AI in eCommerce: Top 10 AI Tools to Revamp Your eCommerce Store

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AI in eCommerce: Top 10 AI Tools to Revamp Your eCommerce Store

Today, there are over 24 million online stores that sell something or the other. Each store has its website and interface. They’re all hungry for better sales and better profits.

With cut-throat competition comes the responsibility to continually aim for a better website. It doesn’t just stop after making a functional online forum for your online store. If you want your store to be in the big league, you have to revamp it now and then.

AI tools are the next big thing; they’re quickly becoming an essential part of any successful online store. Any developing eCommerce website should follow suit. To do better, you must be able to analyze your weaknesses. AI can help interpret real-time data and spot the shortcomings that are pulling you down. Turn them into your strengths and watch your profits increase.

Here is a list of ways AI can help revamp your eCommerce stores:-

  1. Voice Search Optimization– The reason why Alexa and Siri are famous is that they make internet surfing a simple task. If you add a voice search optimization tool to your eCommerce store, then it’ll make searching for products more accessible.
  2. Predictive pricingKeeping user behavioral patterns in mind, AI tools can change the prices of the products in real-time. The tool considers competitive pricing by other online stores as well. This is a genius way to use AI to your advantage when it comes to eCommerce website design and development.
  3. Better mobile experience– Most people visit online stores on their mobiles. If you want your profits to grow exponentially, you should have a seamless mobile experience for your users. The interface should be user-friendly and dynamic. Usually, people wait for only 3 seconds for the products to load. You can use AI tools to check how fast your pages and products load.
  4. Integrating chatbots– Chatbots have become an essential tool in eCommerce website design and development. Many reputed Digital Marketing companies say that it would be silly to forgo having an integrated chatbot. 1 in 5 people is willing to buy from chatbots. Lots of people expect chatbots to deliver deals and incentives. AI chatbots can also appease customer inquiries, thus making customer-care a seamless experience.
  5. Diagnostic analysis tools– Your eCommerce website is bound to generate varying sales every day. There will be ups and downs regularly, but if there are more downs than ups, you should consider having diagnostic analysis tools in place. Diagnostic analysis tools will tell you why something is happening and how deep its effect may run. You’ll have to do negligible backend work, and you’ll save a lot of time.
  6. Visual search optimization– If you go to an online store with a vast catalog, you’re bound to get some irrelevant results. Usually, AI uses Natural Language Processing to optimize search results. However, you can also use visual search optimization. Visual searches give more relevant results based on the color, shape, and texture of your search. Your user will be able to have a quicker and smoother shopping experience. They will also be able to have a quick look at similar products, all in one go.
  7. Pitch better sales– Your sales team may be remarkably capable and still miss out on critical details; they may not be able to manage the massive amount of customer data. This leads to missing out on potential targets or following up with buyers. AI tools help handle the extensive amount of customer-related data and analyze it. They even optimize searches by asking the right questions. If you have an online store for clothes, the AI tool asks queries like “Where will you wear this item?”. Then, it optimizes search results based on real-time information.
  8. Focus on reviews– Customers rely heavily on reviews when buying a product from an online store. If you’re looking to revamp your eCommerce website design and development, you should consider an AI tool to filter fake reviews. Fake reviews can cause a plummeting effect on your sales. People rely on reviews to tell them whether the product and the online forum is dependable or not. Your competitors might ruin your credit by putting fake reviews or using bots to do the same. AI tools help weed out these fake negative reviews and emphasize on the good ones.
  9. Improve cyber-security- The better your cyber-security plan, the safer your customer-data. Customer-data is crucial data for any eCommerce website. Revamping it should include making your forum more secure.
  10. Augmented Reality(AR)- When you go to an offline store, you can quickly check a product in front of a mirror and see whether it suits you. Most online stores don’t have this facility. This is why offline stores are still popular with people who want to check what they buy. You can use Augmented Reality to bring the “dressing room” experience to your eCommerce website. Your users will be able to try out the products so that they can make informed decisions.

To Sum Up

These are the ten tools any eCommerce website should have if you’re looking to compete in the big league. AI is taking the world by storm, and it’s time to get with the program. Instead of fearing AI or the possibility of its dominance, we must find ways to partner with AI and increase our sales.

eCommerce firms are using AI to have a better hold on their customer data, diagnose problems, predict solutions, and carve a niche in the world of online shopping. AI would revamp your store and help offer a personalized experience to every customer who buys from your website. There’s so much AI has to offer, for example, AI in digital marketing and finance industry, and it’s all up for grabs. You need to be willing to integrate AI in your eCommerce stores.

AI in eCommerce: Top 10 AI Tools to Revamp Your eCommerce Store

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