The Imperatives Of Professional Counselling Frameworks For Addressing Sustainable Global Energy Security

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Counselling Frameworks


This paper sought to discuss the pervading challenges of crises and insecurity on the surface of the globe, the consequences which invariably affect human beings in different parts of the world. Insecurity knows no boundary, hence no country of the world, developed or developing is exonerated or immuned. Measures have been taken at different times by governments of world countries, but all to no avail. Seemingly, the problems of insecurity tend to defy all tried solutions. Resources, energies and times have been expended as well as other strategies adopted. Professional counseling, at both micro and macro levels will go a long way in addressing and assuaging the negative impacts or effects of insecurity. Counselling models, frameworks and specific approaches if applied will help prevent, manage or cope with the devastation of insecurity at the level of individuals, groups or society. Human lives and properties are so precious that conserving and utilizing them will foster development. Negative consequences of insecurity will gradually slide to naught, to guarantee peace, unity, tranquility and well being of the citizenry the world over.Counselling Frameworks


The universe, which is supposedly, made to support human, animal and plant survival is turning into a place so unbearable for these species to be happy to enjoy peace, security and stability. It is apparently and almost on daily basis becoming saddled with plethora of problems. At different locations on the earth surface, man, especially is engulfed by both natural and man-made disasters, as well as crises of varying degrees. These include earth-quacks, flood, tsunami, bush fire, diseases of various types and forms, on the one hand. On the other, wars, insurgencies, kidnapping, militancy, restiveness, communal and religious crises etc.Counselling Frameworks

all leaving behind untold hardships, lost of precious human lives and valuables such as houses, workplaces, places of worship and the like. It leaves humans wherever they live anxious, frustrated and sometimes rather hopeless. Hardly a day passes without having frightening reports on death tolls, destructions of properties and refugees, who eventually come die due to hardships, malnutrition, diseases and other precarious conditions. Pathetically, reports over the media always tend to indicate that no part of the globe is totally immuned; of particular points of reference are the African continent and Middle East.Counselling Frameworks

Apparently, Egypt, Libya, Congo, Liberia, Mali, etc. in Africa; and Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afganistan etc. Other bigger countries such as America, Britain, Germany, China, Japan, North and South Korea, Israel, Palestine etc all experience security problems. The way and manner human lives and properties are destroyed with least consideration and sensitivity leaves one to think seriously about the future of the world. For whatever reason, real or imagined, the sad situation calls for great concern.Counselling Frameworks

Measures taken rightly or wrongly by other world countries in the name of bringing sanity and restoring peace will make many to believe that the world knows no peace throughout history and at contemporary times. The challenges of crises and insecurity the world over tend to thwart development, hence aggravating human sufferings and frustrations. In the light of the above, some counseling frameworks if properly considered and carefully worked out will go a long way in assuaging the situation for a better society and enhancing development.Counselling Frameworks

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