The Roles And Impacts Of Transportation In Nigerian Society

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Transportation is the basis for economic, social and political development in most societies as it exhibits a close relationship to the style and quality of living of the society. Transportation plays an important role in the day-to-day activities of the society. Some of the roles it plays in our societies are the subject of this paper. This paper therefore attempts to illustrate the roles and impacts of transportation in Nigerian society by considering such roles as social, economic political and environmental. Each of the roles is discussed in some detail and at the end of the day transportation is seen in its two conflicting sides positive side and negative side.
In most communities, a large fraction of the working population travels daily in one form of mechanized vehicles or the other to and from work not to mention journeys made for recreation, shopping and other social activities goods are also shipped over a long distance to provide those materials, which are part of the expected standard of living. Transportation in an integral part of the functioning of any society and advances in transportation have made possible changes in the way we live and the way societies are organized. Transportation exhibits a close relationship to the style of living, the range and location of productive and leisure activities and the goods and services, which will be available for consumption. Transportation, however, co nsumes a lot of resources, for example the time spent in building, maintaining and operating the Transportation system, fueling materials and land on which roads are built. These expenses would not be borne if there were no substantial benefits from the extensive use of transportation in
improving the overall capacity and quality of life.
Social Roles of Transportation: The advances in transportation technology have had a very substantial impact on long distance and less regular travel. With the advents of the railways, intercity buses, air services and private cars, travel at long distance is now common, not only for extended vacations but even for a single day of weekend trips As mobility increases, the ability to Travel long distances has enabled people to travel to other sections of the country and even to other countries which have different cultures, dominant industries and patterns of living. This has undoubtedly had a very considerable effect in the level of understanding of different groups and them mutual respect of one socio-economic group for another. This has also helped
to bring nations with multiple cultural heritages together. The introduction of the earoplane, automobile and other mode has increase d business and social contacts. Not only that, it has also increased the extent of travel from a kilometer to over one thousand kilometers per day The development of air services .
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