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                        CHAPTER ONE

1.1  Background to the Study
This work attempts to throw more light on costuming an absurd play using Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot as a case study and would also research on the concept of absurdism and proponents of the ideology in attempt to throw more light on its application to budding playwrights and actors of absurd drama.
1.2  Statement of the Problem
Most directors do not regard costume as an essential item in a play production; especially in an absurd play. Sometimes costume performs an interpretive role which is not often addressed by practitioners in the theatre as a result of which plays, are done without due consideration of this salient fact.
1.3  Scope of the Study
This work shall attempt an interpretative study of costuming an   absurd play. It would also to do an analytical discourse on the concept of absudism in relation to the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Furthermore this work would show case how costume could be used to aid the actor to interpret his role better; costume helps in placing the actors in his/her geographical orbit, especially in a play as complex as Samuel Beckett’s: waiting for Godot.
1.4  Significance of the Study
It is hoped that this research would serve as a stimulant to others in this field on costuming an absurd play. It would also contribute to the knowledge of the concept of absurdism. This study attempts to offer an additional material as aid towards the study of absurd drama to scholars and practitioners of absurd theatre and drama.
1.5  Research Methodology
This research adopts the artistic and literary methodologies. The artistic methodology, would be adopted to delve into historical developments of costume provide imageries showcasing the costume for the play Waiting for Godot in an attempt to showcase how an absurd play should be costumed while the literary, journals data from internet, thesis and so on. Using the play; Waiting for Godot as a focal point.

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