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This project focused on the structure, operation and impact of Nigerian stock exchange on Nigerian economy. The Nigerian financial market ware considered. The Nigerian capital market was examined together with the roles and reasons for its establishment. The Nigerian Stock Exchange was traced to the origin. The meaning, history and organization of Nigerian Stock Exchange was undertaken, together the membership of Nigerian Stock Exchange which includes the foundation members, the ordinary members and the Dealing members. In addition, the structure of the Nigerian Stock Exchange which deals with the general administration of the operations in the Stock Exchange market was also examined. It also covers the objectives, functions, the Dealing procedure, listing requirements of Nigerian Stock Exchange and the classification of Stock Exchange Market. Moreover, the operation of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the speculators at the Stock Exchange and the impact and achievement of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on economy were analyzed and provided for in the project. The Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission was considered as only regulatory body in the activities of Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) was examined. The various method of collecting data related to the topic were discussed to ensure the empirical validity of the finding. The data collected were analysed and interpreted with the presentation in tabular form. The summary, conclusion and recommendation of the write up were concisely stated in lucid language for the consumption of the attentive public.

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