Signs of Could Be Outdated in Your Professional Life

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Signs of Could Be Outdated in Your Professional Life

Have you had the same job for years? Can’t remember the last time you took a course? Do you feel that the market is full of professionals with better training than the one you have?

These can be signs that indicate to a professional that it is necessary to renew their knowledge about their profession. However, they are all too straightforward, don’t you think so?

Just as these indications can reveal to a professional that with a change in their training, their work situation could improve or deteriorate; others are less obvious although they pass across the same message. The problem with the latter is that it is not always easy to identify them.

Do you think you could be in this situation, but you are not entirely clear? We tell you some signs to indicate that you need to renew your knowledge urgently:

1. You are looking for a job with a really attractive CV, and despite this, you are not hired: This is a major indicator that you need to renew your knowledge. Imagine applying for a job you qualify for based on years of experience and academic qualifications. However, you still lose out on the job; this is an indication that you need to update yourself.

2. At work, you are no longer assigned as many important projects as before: In a company, you were once they got to guy for almost any task in your field, and gradually it begins to decline, although at first, you might not take note of it as something serious until you notice that no one comes to you again.

In a worse situation, your company might even go ahead to employ someone to carry out those tasks; if such a thing happens, you are in danger of losing your job.

3. Even though you work hard to get it, you’ve been waiting months for a promotion that doesn’t come: you have been working hard for the past year to gain promotion, you meet your target, you perform well on the Key performance indicator of staff, yet, you remain at the same level. It is a sign that you need to improve your knowledge.

4. Your work does not get the results you expected: when you put in the effort, but still the result doesn’t validate it, this might be a sign that you should improve your knowledge in your professional field. Ask around about what makes others succeed.

5. The company you work for is in the process of renewing personnel: When your company is in the process of restructuring, it might be time to renew your knowledge and prepare to look for opportunities outside your current workspace.

In addition to the points mentioned so far, if your work is too routine, you hardly even notice that you are doing it, you might need to renew your knowledge.

If you identify with more than one in the list, it may be time to review the educational offer that surrounds you and choose a course that allows you to present yourself as a better professional, before the company you work for and for the rest of the market.

Studying and working may seem difficult but doing so is extremely necessary. Therefore, the most important thing is the will. If there is the will to learn something new, everything else can be arranged in a way that won’t affect the working day and still get access to quality training.

Only in this way will you increase your employability and improve your professional profile, ensuring that you do not lose job opportunities due to lack of training.

Why do we have to be updated?

There is a new order in the labor market. We have to accept that the natural order of things changed. The times when we could do work the same way forever are over. No matter what we do, there will be someone willing to do it faster, cheaper, and better in another world. Fortunately for us, the responsibility to stay current, competitive, and the best option is exclusively ours.


At the same time that globalization opens up opportunities, it also presents us with challenges. Today companies are not limited to working with employees or suppliers located in the same geographical area; you can work remotely and search for suppliers almost anywhere. The supply of workers is much greater than that of jobs. We have to live up to any other professional; every day, we have to progress. The advantage is that when someone from outside competes for your space, and you are updated, you also enter the global market as a strong competitor.


The development of technology has meant that our work is never the same again. All patterns have changed and continue to change minute by minute. What we learned in school will be obsolete at any time, and if you are not up to date, you as a professional will also go down in history. Here the most important thing is to celebrate change and use it as the engine of our transformation.

Five simple ways to always be up to date

1. Develop the habit of reading

A simple and efficient way to update yourself is to develop the habit of reading. Take a few minutes a day to read news related to your industry. Use a news manager or newsreader like NewsBar to make better use of time and not lose focus. Surfing the Internet to read shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes a day.

2. Take courses or seminars

You can stay updated with new development in your industry without breaking the bank. You can take two or more courses in a year. Research at the universities in your city, they generally offer free or very low-cost diplomas. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the options provided online, they are very practical, since many times they can be done at the time that works best for you.

3. Expand your network of contacts constantly

New ideas always come from outside your natural circle. Don’t just interact with the same people, expose your ideas to new points of view, and listen to what others are doing. There are many ways to solve the same problem. Listen, compare, and complement your ideas. Social media is an excellent option to connect with professionals in your industry, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Become a connector for social media professionals and take advantage of the opportunities that open up when you connect the right people.

4. Become a mentor

Being a mentor is an excellent option to keep up to date. It is natural for young people to adopt trends earlier in all fields. Taking responsibility for instructing and guiding someone opens up a direct path to the fresher information being generated. Identify well the person you can help and from whom you can also learn. Approach that relationship with an open mind and grow as you help grow.

5. Learn something new and keep up to date with changes in technology and social networks

The job market welcomes professionals who learn new things all the time. It is never too late to acquire new skills and qualifications. We are fortunate to live the time where knowledge is within reach of our cell phone. Set aside that NETFLIX movie for a few minutes and watch a TED Talk presentation or listen to an audiobook or podcast with relevant information related to your activity. Free options like HubSpot to certify you in new skills abound on the Internet, spend some time searching for them, and compare the best option.

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