investigation into the dynamic role of secretaries in business organization (case study of nigeria bottling company plc enugu)

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This research work is aptly titled An Investigation into dynamic role of secretaries in Business organization. A case study of Ama Brewery company Plc Enugu. The study is to identify the inter-relationship between the secretary and the true image of the secretary in an organization and also between the secretary and the executives
The researcher use questionnaires to obtain the necessary data and interview as conducted with Ama Brewery company Plc Enugu.
The major findings include
1. That training for secretaries in Ama company play important roles in the organization and are an asset to the organization
2. That training for secretaries should be multi-skilled to enable them perform their multi-dimensional roles
3. That the vital role of the secretary is different from what is obtainable in actual job situation: hence most secretaries are under utilized.
The major recommendation include:
1. The National Association of Secretaries should make it compulsory for every secretary to belong to that professional body similarly career advancement should be organized for secretaries. This will make it possible for secretaries to join the Association of chartered secretaries and Administrations.
2. The secretarial career should be encouraged and their status made prominent. The profession should be accorded to the same level as other professional fields e.g. Accountants and other professional bodies (national Association of Secretaries and Association of Chartered Secretaries and Administration)
3. Government should encourage students that area aspiring to take up careers in this field as professional secretaries by giving them scholarship and other necessary incentives.
Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of ContentChapter One
1.1 Background Of The Stud
1.2 Statement Of Problem
1.3 Objectives Of The Study
1.4 Significance Of The Study
1.5 Research Question
1.6 Scope And Limitation Of The Study
1.7 Definition Of Terms.

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Definition Of Secretary
2.2 Training And Education
2.3 The Changing Role And Duties Of Secretaries In Business Organization
2.4 The True Image Of The Secretaries In The Organization And The Difference Between The Secretary And Typist.
2.5 The Relationship Between The Secretary And The Chief Executive.

Chapter Three
3.1 Description Of Subject

3.2 Method And Sources Of Data Collection
3.3 Research Population
3.4 Sample And Sample Technique
3.5 Method Of Data Analysis.
3.6 Questionnaire

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation And Analysis Of Data

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary Of Finding Of Data Recommendations

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Summary Of Findings
5.3 Conclusion
5.4 Recommendations
5.5 Area Of Further Research
Appendix A
Appendix B



It has previously been a common thing to regard typist, clerical assistants, telephone operators, receptionists etc. as secretary simply because they render reprographic support services.
Equally, stenographers are often referred to as simply because they have made some attainment in the acquisition of certain requisite office skills.
The word “Secretary” is the misunderstood concept in Industrial Occupation. Almost any man or woman who is involved in industrial jobs such as typewriting, drilling of shorthand and the lice, refers to him /her as a secretary. The employers who work as office clerks or typists are sometimes referred to as the secretary. Thus there are prefixed that proceed the word secretary to differentiate modern secretaries from typists as follows: Personnel, executive, confidential etc. the predominance of any of the above prefixes largely depends on the environment in which it is applied.
A secretary is a staff who is concerned with the preparation, preservation and transmission of all types of communication as well as the conventional secretaries duties of confidential nature at various levels (Stanwell et al 1979)
Aniche defines a secretary as “The window of the establishment. The commonest issue in the various definitions above is that they are working area of clerical activities. Any person employed as a secretary to any establishment will eventually find him/herself playing same roles stated above.
Interestingly, the traditional maltreatment and belief of people has detracted with time. This is because training for the profession is not only emphasized but sophisticated strategy and materials of modern techniques and facilitated have been introduced, obviously this has eventually facilitated the turnout of good, responsible and qualified secretaries. Consequently, people have commenced to realize fully the importance of secretaries in the offices and the societies all over the world. However, this has led to the scarcity of qualified secretaries in almost every part of the world that is why their demand has risen considerably.
To people who regard an office clerk or typist as secretary (Hanna et al 1974) define the modern secretary as an executive assistant who posses a mastery of office skills, who demonstrates the ability to assume responsibilities without direct supervision, who makes decisions within the scope of assigned authority. Since this definition is widely accepted, this study is going to find out the dynamic roles of secretaries in business organizations.
However, this has presented an existing challenges to the ordinary secretary who aimed to succeed and advanced to higher positions in the organization or establishment in which he/she possesses at least one office skill which the establishment needs and from that point, it is up to her to increase in knowledge and in skills.
The position of a secretary in an organization is neither below nor on top of the organization. Her office is used to build up staff requirement and staff classification. By virtue of her work, the secretary knows practically everything relating to her organization. She is the first to come and the last to leave the office.
The secretary is a public relations experts, an executive assistant, the basic office memory responsible for delivering much work in the office and is expected to carryout her duties with minimum supervision and direction. She represents the company, employer and generates good human relations with employees in the organization. Also, she is a person who possesses desirable qualities that promote professional competence, accuracy, highly efficient, great and sound in judging when to use initiative and when to recognize and meet a deadline. She also informs her employer about developments that may affect office efficiency but she dopes not bother him with petty problems that may arise. With little thought or research one learns by reading, seeing, studying or doing etc. these are the basic components this research will delve into find out the dynamic roles of secretary in business organizations.

