Consequences Of Polygamous Marriage On The Christians

Polygamous Marriage
Polygamous Marriage
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This work and research carried out by the researcher has brought new awareness to the issue of Christians and polygamy. In this work the researcher directed his attention towards the dweller and indigenes of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. According to the information conveyed from the research carried out, it was observed that the consequence of polygamy on Christian is pertinent. The researcher made use of questionnaire to sample the opinions of the people concerned the following result were obtained from nine localities or clans that made up the enclave, where the research was conducted many of the respondents speak on the need for Christians to desist from polygamy.  The data collected were analyzed using percentage storing of each response to an alternative answer. The researcher shows that the defect can be tacked by the man himself if he fair and firm in all his actions in the homes.



Chapter One

Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Basic assumption

Chapter Two

Literature review

Chapter Three


Research Method

Population of the study

Sample/Sampling techniques

Research Instrument

Method of administration

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Data analysis

Discussion of the findings

Chapter Five

Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion









Family according to encyclopedia America is a core group of persons related by birth, marriage or other names (such as adoption) who commonly reside in the same household.  The family is both subset of an individual’s total kinship network and a key unity of the household or domestic economy.Polygamous Marriage

Although family composition and structure vary greatly from culture to culture in general. Furthermore, families have existed in all societies and in all periods of human history family is equally a powerful symbol of social cohesion and morally a kind of micro of community and society. When anthropologist and sociologist speaks of the family they may be referring to married parents and children or to a broader kinship units social scientists have postulated that in all societies the family is to perform a set of basic functions. a basic function may be considered any activity imperative for the continuing existence of the society. The organization of an individual is defined as a role and Is conceptualized around a specific function such as raising of children.Polygamous Marriage

Moreover, each role implies a reciprocal role for example the sexual functions of marriage reside both in the husband’s role. According to J.B Chitamber (1972) family is the basic social institution of an organized relationship involving workable and dependable person by ties of marriage by blood, adoption, common consent and characterized by common residence and economic co-operation. Dr Martin Herbert (1975) on his own part states that all known societies the family is the most recognized unit which resumes the function of child bearing perpetuation of the family and human rules, socialization provision of economic man tenancy and live hood, love, affection and security. According to Bas Dean (1977) there are many types of family units of which monogamous and polygamous family units are inclusive.Polygamous Marriage

The monogamous family unit is common in advance countries and hence it is commonly referred to us the Western type of family. It is mostly praised by some educated people, those who are religious ethnic’s permits only monogamous marriage and those legally married in the law court.Polygamous Marriage

Polygamy therefore is a kind of marriage that permits a person to have more than one husband or wife. There is different type of polygamy, but the researcher is narrowing his finding to two striking, Examples polygamy and polyandry. Polygamy is a process whereby or which permits a man marry more than one woman or wife, while polyandry has to do with a woman, who married to more than one man or husband. This is practiced mostly in Tibet. The effect of this marriage on the girl child is what the researcher is basing his research. This type of marriage is prevalent in Nigeria particularly, Oredo local government area of Edo state. Dr Martin Herbert and Ushio Biolonwu daintily agreed on the following reasons: Traditionally: it is practiced because of the prestige it accord a man, in the society in which he lives Religiously; most religion encouraged the practice of marrying more than one wife for example in Islam you are expected to marry as many wife as you wish, depending on your purchasing power.Polygamous Marriage


In every societies of the world there are some specific structure designated to meet the immediate need of the society consequent upon this is Oredo settlement she has a robust nature of socialization which clearly defines the role of both sexes (male and female). Over the years position of women in Nigeria societies, especially in Oredo, has not be given a serious concern.Polygamous Marriage


The purpose of this study is to identify the consequences of polygamous family unit on the Christian in Oredo local government area. To highlight the factors which gave rise to polygamous family unit, to offer suggestion that will bring about lasting solution to this menace.Polygamous Marriage


The knowledge of the study will be of immense benefit to the following: the married women because they are majority involved in this type of marriage the opinion of the Christian about the issue of polygamous family unit in Oredo local government area of Edo state the findings of the research will be carefully analyzed and interpreted through the data collected and solution will be provided to a given problems.Polygamous Marriage

RESEARCH QUESTIONS                                                                                                 

In order to achieve the objective of the study of the following questions were raised to know whether or not they affect the attitude of polygamous parents on the education of girls.

  1. Why do men involve in polygamous marriage?
  2. What are the effects of this type of marriage on the Christian?
  3. How will people avoid the negative effect posed by such marriage?
  4. What happens to such family when the man dies?
  5. Do you think educated parent will indulge themselves in polygamous marriage?


EDUCATION: Is the totality of processes through which an individual acquires knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities which enable him or her to positively contribute towards the meaningful development of the society. Encyclopedia American a defined Education as a design to affirmatively assist individual to develop their skills or potentials and to lead a productive and satisfying lives culturally, education is the process whereby society preserves and perpetuates its social valves and institutions. It is the means by which the collective wisdom of the past is transmitted to each new generation.Polygamous Marriage

POLYGAMOUS: This is the institution that permits the marrying of more than one wife or husband. It can either be polygamous, systematic polygamy is a situation in which a man marries a woman divorce her marries another, divorce her adifinitum. While polyandry is a process whereby a woman get married to more than one husband.

FAMILY: Family is seen as a subset of an individual total Kinsley network and a key unit of the household or domestic economy, a symbol of social cohesion and moral philosophy.Polygamous Marriage


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