The Relevance Of Supplies Documentation In Public Sector Management (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri)

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The relevance of store documentation in stores was not clearly defined or understood to many more so in a country with high hate of literacy in the past. Today, things have changed and are still changing that many developing countries like ours, Nigeria have come to appreciate the contribution of stores documentation in public sectors.
The question that has per-occupied peoples mind was on the impact of document towards store management. In the 20th century when the relevance of store documentation and document in public sector is crystal clear and glaring necessary for effective and productivity oriented in public sector management, documentation is vital elements that enable the function to accomplish its tasks of meeting the organization needs. In carrying out stores activities, documents are used in store process and same in carrying out store functions. In the actual sense, store documentation cannot the act of keeping vital records and information of the various store activities

By 1980, the central store was permanently housed was a structure behind the old them collage of technology cafeteria. Since inception the stores of then now Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri was healed by E.J.Ezeoma now retired, he was in charge between 1980 and 1992 and then left for Abia state Polytechnic. Mr. A.Nwachukwu was appointed head and that was shout have since he handed back lead ship to Mr. R.C. Okafor who paddled the cause until 2002, when Mr. Nwachukwu took back the position until 2006. Since then, Mr. Okafor had been holding the department.
It is important to state that while this translations were taking place, the stores of the institution was highly centralized with some adjoining sections housed at the various major service departments, such as the land surveying sub-store hoses materials of different classifications such as, stationary, office equipment, general tools, building materials. Oil and lubricants, textiles, holds and furniture, clearing materials. Motor spare parts, Electrical accessories, ceremonials etc all these sections and headed by responsible staff at one time or the other.
It is in record however that at one time or the other, the stores have not recorded more than two professional one staff until now that it has one professional and about three up coming professionals. The central stores are get to receive books in the area of building and space.

This research work speaks to identify major problems confronting store documentation in public section. This problem which includes, work load, the multiplying of the volume of material supplies transaction and the growing process of document in the store call for more staffs. As a result of the problem of starting the up dating of stock in the store becomes difficult to execute, since stock records involves clerical work
It should be noted that no matter how careful and efficient the store keepings goes about doing his job discrepancies and inaccuracies are bound to exist between the book record and the physical store balances. These problems were not in the job itself but arise due to constant in and out movement of stock items.

1. To determine the relevance or importance of the document used in the public sector.
2. To provide a method of informing store house staff the location of goods in the store house
3. To determine the amount of the each item held in the store.
4. To determine the basic of document s used in stores in the public sectors.
5. To determine the quantity of store hold in the store.
6. To determine the types of materials in the store,
7. To determine the Beal time of a product in the store.


It is important to note that the scope of this research study covers the relevance of documentation in public sector with particular reference to the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri central stores department.
Emphasis will also be laid on forms of documentation use in public sector


To achieve the objective of this study, the following research questions are necessary.1. Is store documentation relevant in the public sector.
2. Is their appropriate method of store documentation used in public sector?
3. Does their any relationship exist between the purchasing and store section in terms of documentation?
4. What role does documentation play in the store in public sector?
5. Is documentation important to determine the quantity of stock in the stores in the public sector?

The primary motive behind this research work is for the partial fulfillment of the condition for the award of National Diploma (ND) in the purchasing and supply management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri.
The second motive of this research work is to educate the general public on the relevance of documentation in store in public sector. It stands for other researcher and information seekers as a reference tool which can be cited or quoted in their respective relevant work.

In any successful research home of this magnitude, there is always problem encountered. Hence, this research work was not hitch free. The following were some of the glaring problems encountered.

1. Due to financial constraints: The researcher is unable to travel to many places of interest in order to gather information for this research project. The financial crunch needs to be mentioned, through it is general phenomenon it hinders my study a lot.

2. Limited time factors: It is nothing to write home about, read other course compound her inability is collate response from my companies, schools as one would have loved to do.

3. Lack of research materials: Investigation at this kind is faced with several limitations, its limitation is inevitable, for example, some needed fact required for this study was either unavailable due to lack of textbooks, journals, periodicals etc in the school library.


It has become very imperative to state categorically that words have different meanings (semantics) and must therefore be considered according to the contents of their usage. For this reason, the researcher will define some of the key 3words in the purchasing and store.

1. Punch card; these card paper or magnetic cards, each of which contains a coded signal, regarding the identification of the item, the price and the quantity involved.

2. Data; simply defines as figure, word letter, chant or symbols that attempt to convey a condition, situation idea

3. Bin card; – Is store record used both for receipt and issue of supplied materials store receive not (SRN) and store issue voucher (SE) for usual self balance.

4. Bin; is a container use in storing all the bin cards in the store.

5. Dispatching; The process of sending goods away from a factory to specified destination.

6. Document; document is a record which conveys information, handling statistics etc

7. Documentation; is an act of keeping vital records and information, originally inscribe written record.

8. Expediting; this means follow up’ progressing or monitoring a supplier who has been issued with purchase order.

9. Lead-time; this is the time interval between the perception of the material needed and the fulfillment of need.

10. Inventory;- This is the default of all item held in the store house

11. Purchase order; this is a document usually the principle means of communicating the requirements of the buyer to the supplier and an authority to supply the needed material.

12. Purchasing; this is the aspect of procurement which has to do with actual buying process that is negotiated and placement of order.

13. Stock; stock is the accumulation of material parts and components for further uses

14. Store; It is a house or space reserved and equipped for holding materials which are awaiting dispatch to customers for further processing or final consumption.

15. Invoice; is a document issued by the supplies to the buyer which contains the list of good with price to the buyer

16. Inspection; It means the examination of incoming consignment for quality.

17. Identification; is a process of systematically defining and describing all items of stock.

18. Stock taking; is the process of physical verification of the quantities and contains of goods.

19. Material handing; It refers to all movement of goods and materials in or about an undertaking.

20. Store accounting; is the process of recording details of stock movements and balances in value.

21. Discard; It means items in the stores that are month numbered.

22. Code no; it means identify items in the store.

23. Rejection; This means not accepting demand goods.

24. Receipt of stock; is the process of accepting from all sources, all materials and parts which are used in the organization

25. Security; to ensure that adequate security must be in materials at all times within the store buildings or stock yard.

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