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The main purpose of this study is to know the impact effective personnel management on organizational growth. Every organization no matter the nature and activities being under taken by it will not exist. This time, the other factors of production like material, money and machine will be meaningless if there are no human beings to harness them. Availability of manpower is not just the issue but its effective and efficient manpower on the organization enhances the need for personnel management. Therefore, this study has tried to unfold the basic effectiveness of organizational growth. With respect to impact of effectiveness, extent had quality of personnel management has been carried out at paper mill limited of this, the researcher has conducted a very detailed survey on this subject such as questionnaire, oral interview and closely looked at the views of other scholars and was also an immense help in this project. The result of this study was presented and analyzes using tables of the study, recommendation and conclusion were made, the APA style was used I n the bibliography.



Personal management is that aspect of management that is concern with all aspect of the human resources of an organization. Personnel management involves the management of personnel at work irrespective of the type of organization is question its product, size, age or structure the philosophy of its management must procure human resource for it to achieve its spread all aspect of corporate and organizational activities. It therefore becomes the responsibility of all those who managed people in the organizational as well as being a description of work of those who are employed as a personnel specialist .More especially personnel management involves determining the organizational and the need of human resources recruiting and soliciting the best available employees acting as a liaison between the union government organization and handling other matter relating to employees well being. However, many organizations has paid little or no interest to effective personnel management which has resulted to low productivity high rate of employee interest. There by regular hindering the organization and handling other matter relating to employees well or no interest to effective personnel management which has resulted to low productivity high rate of employee unrest. Thereby regular hindering the organizational growth. The grow the of any organization lies solely on the growth of his employee. Where personnel management is not is not well practicalized in any organization. The growth of his employees will not be achieved and the result is the organizational growth not also achieved. A satisfied work force is the core strength of an organization. To maintain satisfied work force, the organization must make sure the personnel management practice is very effective in the organization. For human resource has been acclaimed the most vital and useful resource among the organizational resource. Any organization that must achieve his human factor or resources. But it is ironical, that many organization has no plan for growing their human resource but budget and spend billions of naira if not dollars planning how to grow their organization. Billion is being spend on infrastructural capacity building information communication technology but little or not is budgeted spend on the man that will control the infrastructure nor the information communication technology (ICT). This remain the core reason why the infrastructures and technologies acquired is not performing the purpose for with they were designed to do comparing the practice personnel management in both public and private sector, they are nothing to write home no structure or policy frame work can be identify designed to grow and develop human resource in the center of the economy. This has been observed to be the main causes of the falls in standard and quality of out put in the economy and lack compatibility strength with their foreign counterpart. Growth and productivity is the only solution to the persistence rise in the price of commodities in the economy and infrastructure and technological delay. This problems is what that must be advantage, by ensuring effective personnel management practice in organization.

Organization spend more than needed on infrastructural capacity building and information communication technology. Believing it the sure way to achieve the organizational growth objective, infrastructure collapse upon technological failure is no longer a new but a normal occurrence in the economy in Nigeria. Allocation of resource from one end to the other is now the other of the day with no man to be held accountable for a crime. With all the shareholders in the industries running from pillar to pole asking what is the problem? Rising, is the issue of human resource growth. The question that is ready comes to mind is can effective personnel management practice leads to organizational growth?

The main purpose or aim of the research study is stated below.
1. To evaluate the extent of practice of personnel management in the organization
2. To examine how effective personnel management practice will affect workers attitude to work.
3. To evaluate the impact of organization training problem on the workers productivity
4. To make contribution to existing pool of wealth of knowledge.

In the cause no of researches the researchers wish to provide answer to the following question.
1. Does your organization really practice personnel management effectively?
2. Does the personnel management practice affect workers attitude to work?
3. does the management practice adopted by your organization increase productivity?
4. Does your organization have a training program that can improve the skill and knowledge of workers?

Bother small and large business enterprises in some areas have been abandoned due to their styles of personnel management administration, instead of adapting the European type of personnel management practice. It is within this background the study of history of personnel management practices in star paper will limited Aba, Abia-state is based. This study will be essential to business man women, lectures, student, personnel managers etc. because it’s reference on this topic. It will equally help to increase the level of awareness and importance of understanding the human behavior as it relate to increase in output organization growth.

There are some terms that constitute the topic of this study and their meaning is as follows.
1. IMPACT: this is the powerful effect that practice of personnel management has an the employee and the organization
2. EFFECTIVENESS: this is a success result that is wanted towards the implementation of this practice of personnel management in the organization.
3. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT PRACTICE: it is defined as that aspect of management that is concerned with recruitment, development utilization and accommodation of human resources in an organization as we as influencing the effectiveness of employees towards achieving the organization goal.
4. ACTUALIZATION: it has to do with the condition of being in full force or operation. It also mean making something to be real or giving the appearance of reality.
5. ORGANIZATION: this can be defined as a structure when resources are utilized in an orderly manner
6. ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH: it is defined as an indicator in the organization.


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