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This study focuses, on employer’s expectation of secretaries in an age of ICT driven business offices in Owerri. The research questions were used as a guide to the study. The target population used for the study was 25 employers from some selected private and public business offices in Owerri. The sample of the study was the same as the population because the population was very small in order to avoid sampling bias. In carrying out this study the survey research method, which makes use of questionnaires as the main instrument for data collection was adopted. The data collected was analysed using mean, mean score of 3.23 and above was considered relevant, while mean score of below 3.23 were considered not relevant and four – likert shall. Analysis showed the at secretaries should strive hard to fit into the current age of ICT to, meet the expectations of employers. After analysing the data obtained it was found that; employers are highly selective on competent secretaries who have good communication skill. Based on the findings it was concluded that since ICT innovation era poses a lot of challenges to both prospective & practicing secretaries, the prospective secretaries should strive to develop themselves to suite the expectations of employers in an age of ICT driven business offices. Finally, it was recommended that institutions of higher clearing should introduce the use of modern ICT equipment in their training course curriculum in order to produce well-groomed secretaries who would keep the academic name of the institutions to high esteem.

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