Effects Of Pidgin English In Nigerian Schools

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  1. Introduction


The study exposes the difficulties experienced by students at the Junior Secondary School Certificate Level with respect to Pidgin English Interference on English Language teaching/students daily use of the language in some selected secondary schools in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area. some research questions were formulated to guide the direction of the study against the background of variable factors in the learning situation. Related literature review was undertaken so as to be abreast a earlier writers view on the subject matter studied. An instrument was designed to obtain information from respondents. The instrument in the form of questionnaire was administered and subsequently retrieved, tabulated side by side the formulated research questions with answers provided to them the results obtained were discussed with findings conclusion and recommendation were presented in the final chapter.



Title page


Table of content

Chapter One


Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Research questions

Significance of the study

Scope or delimitation of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter Two

Literature review


Chapter Three

Research methodology


Research design

Population of the study

Sample and sampling procedure


Administration of instrument

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Data analysis and interpretation

Chapter Five

Summary of findings



Suggestions for further research






English language originated in England and is now widely spoken throughout the continents. It is the primary language of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Austrialia, Ireland, New Zealand, and various small Island nations in the Carribean Sea and Pacific Ocean. It is also an official language of India, the Philippines and many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa. In Nigeria, English Language is the lingual Franca. This makes the language an indispensable tool for students in the country to communicate and interact socially because of the numerous indigenous languages/dialects spoken by the different ethnic groups in different parts of the country. Some dialects are similar both in spoken and in written form, while others are radically different from one another. These Nigerian languages include Kwale, Owan, Urhobo, Edo, Ijaw and Yoruba. However, none of these dominant tribal languages has been generally accepted as a national language. English language is the official language in Nigeria and the means through which the colonial masters in their era used in uniting the various tribes for communication to take place.

English language is global the language of technology, science, aviation and computer, education and at that a world language of importance. Therefore efficient spoken/written knowledge of English Language is of basic importance to the study of every other subject of Standard English language command respect and prestige in the society. Inspite of the importance of correct use of English language, it is found that in particular students perform woefully in its usage both in examinations and daily life interactions. A number of factors contribute to the situation one of which is the constant used of pidgin English in the study and living situations including the primary and junior secondary schools. It becomes challenging as the role of teachers in teaching English language in the primary and junior secondary schools. To speak Standard English with the students especially those in junior secondary moreso the certificate classes level of JSS III, SS III level. This will be English teachers encouraging the pupils to speak it every time and anywhere with availability of adequate instructional materials to aid the teaching and learning of English language.




Pidgin English is traceable to the Portuguese coming to Nigeria as traders and missionaries. Pidgin English is a hybrid language, contains elements of both immediate African language speaking environment and English. It is learned usually as L2 at times as L1. It is not what a learner learn by itself because it is no developmental. It is a fairly closed language sound system and serves restricted numerous functions an expanding to serve fresh function by wholesale borrowing of vocabulary from English. The missionaries from Portugal used pidgin English as a means of communication with the natives of the coastal lands. Today, Pidgin English is used to facilitate communication link among individual, serves as a language of the literate and the illiterate in the Nigerian society. However, this Pidgin English which is mostly used at homes market, primary and junior secondary schools among peer groups should be stepped aside in the school system gamut of the society by the teachers so that standard English acquisition and command comes to the way of learners. This will make students take the standard English learning and efficient daily use serious and afford them active a command of good English in terms of communication and enjoyable social interaction.


The study purpose among others investigate the reasons students use Pidgin English instead of a Standard English. Also to make them know it has effect on their use of English i.e. it hampers proficient use and retards progress in acquiring good English language. The study would also show the way out to students on how to minimize Pidgin English usage in their daily performance.


The significance of this study is to be found among others in parents/students and teachers recognition that Pidgin English usage slows down the pace of efficient use of English. In various homes, native language is spoken most often, then the pidgin English and there English. It may be in form of our dialects, Pidgin English or Standard English. The background of our upbringing matters a lot, when we are taught in pidgin for instance, there is no way we can have a good command of Standard English anywhere we find ourselves. Rather the parents who had trained up their children with Standard English would be proud of their children, hearing them use Standard English to communicate, Standard English enhances the children’s educational standard because English is a means through which every other subject is taught.

In the same vein, a situation where a child is trained to use Pidgin in communication, the child finds it difficult to understand his teacher when the lesson is going on. Therefore, if a child is trained up with standard English at school, the child learns easily without any stress or strain to understanding the language used by the teacher (i.e. Standard English). Teachers does not find it difficult to disseminate any information to such Standard English background oriented student(s). the teacher would be happy seeing his students excel in the examinations and of course the students would command respect or prestige in the society using eloquently the Standard English.


1.   Are there available qualified teaches handling the teaching/learning of English language?

2.   Does Pidgin English have any influence on the teaching and learning of English Language?

3.   Is there any relationship between Pidgin English and English Language?

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