Capital Market
Capital Market
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1.0              Introduction

1.1              Background of the study

1.2              Purpose/objectives of the study

1.3              Research questions

1.4              Designed hypothesis

1.5              Significance of the study

1.6              Scope limitations of delimitations

1.7              Definition of terms

1.8              Reference


2.0              Literature Review

2.1              Radiance for privatization

2.2              Effect of privatization of Nigeria capital market.


3.0              Research methodology of design

3.1              Research Design

3.2              Area of study

3.3              Reference


4.0              Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1              Test for Research Question

4.2              Test for Hypothesis


5.0              Summary, Conclusion $ Recommendation Summary

5.1              Conclusion

5.2              Recommendation

            CHAPTER ONE

1.0              INTRODUCTION:

Investment decision involves interaction among the savers and users of funds. Such interaction takes place in the capital market. Capital market interactions facilitate the exchange of long from finds between surplus units and deficit unit. This interaction endless the saving and using units to make up the short fall by insuring financial done on themselves. Similarly it creates an opportunity for the surplus unit to acquire income fielding financial assets.

The process of interaction therefore result in a simultaneous creates of financial liabilities. It gives rise to constant change on claims and counter claims to financial assets. Change which represent financial flows.

Optional financial flows are a necessity involvement especially in the realization of the privatization programme and it depends particular on the capital market.

However, the two major decision of a corporate body, the government etc. are the financial and investment decisions recently, the focus has shifted to investment mainly.

This result to the need for societies the government, through its privatization policy is finding a way to make it major parastatals investment oriented. This come as a result of the identifies inefficiency sectors where means that the management of these public enterprises will be either partially or completely shifted to the private enterprises who will make use of the long-term countries provided by the capital market.

As ‘described’ by Ojo and Adeworim (1982) capital market is the “stock market” in the word, of ALIKE and ANAS (1986) “A stock market is many things at the same time firstly, it’s a place where societies, (bonds, stocks and shares) of various types are traded opening and where one can purchase or sell and some securities relatively easily.


For about fifty years ago, Nigeria remains as a column of the British government with all her financial policies and implementation being contributed from overseas, this trend is counted against the federal government to mobilize the country’s of resources for a meaningful development. During the period of our political and economic allegiances to Briton, Nigeria had no outstanding capital market.

What is known lodging as the Nigerian stock exchange started from the Lagos stock exchange which was incorporated as a limited liability company in direction 21 of the company ordnance of 1980, as non profit making organization limited by grantee and informed to promoted commerce in Nigeria and it began operations on June 19 by (Nwankwo 1987 P.132) its establishment follow the report of the committee appointed to advice on ways and means of fostering share market in Nigeria. This committee was set up in 1958. In July 1962, the capital market in Nigeria was essential are adore committee and handled about.

In march 1973, an act was promulgates creating a capital issues commission which was to super code the adore capital issue committee determing the price at which the shares of debentures of a campaign are to be sold, the terming and the amount of sale and in the case of a company whose securities have been quotes on any recognized stock exchange.

The price turning amount of supplementary offer for sale.

The Nigerian stock exchange come into existence following the recommendation of the committee on the Nigerian financial system 1st April 1978, the capital issue commission was repkee by the securities and exchange commission (SEC) as the highest institution of the Nigerian capital market.

In 1985, the second tier securities market was created by the Nigerian stock exchange as an alternative to the main market. To later primarily for small and medium sized companies wanting to release money through the capital. Adekanye (1986: 57). It was through necessary to establish this body will less stringent conditions since small and medium seized companies are usually not able to fulfil the requirements for listing on the stock exchange.


In Nigeria, the public enterprises have not tried up to expectations especially in the promotion advancement and growth of the Nation economy. This loophole is evidenced in lave of financial control, general administration and all ill acceptability when compared to the private enterprise in this control is plaques by protocol and budgeting constraint. In securing of system leading to job dissastistaction. Lack of commitment and underpayment when compared with the private enterprise.

Secondly, its this urgly trend in the impression of people. That public enterprises and properties are armed by no man.

This made them to often record considerable loss. As an evidence of the above assertions, the former Chief of general staff (commodore Eritu Ukwe) federal government total investment to about N11.3.6 billion yield only N934 Billion. This yield another arrange of about N200% per year on an equity. Investment of 11Bilion thus making a gross return of less than 2% amount, hence we need that evaluation and Appraised of public enterprises.


The adoption of privatization policy as an economic measure into words restructuring the Nigeria economy in 1986 by the former head of state president Ibrahim Babangida shows that government prostates were for long been subject of the study and policy review the need to remove the thereat red – taoism, delayed decision and recruitment of personal based on political patronage and offer consideration rather than merit efficiency and all other abuses in the public enterprises, by transferring its management to the private sectors hence the need for privatization. Therefore, the purpose of this resources is to graduate the Nigeria privatization policy, its contributions to the accounting role of the capital market as facilitating machinery forwards its realization the research will also examine the  scope of privatization by critically analysing its aims of objectives.

(i)                 Examine the ration eye for privatization as it effect the public partakes.

(ii)               To Appraise and enumerate the role expected to all the components of the capital market.

(iii)             To critically evaluate the efficiency of the capital market in performing.

(iv)             To provide solutions and recommendations which are anticipated will have a policy.

(v)               To provide solution and recommendation which are anticipated will have a positive outcome in Nigerians.


(i)         Ho:      Infrastructional facilities in Nigerian capital market are not adequate.

Hi:       Infrastructional facilities in the Nigerian capital market is inadequate.

(ii)               The capital market is under developed to carter for the privatization exercise.


This research is a necessity especially during this trying period of the Nigerian Economy, its has its dual functions and also multiple effect on both the government of Nigerian the public academic institutions and any intending researcher.

The government will benefit from this research by knowing through the exposition of the research the level of an adequacy of the Nigeria Capital Market in accomplish its complimented role in the realization of the privatization policy.

This research would evaluate the strength and weakness of the Nigeria capital market, it would help the government in appraising the performance of the privatization policy in revitalizing the Nigeria economy the research will also benefit the public by revealing the need and importance of capital market, the available instrument of the market and its yield in forms of peptones.

Finally, the potential researcher would benefit in the area of literature review.


Accual;     Recognition of an expenses or pereme and related liability or assets

that is caused by an according when frequently the passage of time    and its not signated exploit crash transaction.

Agent;   One Authorize to transaction of business including executing

contract for another.

Bid;      An offer to purchase or amount of offer.

Bond;     A certificate to show evidence of debt.

Capital stock;  An ownership share of a cooperation if consists of all classes

of common and preferred payment.

Cash Discount;  A reduction in sale or purchase price allowed for prompt


Dividend;    A distribution of assets general from changing to owners of

cooperation may be paid cast divided with stock divided with

other securities.

The choice of Hallmark assurance company as the operation base was made after considering it operational activities and its strategic aviation.


The researcher utilized two major data sources for this work, the primary and secondary sources.

The primary data cross from the oral questions interview. On the other hand, the secondary sources includes, textbooks, or public finance, accountancy and finance periodicals Business reports, daily newspapers, Journals and public office records.


In the first instance a sample of 125 operation in the Nigeria capital market were selecting in a stratifies form and researcher personal delivered the oral interview to them. These respondents covered those operating:-The Nigeria capital market, like stock brokers, Banks, insurance companies. In addition to oral interviews, reterant offer reads publishes and published as used.

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