Medical Marijuana and CBD for Treating PCOS: Is it Right for You?

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Medical Marijuana and CBD for Treating PCOS

For the past years, marijuana has taken the attention of the medical community. Numerous studies were conducted calculating the potential of the plant to treat several health issues just like what is listed on this article for the different CBD products for Parkinson’s Disease. Many states only give medical marijuana cards to those who have at least one of the conditions enumerated in their marijuana laws and rules.

While many conditions can affect females’ health, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a mysterious condition. It can cause several health problems, including infertility. Even though PCOS is estimated to distress billions of women, its causes and medications are still poorly understood. By chance, marijuana has revealed potential in treating the indications of PCOS and providing significant relief to patients. Thus, cannabis is a broadly used method of medication for soreness treatment, an indicator that is often related to PCOS.

Most women who agonize from PCOS have very throbbing menstrual cramps. They can also experience extreme back pain throughout their menstrual cycle, and several abdominal pain due to the growth of swellings in their ovaries. There are some cases of depression, which is also a common sign for women suffering from PCOS; marijuana can have both significant and damaging effects.

Thus, cannabis can be used as a soothing treatment for the several side effects of PCOS. But what we need to know is if marijuana can be a potential medical cure for this condition?

What is PCOS?

What does PCOS mean? It is alleged to be a product of inequality in reproductive hormones, leading to an outpouring male hormones, androgens, and a few female hormones. This interrupts the regular production of progesterone and estrogen, causing several problems with women’s ovaries. This imbalance can cause menstruation abnormalities and bloated ovaries, also a collection of fluid called immature ovarian sacs.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal and reproductive illness that affects one out of 10 women of childbearing age. Moreover, it is also considered as the leading cause of female unproductiveness worldwide. The main indicators of PCOS are irregular periods, bloated ovaries with several cysts, and augmented androgen production.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

PCOS interferes with your ovulation period, and the effect could be hard for you to imagine. Other common symptoms include:

Irregular menstrual cycles.
High levels of androgen.
Ovarian cysts.
Growth of body hair.
Severe acne.
Dark skin patches.
Thickening of the uterine wall.
Pelvic pain.

Without having any treatment, PCOS may lead to problems like endometrial cancer and severe liver inflammation.

How can Medical Marijuana Aid PCOS Treatments?

Diet and lifestyle variations are the main line of protection and may help women with minor PCOS indications find relief. Women who have used cannabis as a treatment to the symptoms related to PCOS have found much relief. Marijuana is less toxic than other therapies. Also, you will not experience extraction symptoms whenever you stop using it.

Medical marijuana decreases stress, soreness, and despair. It also improves appetite, treats insomnia, and even eases cramps. Some side effects of marijuana (THC) include dry mouth, faintness, sleepiness, impaired motor function, and sometimes paranoia.

Barely have there been medical studies presented relating to marijuana and its impact on women with PCOS, but there are research illustrates that it could be useful against despair.

Strains That Can Help You in Treating PCOS Symptoms
Sunset Sherbert

Also referred to as sherbet, this cross strain of marijuana is perfect for PCOS sufferers facing stress, tension, despair, and loss of appetite as it runs physical relaxation and thaws away bad vibes.

Mr Nice 

Mr Nice can help with some PCOS symptoms, which comes with a tasty, fruit-forward flavour. It is known for making the consumer feel relaxed, hungry, extremely happy, and sleepy. This strain of marijuana is used for PCOS sufferers experiencing depression, loss of appetite, mood swings, especially during periods, stress, and pain. Also, having a sweet taste, this strain treats insomnia when used in high doses.

Death Star 

It is mostly used by individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and persons in pain. Death Star is perfect for PCOS sufferers with painful spasms, sleep-deprived, and loss of appetite. For those that are stressed or in despair, Death Star provides the feeling of euphoria and relaxation. This strain is universally valued and a bit ironic in its capability to treat the discomfort of exploding ovaries.

Granddaddy Purple

This severely relaxing strain brags a palette of berries and grape and is recognized for its striking crystal resin. This strain relieves anxiety, drops pain, increases appetite, and treats insomnia. Granddaddy Purple is also an exceptional choice for handling extreme pain that comes with PCOS.

 Johnny’s Tonic 

Johnny’s Tonic is a balanced mixture of CBD and a light proportion of THC. Those women who are suffering from PCOS experience agonizing cramps, nausea, and dizziness. Johnny’s Tonic reduces these indications and also losses their appetite. Consumers also experience overflowing happiness and a sense of relaxation.

Though the connection between cannabis and PCOS relief is a somewhat new idea, correlated studies presented that the cannabinoids present in medical marijuana may treat a wide range of symptoms related to the condition.

Through further research, marijuana can be developed into a useful treatment for PCOS, but for now, it may help in relieving the symptoms. CBD is helpful in treating insulin resistance, fatness, and hormone imbalances, which may help PCOS patients find relief.

Even though there isn’t sufficient research available analyzing the effects of marijuana for PCOS, there are several signs that this cannabinoid could offer valuable benefits to PCOS sufferers. Because of that, it’s essential to talk with your consultant before you start using marijuana to support your illness. Before you go and use cannabis or marijuana products to treat your PCOS, make it a point to check it by your consultant first. Just like any other doctor-approved home medicines you take, you want to make sure that you get valued advice from a medical professional. This is significant, particularly if you are taking prescriptions to treat the disorder. If you are curious enough to know about several plants that will surely help you manage your health issues, feel free to browse sites online.

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