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Over the years, there has been a high rate of business failure in both private and public sector . analysis and the review of the problem has shown that the provision of capital and technology alone cannot avert the situation. The situation can be change through a communal living. Establishment of co-operative society and there stay under the umbrella might contribute more to the efficient and effective management.

This research project was done to determine the impact of co-operative apex on the development of co-operative society in Anambra state using the co-operative federation as a case of study

The objective of the study was;

1.     to identify the functions of the apex

2.     To identify and examine the organizational structure of the apex

3.     To identify the problem militating against the management and operation of COFAS and suggesting ways of improving the state apex.

4.     To identify the source and the use of fund and how they are supported in improving other tertiary, secondary, and primary society

The study find out that co-operative federation of Anambra state have;

Create a great impact on co-operative development in Nigeria which is archive through the service rendered to affiliate member society such as selling essential commodity are a reduce price, processing farm product, conducting training programme such as seminars, conference, workshop etc.

Management problem, which are responsible for the poor performance of COFAS. Such problems are lack of good planning, organizing, controlling and directing

Problem of inadequate capital. The study recommends that management workshop should be organized to harness the management problems of COFAS. Also private companies should be allowed to by share in the co-operatives federation so that problem of inadequate capital can e solve.




The co-operatives is a very broad topic. It is found throughout the whole world. We found in capitalist countries, in socialist countries and sometimes, countries, which are regarded to have what we called mixed economy. They are found in the developing countries or third world countries.

The owed co-operative that has come tousled as an adjectival noun is from the verb to co-operate or the noun cooperation. The term co-operation can be used as a generic term covering a wild area of activity in which tow or more people join together whether formally or not formally on abhor on legally or illegally or socially accepted or unaccepted action to archive some aims. Su h action may be selfish in nature or by be the public good or in the interest of those performing the action without it being detrimental to any one else. It also use in narrower sense to mean activity undertaking by co-operatives and other self-help organization.

G.J Holyoake, one the foremost British co-operative pioneer, propagandist and author bring out this two meaning succinctly with borders on the definition and charat3eristics of the co-operative according to Holyoke, co-operative is an organized self help by honest labour and honest trade; the profit been equitably divided among those who created them whether by word of mouth or by brain. That is what we understand as industrial co-operatives.

There is a familiar use of the word co-operation which mean two or more people or thing acting together to produce result as when man and lever gets together to move long or a cat’s paw or employed to pull chestnut form the fire, or as when physician marries the daughter of undertaker with a view to uniting.

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