a coarsened standard of living of the people there in.

This project work has been timely written on the strategy for enhancing a healthy employer- employee relationship in an organization. The researcher therefore carried out exhaustive investigation to identify most of the problems militating against a health employer- employee relationship and discourse the instruments of enhancing a healthy relationship between the management/employer and their employee/ worker.  The work also investigated the courses of industrial conflicts in an organization its effect or the economy the grievance processes, the impact of a healthy employer- employee relationship in workers productivity.

Finally it reveals the findings of the study recommend some operational strategies to remedy the situation are the conclusion there in.


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Table of content


1.0            Introduction

1.1            Background of the study

1.2             Statement of problem

1.3            Purpose of the study

1.4            Scope of the study

1.5            Research question

1.6            Research hypothesis

1.7            Significance of the study

1.8            Definition of term



2.0             Review of related literature

2.1     Concept of strategy

2.2            The instruments of enhancing a healthy employer- employee relationship

2.3            Industrial conflict and their effect

2.4            The grievance processes

2.5            The impact of a healthy employer employee relationship on works productivity



3.0            Research design and methodology

3.1     Research design

3.2            Area of study.

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Sample and sampling procedure

3.5             Instrument for data collection

3.6            Variability of the instrument

3.7            Reliability of the instrument

3.8            Methods data collection

3.9            Method of data analysis


4.0     Date presentation & analysis

4.1            Presentation & analysis of data

4.2            Testing of hypothesis

4.3            Summary of results


5.0     Discussion recommendation and conclusion

5.1            Discussion of result findings

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Limitation of study

5.4            Implication of the research finding

5.5            Recommendation for further research

5.6            Suggestion for further study research






From years back disputer over the terms and conditions of employment are inherent in the employer- employee relationship such disputer have existed from the day an employer hired his first employee in the organization.

This disagreement may be as a result of all or some of the problem enumerated below

–                     Employment problems and employment scantiest

–                     Condition of work hours of work shifts.

–                     Remuneration levels method of wage payment

–                     Staff health and welfare at work

–                     Employment development up grading and promotions etc

The inability on the management or employer to resolve these employment problem with his employee gives rise to industrial disharmony/ strike and discord which  in recent times has remained one of the national problem plaguing so many organizations in the country.

In most cases this unhealthy relationship existing between the employer another employee is accompanied by very unfavorable consequences in the work place such consequences as industrial strike the go-slow the work to rule sit-down strike work in and a lot others.

This has often paralyzed the activities of the organization in this country resulting in adverse economic situation and a hoarsened standard of living of the people there in it is against this background that the researcher has embarked on this research work to review the industrial relationship system in the country and advance for strategies for healthy employee- employee relationship in organization using Emenite company limited Emene Enugu as a cast study.  It is therefore hoped that this study will have answers to the above labour problems and establishes ways of enhancing a strong and viable healthy relationship between the employers another employee in organization which will go a long way in creating industrial harmony in the work place     


Organized labour has come a long way since 1912 when the first labour union was formed in the country.  Nevertheless organization is not devoid of industrial mischief.  There has not been a cordial relationship existing between the employer and the employee.  Record has it that there has been general strike in 1945, 1964, 1981 1993 the 2004 general strike nation wide by academic staff union of universities (ASUU) over disagreement between the workers (employee) and the government (employer) on certain issues also the recent general strike national wide by the Nigeria labour union and the federal government over the increase in the petroleum product prices.

This unhealthy relationship has subsequently subjected the employee in organization to various forms of discomfort and exposure to other forms of emasculation including suspension from work working for a period of time without payment and outright dismissal from work.  These problems have led the researcher to flashing a study on strategies for healthy employer- employee relationship in an organization to put a stop to all anomalies in the work place. 

1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

In simple and direct terms this work has been designed to check the following

a)                 To ascertain the components of industrial relation problem.

b)                To have an in depth study of the strategies for healthy employee- employer relationship in organization

c)                 To identify some causes of industrial disputes in practice

d)                To find out measures of making employees to be contented with the ways they are being treated by the employers

e)                 To identify if a cordial relationship exist between the employer and the employee within the working environment with a particular reference to Emenite cay limited Emene Enugu.

1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

In the scope of this study apparent inability of the industrial relation system to the respond to quickening pace of social and economic changes has generated continually public debate on what is wrong in the system.  The inference and conclusion here are based on instruments to enhance a healthy employer- employee relationship covering Emenite Company Emene Enugu 

1.5            RESEARCH WUESTION

1)                What are the factors or components of industrial relation problems as regards the company under study?

2)                Are there strategies which can enhances or promote a healthy employer- employee relationship in organization?

3)                What are the causes of industrial disputes in an organization?

4)                What measure can be taken to ensure a healthy relationship between employer and employee in an organization?

5)                Does cordial relationship exist between the employer and employee of the company under study?  


H0:    Cordial relationship between empower and employee does not lead the

          Company to success

H1:    Cordial relationship between empower and employee lead the company to success
H0:    The adopted strategies does not enhance a healthy relationship between

employer and employee of Emene company limited

H1:    strategies adopted enhance a healthy relationship between

Employer and employee of Emenite Company limited.


The study will disclose how industrial practices through collective bargaining can be used for effectiveness and efficiency in an organization.

The Emenite Co Ltd may learn from this study how decision taking jointly by both the employer- employee can really influence their productivity condition of  service and job security thence they can appraise their union leadership for better and efficacies.  Other organization in Nigeria is not left out from the benefits. In this regard this study could also be of immense benefit to labour union generally because the extent to which they achieve successful representation of the workers interest depends on the procedure approach to industrial relations.

Students of business administration management and behavioral studies as well as Nigeria employers will also benefit from this study on their discipline.

Beside, it will be very useful to any person who is interested in achieving healthy and cordial relationship in the work place for achievement of self objective.  

1.8            DEFINITION OF TERM

1)      STRIKE:   This is a period of time when a group of workers deliberately stop working because of a disagreement about pay working conditions etc.  it a means of compelling their employer to company with the terms of employment and physical condition of work.

2)      INDUSTRIAL DIPUTES:     This is a disagreement between an employer and which is always connected with non-camphene of either party mostly the employee on work agreement these cause grievances.

3)      EMPLOYER:     This refers to a person company organization or even government hat employs people.

4)      EMPLOYEE:     An employee is someone who is paid to work for someone else in an organization.

5)      EMPLOYMENT:         This may be referred to work that one does to earn money or a living.

6)      STRATEGY:      This simply means a pre- selected means or a approaches or skillful plan to achieve goals and aims.

7)      GRIVANCES:    Grievance is said to occur when a worker/ employees feels aggrieved or not contented with a particular treatment measures to him by either his employer or a superior officer in the work place.

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