Corporate Governance and its Impact on the Management of MTN Mobile Communication Nigeria Ltd

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Corporate Governance and its Impact on the Management of MTN Mobile Communication Nigeria Ltd. Kaduna Main Branch
This study examined the corporate governance and its impact on the management of MTN Mobile Communication Nigeria Limited Kaduna main branch. Research questions guided the study. A survey method was used for this study. The population consisted of all the entire telecommunication industry in Nigeria out of which MTN Mobile Communication Plc Kaduna with a total population of twenty five (25) persons was selected as the sample size of the study. A questionnaire developed by the researcher based on liker 5 point scale was used for the study. Mean scores and frequencies were used to analyze the data based on the research questions. Research results shows that internal and external mechanism of corporate governance are used to regulate the performance of MTN. The control mechanism put in place by MTN include internal and external auditing as well as board of director monitoring and balance of power. The systemic problems militating against corporate governance include high cost of monitoring, inadequate supply of accounting information to shareholders.
Title pageDeclarationApproval PageDedicationAcknowledgmentAbstractTable of ContentsCHAPTER ONE:INTRODUCTION1.1Background of the Study1.2Statement of the Problem1.3Objective of the Study1.4Significance of the Study1.5Research Questions1.6Scope of the Study1.7Definition of Terms
CHAPTER TWO:LITERATURE REVIEW AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK2.1 Introduction2.2 Concept of Corporate Governance2.2.1 Principles of Corporate Governance2.2.2 Parties to Corporate Governance2.2.3 Ownership Structures and Elements in Corporate Governance2.3 Theoretical Framework2.3.1 Agency Theory2.3.2 Stewardship Theory2.3.3 Stakeholder Theory2.3.4 Institutional Theory2.4 Empirical Literature Review on the Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance2.4.1 Corporate Governance and Performance2.4.2 Corporate Ownership and Performance2.4.3 Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure2.5 Summary
CHAPTER THREE:RESEARCH METHODOLOGY3.1Introduction3.2Population and Sample Size3.3Source of Data Collection3.4Method of Data Collection3.5Method of Data Analysis3.6Justification3.7Summary
CHAPTER FOUR:DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS4.1Introduction4.2Respondent Characteristics4.3Data Analysis4.4Discussion of Findings4.5 Summary of Findings
CHAPTER FIVE:SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION5.0Introduction5.1Summary5.2Conclusion5.3Recommendations5.4 Limitation of the studyBibliographyAppendix

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