factors that militate against efficient performance of resources (case study of institute of management and technology, enugu)

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In this research, it is assumed that factors that militate against efficient performance of humans’ resource management in Institute of Management and Technology (I.M.T) Enugu is a factor wherent in the nations economic system, because Internationally or unintentionally the policy makers do not deliberately resort to measure capable of reducing inefficient performance of our management to acceptable level.
This research is concerned with ways and means of identifying us causes and measures of curbing the problem created by poor performance of our management.
To do this, this research will specifically investigate the incidence of factors that militate against efficient performance of humans’ resource management in institute of Management and Technology Enugu and to determine what factors are responsible for that poor performance of our managements.
Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of ContentsChapter One
1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Background Of The Study
1.2 Statement Of The Study
1.3 Objective/Purpose Of The Study
1.4 Significant Of The Study
1.5 Research Questions
1.6 Scope And Limitations Of The Study
1.7 Definition Of Terms

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review 

2.0.1 Introduction
2.1 The Management Of Change
2.2 Agents Of Change
2.3 The Speed Of Change
2.4 Managing Change
2.5 Dismissal Of Staff
2.6 Work Environment
2.7 Information Flow
2.8 Computer Weaknesses
2.9 Organization Change
2.10 Communication
2.11 Motivation
2.12 Managing Conflict
2.13 Assumption About Conflict

Chapter Three
3.1 Research Methodology 

3.2 Area Of Study
3.3 Population Of The Study
3.4 Instrument For Data Collection
3.5 Validity Of The Instrument
3.6 Reliability Of The Instrument
3.7 Method Of Administration Of The Instrument
3.8 Method Of Data Analysis

Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation, Analysis And Interpretation Of Data 

4.1 Testing Of Research Questions

Chapter Five
5.0 Discussion, Implication, Recommendations 

5.1 Summary Of Findings
5.2 Conclusions
5.3 Implications Of The Results
5.4 Recommendation



Nigeria is a country passing through multiple transition, from the period of colonialism to independence, from illiteracy, to literacy. Every manager needs his own managerial style. If he develop one which fits his personality and is realistic. It will release his energies. If he chooses one which does not suit, he will feed bossed in and be ineffective.
A manager can choose an appropriate style if he understands the nature of the enterpreneunal impulse, which is the outer world, or environment. The need to understand the managers impulse is one principal theme of this research work.
The second is the organization’s relationship with the enterpreneunal impulse organization cannot generate enterpreneunal impulse but they can stifle them and if they stifle these impulses. Organizations become nothing more then reactive machine, such machine suave only on the where and carneys of economic and political environment.
In Enugu metropolis, there has been a persistent increases in the poor performance of human’s resources. It is problem that has consistently forced itself on the minds of different people in different ages.
It is time we should redressed our minds sincerely to the factors that militate against efficient performance of human’s resources in institute of management and technology enugu. The past government otherwise in the state failed to give an accurate graphical representation of is problem and this has perpetuated to rose some dangerous threats to the socio-economic stability of the state.
Unlike before, employer do employ people that do not have future of administrative acumen to manage or administer an institution or organizations for instance, it is surprising that during the governorship election of transition to civil rule on may 29, 1997, that a medical doctor was elected a governor in Enugu state. Now, what does a doctor know about administrator, instead of pushing him to one hospital to help rescue the life of patients, he was allowed to rule, while those who studied political science were left behind to mouth about the street.
The issue of this kind has created immeasurable number of social and economic problems in the states and the country. This problem, therefore, is of staggering magnitude because it influences all our actions and reactions. It demoralizes the future leaders and effect our leadership style. The researcher also wants to find out the root cause(s) of those problem of poor performance of human’s resource in I. M. T, Enugu.
In the light of those problem, the Head of State and the President, General Olusagun Obaseinjo in his 29th May, 1999, broadcast declared a war against bribery and corruption and other criminal acts that will hinder the administration. There is no doubt that the country has witnessed an up surge in erimes such as drug addition, sophisticated armed robberies, while broken homes, malnutrition and many other social lures are on increase. These are caused by unemployment of graduates in the right field. At times it will be that they do not have work at all. Other factors that contributed to this situation are the integral part of this research such factors include the failure to establish industries to absorb stridulates and other dependence on a mono-export-contented economy, etc.
The efforts of the previous governments in solving the problem will be scrutinized in order to have a balanced analysis.
Finally, the answer to these questions in reaction to the historical background of the institute of management and technology (I. M. T), Enugu on the performances of their human resource, it requires meticulous evalvetion in order to find a lasting solution.
The researcher will therefore use questionnaire and review of fast works in the same direction to extracted his information from the publics.

