The Accounting Systems In Local Government A Case Study Of Obingwa Local Government Area Abia State

Accounting Systems
Accounting Systems
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Accounting Systems


Various accounting system is being used by different organizations or firms to speculate and analyse their financial statue.

However, for an organization to know the system of accounting they will adopt depends on the kind of transaction/business or activities such organization engaged Nigeria my country. The problem of adopting a particular accounting system especially among the various local governments in the states, has always been taken into consideration to ensure good control and efficient management of government operation. Accounting Systems To a reasonable and considerable extent. This has been achieved, but due to the complex system of our local government accounting, there has been some set back.Accounting Systems

Against this background, this project is designed to point out the ways and systems through which the revenues and expenditures of local Governments are accounted for.Accounting Systems

The accounting system of Obingwa Local Government Area will be used as a reference point to unravel this problems, and as well their solutions.Accounting Systems Also, this project will identify the nature and purpose of L.G.A accounting and financial control.Accounting Systems

Chapter one of this work is designed to show the introduction of the case study with the various reforms to its scope of operation. It also term’s to consider the problems facing the local governments accounting system in Nigeria, chapter two of this research work attempts to explore in details the related literature on the topic, review of local government accounting system will regards to Obingwa L.G.A. Also, is the L.G.A system of accounting for capital expenditure, recurrent expenditure and stores.

Chapter three will tend to examine the research design, the sample and instrument of data collection and the method of analysis. These items are moreover most important because the validity of the study is relative to the ability of the researcher to reach those directly concerned with the problem of the research.Accounting Systems

Chapter four is designed to analyse the responses of the respondents of Obingwa L.G.A workers at various levels.Accounting Systems

Chapter five of this research work will tend to summarize, draw a conclusion and make recommendations that will adequately make effective impact in the maintenance of local government accounting system that will be devoid of any immaterial facts, so as to maintain a true financial position at any point in times.Accounting Systems

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