Fabrication Of A Standard Wheelbarrow

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The project is about fabrication of wheel-barrow, which is fabricated in Mechanical Engineering workshop in Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.The report comprises seven chapters.

Chapter one is about the introduction of the wheel.

Chapter two is about the literature review

chapter three is about the material selection and analysis/ manufacturing processes.

Chapter four is about construction of the prototype and optimization /maintenance.

Chapter five is about testing one evaluation.

Chapter six is about costing analysis conclusion and recommendation while chapter seven talks about references.



At a very early stage, man realized that the means of carrying load about which nature had provided him, has been a problem to him.
He is limited in load he carries, the distance he could carry them and the speed at which he could travel.

As a result of this, standard wheel barrows that are made of materials which can withstand shock were produced. The tyre of the standard wheel-barrow serve as a shock absorber due to the air inside it.

It can move on a road that is not smooth. A wheel –barrow is a large open bowel with a wheel and two handle that can be used to carry load.

It works under the principle of second class lever. In this class of lever the load is in between the effort and the fulcrum (the aside).
The aim for the production of this machine is to lessen the difficulties and probably eliminate loss of man-power, time, money and more especially the need for technological break through and self reliance.

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