In Nigeria today, there are many problems that militate against efficient performance of human resource which spur the researcher before he closed this as his project topic.
Many business organizations have over the years established good staff development programmed in order to achieve efficient performance of employee at work and increased the organization’s productivity. The development scheme have not been easy to obtain in these organizations because of the frees that militate against the achievement of the organizational objectives.
Some of the forces that hinder increased productivity in organization are:-
a. Poor training procedure”- Any organization that lack proper training of their staff hereby progress and does any meet the target of the organizational goal, this should not be lingered or over looked in any form to avoid freemen repetition of work alone by the employees.
b. Inadequate accommodation offices- In institute of management and technology Enugu, they lack offices space, for the lecturers and equipment for the teaching. In one office two or three lecturers will be sharing it.
c. Government policy on the Economy and labour union:- The instability of our governments do not allow us to have a specified policy on our economy. This is because whoever comes into power will like to make or amend the policy to suit his own government.
d. Insufficient Provision of some bribe amenities like Medicare and recreational facilities etc. the management should provide all these for their staff or genus they allowance for it.

The purpose of the study is to survey the factors that militate against the efficient performance of human resources management in I.M.T Enugu. It also include the following:-
a. To survey factors that militate against efficient performance of human resources management in the institute.
b. To determine whether inadequate communication equipment is one of the factors that militate against efficient performance of human resources management in IMT Enugu.
c. To find out whether government policy and the economy and labour is one of the factors.
d. To determine whether insufficient provision of some of the basic amenities is a factors that militate against it.
e. To find out whether lack of modulation is a factors that militate against efficient performance of personnel management in I.M.T.

Owing to the problems facing the human resources in this country over the years. Nigerian have lost their pride of place, their status in the society has continued to dwindle. They are made to understand and accept that the problems should be seen as a passing phase in the history of IMT Enugu. The study therefore is aimed at showing now these problems effecting efficient performance of human’s resources Management could be eradicated.
It is designed to create a new form in which the management should play a dominant role and actively promote private enterprises, establish new enterprises with a centrally directed mobilization of resources towards the objectives of solving their problems.
The solution to these problems lies in direction of the management.

1.5.1 What are the things that hinder employees From efficient performance of their elutes?
1.5.2 How does charge in technology affect the organizational performance?
1.5.3 What is always desirable in managing an organization?
1.5.4 Does Nigeria economy today, affect the efficient performance of human resources .
1.5.5 Do poor human resources contribute to the poor operation of any organization?
1.5.6 What motivate employees to carryout their duties efficiently?
1.5.7 How does location of industry affect organization performance?
1.5.8 What are the duties of the management to maek employees happy so that their can work harmoniously for optimum production.

The scope of this study is a survey of the factors that militate against efficient performance of human resource management in IMT Enugu. IMT Enugu is one of the premier institutions in the country that was established to train both middle and high level man power for the nation. It is situated at Enugu North Local Government Council of Enugu State specifically IMT is situated at North East area of Enugu state at Abakaliki Road near polo park in Enugu metropolis. The study couers the whole institute community.

Colonialism Policy of hunting colonist and keeping them dependent.
Impulse Push, Thrust, Impetus
Management The Skill of Directory and Organization the Work of a Company.
Metropolis Chief City of a Country; Capital
Organization Act of Organizing; Condition of being Organized.
Policy Plan of Action, Statement of aims and Ieas, Especially one made by a government, Political Part, Business Company etc.
Proffer To Offer Something
Stfle Gine or have the Feeling that Breathing is Difficult.
Technology Study, Mastery and Utilization of Manufacturing and Industrial Method.
Transition Changing, Change from one Conditions or set of Circumstances to Another.
Whim Sudden Desire or Often Something Unusual or Unreasonable.
Entrepreneurial Person who Undertake Especially one that needs Courage or that Offers Difficulty.


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