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In this research project, an attempt was made by the researcher to find out the role of supervision in the development of primary education in some selected schools within sokoto metropolis. Simple and sampling technique research designing was adopted in the study. The instrument was questionnaires for head masters and the teachers in the area of the study to obtain their responses on the subject matter. The responses obtain by the researchers indicate that one of the important thing also observed in the research is the nonpayment of supervisors allowances provided that encouraged the supervisors to perform their duty effectively. Therefore the researchers suggest that the ministry of education should ensure the training and retraining of school supervisors to keep them current in discharging their duties in the area of the study.




Generally speaking the system administration of education in Nigeria’s it is today has been the result of a gradual process which dates back to coming of the Europeans. The importance of school supervisors in today’s educational system demands for grater attention. The inspectorate division of any ministry of education has a vital role to play in the development and improvement of education, this is true because through proper management and good organization of the division, the standard of education can easily be raised and maintained (MC Nerney, 1931).

According to Vashist S. (1994) the chronology of school supervision may be found in the historical development of much important function of both religious and public schools. The present study of school supervision demands for greater attention especially now that the nation has embarked on the 6-3-3-4 educational system. This is an indication that the state in particular is concerned about changes that can bring improvement and progress to the lives of its people. People are becoming more conscious than before about the importance of education in general and thus have generated in the daily operation of the school system.

In the state, it is generally believed that qualified people who are capable of supervising schools are too few for the large number of schools they are expected to supervise. This can be solved by equipping the inspectorate

division with well experienced, qualified and dedicated inspectors/supervisors. In view of this, supervision is undoubted a very important for proper implementation of school curriculum in the primary school. No school can develop without a sound supervision; it is generally accepted that effective supervision in the primary school is the key to the development of any institution. This is a vehicle for the promotion and perpetuation mean to prolong the existence of cause to be remembered of school and indeed pupil’s cognitive development. To this end supervision play a great role the field of education. Supervision contributes in enhancing areas such as vocational, technical, and political and special education. 

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