factors militating against the management of public secondary schools in esan west local government area of edo state

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The research work is carried out to study the factors militating against the management of public secondary schools in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State. In doing this, ten questions were formulated and tested in the study, like parents not taking parts in public school management is one of the factors militating against effective management in public secondary schools. Chapter one deals with the purposes of the study. The second chapter deals with its literature review and chapter three deals with researcher methodology. This chapter is concerned with the procedure and strategies used for the study like population of the study, sample selection, research design etc. chapter four deals with the data analysis and discussion of findings. In the last chapter, chapter five deals with the summary, recommendation and conclusion. The researcher was able to find out that parents not taking part in public secondary school are one of the problem faces with in public schools through parents/.teaches association PTA. It was also detected that the teacher’s negligence attitude to teaching can also affect public schools administration. Based on the above findings it was recommended that parents should aid teachers and school head on the management of public schools head on the management can easily be carried out via the PTA in each school. Parents should provide their children with writing materials check their notes for daily work and help them from absenting and going late to schools to achieve a realistic academic expectations.
Chapter one
Statement of the problems
Purpose of the study
Significance of the study
Research question
Chapter Two
Literature review
Inadequate instructional materials
Inadequate teaching personnel
Inadequate instructional personnel
Leadership and management ineffectiveness
Factors that influence the management
The use of guidance and counseling
The problems of finance
Inadequate planning
Problem of supervision
Chapter Three
Research methodology
Research design
Population of the study
Sample/sampling procedure
Validity and reliability of instrument
Research instrumentation
Administration of instrument
Chapter Four
Analysis and interpretation of result
Chapter Five
Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation
Effective management can be seen as the proper co-ordination and utilization of all the resources available in order to achieved maximum result within the system. Therefore the problems associated with effective management of public secondary school in Esan West local government area of Edo state is paramount importance. This is because of the development of public secondary school in the area.
Philosophers had it that tomorrow success depends on today performance thus a day well lived makes every tomorrow a time of hope. Furthermore, a review of government intention on establishing public secondary school is well reveals that it is the intention of federal state education a common social good received by Nigeria in other words, public secondary schools exist in order to provide an equal educational opportunity and poverty among the people could have not been achieved.
In addition to these human resources if well motivated shall produce for this country the required scientists and technologists who are to the help this nation in different field like banking, industries, agriculture etc. The result of all their aspiration is failure due to the following effective management in public school. Specially in Esan West local government area of Edo state. The objective of the government as specified by the national policy on education 2004 are as follows.
1. To increase national consciousness and unity on the citizen.
2. To inculcate for the survival of the individual and the society at large.
3. The acquisition of appropriate skills abilities and competence both materials and physical as equipment for the individual to live and contributes to the development of the societies
4. To train the mind in the understanding for the world around.
A land fall of opportunities for it citizen able to generate a great and dynamic economy and growing into a limited strong and self reliant nation cannot be over emphasized. Hence the study of the public secondary school in Esan West local government area of Edo state and the ascertain the extent to which this is being achieved in order to make fully the potentials of the contribution of public secondary schools in the achievement of the objective of the national policy on education, all other agencies will operate hand in hand with government secondary schools to that end. According to Farrant (1980) say that management has to do with the control of resources and process in a production operation. Good management requires that the resources are used in the most effective’s way and that a high quality of product is maintained
According to Nwankwo (1987) say that management is the careful and systematic arrangement and use of resources, (human and materials) situation and opportunities for the achievement of the specific objective of a given organization e.g. educational organization. Whawo (1993) defined education management as the process of mobilizing human and materials resources within a school for effective teaching and leaving so the goals of establishing the school may be dently realized. In more specific terms, management or education management in the careful and systematic harnessing of education resources and as human, materials, time, curriculum and finance for the effective implication of academic plans within a school system and for the actualization of goals for examples the classroom management because the teacher is in position to guide direct, control., organism plan the students, coordinates all activities in the classroom including the human and non-human resources effectively and efficiently towards the expected goals.
It shows that their goals are not achieved by the public secondary school in Esan West Local Government Area to teachers failure to perform their duties as classroom managers. According to Farrant (1980) say that the teacher as manager ought to be able to indicate wherever the process is not working efficiently or is in danger of breaking down. He must know how to correct whatever is going wrong without disturbing more than the part immediately involved with experience he will team to anticipate trouble and take appropriate action to prevent it. Effective management calls upon a number of skills, some of them are technical while others relate to prevent relation. The principals and teacher need to develop them all and know how and when to apply them. Such skills are;
1. Planning the programme of learning and teaching for studies.
2. Decision making concerning resources teaching strategies
3. Coordinating learning in the classroom with learning from other sources.
4. Organizing routine matter and pupils students learning activities.
According to Olaitan (1985) says that any achievement that desires a national objective required teacher of right capability this is because the teacher are the hub ground which all education activities involve.
The public generally view public secondary schools as institutions that are poorly financed. It is one of the major problems associated with public secondary schools. The financial state requirement for the educational system is to fulfill the goals for teaching in most cases the fund are not forth coming because the financial resources are limited in federal, state and local government level.
Secondly in public schools, it is obvious that there are inadequate teaching facilities for instruction, this inadequacy often contributed for teachers and students poor academic performance both I local and state levels. It is pertinent to state overtime that the same schools that have facilities for learning in turn, lack training teaching personnel to guide the concert in their learning activities. The consequences of staffing the school with untrained teachers have caused more harm than good, specific in public schools in Esan West LGA. This equally is determining factors in the success or failure of education to the country or society in needs.
According to Toyin Akambi (1983) an examination body recognized inspectors, the highest concentration is on ragout on the schools programme under the program of studies, the inspector looked into the qualification, capabilities of teaching personnel scheme and record of work in each subject work coverage internal and external examination papers, other aspects looked into are physical facilities necessary for the different disciplined and textbooks in use. They discovered that the science subject suffered a lot due to lack of teaching aids and teacher coming and going and sometimes bluntly referred teaching and transfer to village schools.
Based on the statement of problems the following research questions were raised to guide the study.
1. What are the factors militating against the management of public secondary school in Esan West Local Government Area?
2. Staff of public schools in Esan West Local Government area are not qualified enough for effective management
3. Are parents and the communities generally excluded from contributing their quota towards effect management of the public secondary schools?
4. Is the school curriculum adequate enough for the effective management of the public secondary schools?
5. What can be done to improve effective management of public secondary schools in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State?
The study is carried out to investigate the factors militating against effective management of public secondary schools in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State. The study will also make recommendations that could help reduce the management problems of public schools in Esan West Local Government Area.
This research project will be of immense help to people from all areas of life. It will go along way towards helping various organizations, private and public on the modalities of the management of both their human and materials resources. It will bring to light the advantage of stalling a school with qualified teachers and not just to employ any body as a teacher especially in public secondary schools.
The project work will equally educate members of thepublic the need for their help or quota towards standardizing public schools in Esan West. It reveals those things that should be done to improve or bring out effective management of public schools. The project will reveal its school curriculum that is adequate enough for the effective management of public secondary schools.

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