The problem of this study is to find out if Ama brewery realize the dynamic roles of the secretary in their organization. This is largely due to problems encountered that faced secretary in business organizations.
i. To find out if Ama Brewery use or they don’t understand the use of secretaries.
ii. To know if the secretary in Ama Brewery have little knowledge in the handling of modern office equipments.
iii. To know if the employees of Ama Brewery are aware of the changing roles secretaries.
iv. To know if these dynamism has reflected in the roles of secretaries in Ama Breweries.
In view of the time and modernization of office secretaries have to be trained and learn to operate modern office gadget. The growth and size of modern office and the encountered problems essential for secretaries to be trained in administration. As the center of communication in the organization, the secretary ought to know the ability to manipulate modern office gadgets, have good knowledge of accounting, statistic, taxation, general administration law, human behavior and personal administration economic and finance. All these makes an organization an organized system.
In view of the above, the researcher intends to find out why the employers have not appreciated the numerous changing roles of the secretary and why some employers are refusing to acquaint the secretary for further training.

The objective of this study is to investigate the dynamic role of secretaries in business organization especially in Ama Brewery company Plc Enugu so as to put in the right perspective of such roles.
The investigation will also delve into the relationship between the secretaries and the chief executives.
The study will also delve into the educational and training required for the modern secretaries due to the dynamic nature of secretarial duties.
It will also research into the true image of a secretary in an organization. All these are some of the peculiar problems secretaries encounter and offer necessary solution to them.

This work will be a source of hope to posterity (future generation) who would carry out ,ore research on the object in that it will act as a pointer to the center of their research. By this the future generation shall know that men who worked hard lived in the past. The completion of this study will spur/urge the other secretarial students out greater weight in their academic as a secretary.

In order to determine the dynamic role of secretaries in business organization, especially in Ama Brewery company Plc Enugu, answers to the following questions were
i. What are the changing roles of secretaries in Ama Brewery company Plc.
ii. Does a secretary require additional training and education
iii. To what extent does the secretary represents the true image of the organization.
iv. Do what you perceive as your role different from the actual job situation.
v. What is the relationship between the secretary and the chief executives.

The scope of this study is wide if it has to be carried out in all the business organizations in Enugu. The study is limited based on the fact that there is no time, the conservation and uncooperative attitude of the employers, including relevant information and reluctance of some respondents in answering to the questionnaires and also financial constraints which hindered and militated against the coverage of a large area in the investigation for data. Hence, it is being limited to Ama Brewery Company plc Enugu.

The following are definition of important terms used in this study.
SECRETARY – An executive assistant who possesses a mastery of office skills, who demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who exercises initiatives and judgment and who makes decision within the scope of assigned authority.
TYPIST – A person who deals general typing requiring the exercise of judgment and assumption of responsibility in carrying out assignment
PROFESSION – Occupation especially one requiring advance educative and special training e.g. secretary law, machine etc.
MODERN – Of the resent or recent times.
ROLE – part played, person tasks duty in an undertaking
OFFICE SKILL – Work done in the office
PERCEPTION – A way pf searching, understanding or interpreting something.
PERFORMANCE – Achievement or notable action.
PREDOMINANCE – Having learnt the way of the world and having most natural simplicity.
EXECUTIVE – A person concerned with waking and carrying out decision in an organization.


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