Assessment Of Poor Academic Performance Of Students (A Case Study Of Environmental Health Students In College Of Health And Technology Cross River State)

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This Research Work is on

Assessment Of Poor Academic Performance Of Students (A Case Study Of Environmental Health Students In College Of Health And Technology Cross River State)


This study assessed the poor academic peformance of students in Nigeria higher institution. Using college of health and technology, Crossriver State as a case study. The research sampled 50 students from 4 schools in the college. Responses were analyzed using simple percentages. From the analysis of data it was found that that non-availability of laboratory equipment affect the performance of students, Also it was indicated that their laboratory were not fully equipped even though some students noted that they regularly visited the laboratory. It was also the opinion of some of the respondents that field trip were important to the teaching and learning in higher institution.


Chapter one

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of the problems

1.3 Purpose of the study

1.4 Significance of the study

1.5 Research question

1.6 Scope of the study

1.7 Definition of terms

2.0 Chapter Two

2.1 literature review

3.0 Chapter Three

3.1 Research population

3.2 Population of study

3.3 Sample area

3.4 Research instrument

3.5 Administration of instrument

3.6 method of data analysis

4.0 Chapter Four

4.1 analysis and interpretation of result

5.0 Chapter Five

5.1 Summary

5.2 Finding

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Recommendation






During the colonial era education was mostly in the hands of the missionaries who introduced a type of education known as the Latin grammar. The grammar schools offer very little subject based on the types of curriculum specified by colonial masters and by the agency establishing them, which is the introduction of their educational system and also incorporate into their ideas and opinions.

The main objectives of the missionaries were to train men and women for the church as a religions teacher, interpreters to the audience and government as well as to produce those who can read and write so that they can be employed as office clerk, the interpreting the build and the laws of the land and services as interpreter between the foreigners and the natives.

Generally, the content of the school curriculum consist of English, history, geography, mathematics. Literature, biology e.t.c with the development of their (colonial masters) economy, there came the need for introduction of commercial or business studies subjects, but instead of widening the scope of grammar school curriculum to include a wide range of business studies subject, the colonial government created two curriculums which are secondary grammar school and the secondary commercial schools.

The secondary grammar schools have no problem of organization because the colonial government financed them roam catholic mission Anglican and the Baptist each propagating their own ideas and the philosophies. The commercial secondary schools were left for the private hands and this did not anger well for the development of the school in Nigeria. However, the Nigerian government introduced the new national policy on education in 1981. A major provision of this policy was the teaching of business studies at the junior secondary school level with emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills, values and knowledge that would enable individuals to live a meaningful life in the society one the reasons for the emphasis laid on business studies is the fact that it is a skilled subjects with would equip its graduates with the needed skills for gainful employment

This research sought to investigate the relationship of some of the above factors that led to the poor academic performance among students in College of Health and Technology, Crossriver state with a view to finding strategic solutions in order to move our education forward.


Education is only just becoming accepted, as evidenced in the increased enrolments for the past twenty (20) years however, the consistent high rates in some major science and technical subjects have fair reaching consequences for national development as a result of high wastage rate of schools with private and public in the country, this arises from the number of candidates eligible for certification. Specifically, students in collaboration of corrupt teachers has always device a way out examination malpractices. Special and miracle centres becomes the order of the day after all, the end justifies the means.

This is mostly common in private schools and those schools in remote areas that lack supervision. However, the half baked students with good results but cannot defend it have serious implication of producing quality of students.

There is the need to study the cause of the high failure rates and low quality students that led to academic performance by finding solutions to the following research questions.


  1. Does the quality of teachers affect academic performance among students in College of Health and Technology Crossriver State?

  2. Does the number of teachers available affect the rate of failure in certain subjects?

  3. Does the availability or non availability of workshop affect the rate of failure of candidates in identified subject?

  4. Does the non availability of instructional materials constitute academic performance?

  5. Does the interest of students affect academic performance in College of Health and Technology Crossriver State?

  6. Does parental support affect the failure rate of candidates in some identified subjects?

  7. Does the role of cultism in some schools affect academic performance?


The study assumed that education and examination is a true measure of performance.


The study assess the academic performance among students in College of Health and Technology Crossriver State. The investigation was carried out at recalling the causes of the poor performance in examination and quality of students trained after their academic journey.

This will enable the researcher to make appropriate is recommendations which will lead to an improvement of the performance in the future.


In this jet age, there is no compromise about ensuring that quality of education is realized. The outcome of the study will be able to source of immense information and help to educational planners, counselors and administers towards to ensuring that our educational system will not be thrown to the dust bin resource planners in the state and federal government will also derive a wealth of knowledge from it.

Additionally, it will acts as a guide for recruitment of qualified teachers in different fields and enhancing learning environment. Finally it will be a source of enlightenment to students, parents, institutions, government and the society at large.


This research covered all the past years by checking the results and assessing the students that passel out during these years in four selected schools. This research study was limited to the responses from College of Health and Technology in Calabar South Local Government Area of Crossriver State concerning the relationship between the adequacy of teachers, infrastructures, available of instructional materials, interest of students, parental support and quality of students produced enables the researcher to pass judgment on academic performance among students in Calabar South Local Government Area of Crossriver State.


  1. WAEC (west Africa examination council) they conduct school certificate exams with the country and west African region.

  2. NECO (national examination council) they conduct senior school exams within the country (Nigeria).

  3. NPE (national policy on education) they make and regulate education policy.

  4. S.S.C.E (senior secondary school certificate examination) this is an examination for these in senior secondary school.

  5. NBTE (national board for technical education) they employ and conduct exams for technical school.

  6. NABTEB (national business and technical examination board) the conduct exams for technical school and entrance exams for technical college


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