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In recent times the ability to adopt change is very important to many organization in the hope of survive achieve this every manager should be responsible for increasing the effectiveness of its employee which comes mainly through staff development programmes. This shows that systematic development in staff is a sound business investment.

According to Biller (1999) staff development is all about making sure that employees are happy in their job, working to their full potential, and that their talents and skill – that could be of benefits to the company –are developed this can mean encouraging staff to take on different responsibilities, moving department or being promoted with a more senior role.

Staff development refers to all the policies, practices and procedures used to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency both of the individuals and the organization.

Effective and comprehensive staff development practices must attend to staff and organization improvement, derive from a development plans including attention to both process and product, be anchored and ever changing work, be multifaceted and ever changing and recognize maturation and growth in staff.

Staff development practices have a dual focus that they must attend to individual staff and to organization development. For staff development to successful, both goals must be achieved –that is, they must be mutually supportive. This commitment requires creativity and flexibility in plans for staff development (Holmes, 1998) knowledge and skills development is vital to the health of an organization. Organization are routine valued not in their physical but on their intellectual capital.

Buckley and Caple (1989), defined development as “the general enhancement and growth of an individual skills and abilities through conscious and unconscious learning.

Ajuogn (1995), say that development is a “process to assist employees in attaining a levels of performance and unity of personal and social behavior that meets their needs and those of the organization. Development helps the employees to learn their jobs quickly and effectively, thereby minimizing cost during subsequent operations. The ability of an employee to handle complex and higher responsibilities is an advantages of development to employee performance.

Management must not forget that at a time of employment, no person is perfectly fit except they undergone good staff that inadequate development result in poor decision- making and planning which ultimately leads to poor business performance and reduced productivity. It is a learning activity aimed at most future needs rather than current performance. It is concerned with employee carrier growth and satisfaction of future organization’s man power requirement. Development deals with the activities undertaken to expose an employee to perform additional duties and assume position of important in the organizational hierarchy.

The goal of staff development is improvement in staff and organizational effectiveness. This is a process that affects interpretations of job requirements, relationships with Colleagues, and perfectiveness on the methods of education. Staff development occurs in a social context and emphasizes  teamwork, built on a foundation of collaboration staff development is a process that demonstrates the commonness of purpose of all staff and the crucial nature of individual knowledge and skills to perform assign duties in relation to the achievement of these larger goals (Bixion 2001).

Every research embark upon by a researcher emanate from where there is a problem. The same problem was identified by the researcher in the first City Monument Bank, Uyo. The identified problems are as follows:

  1. Lack of employees incompetence in handling their job result to how productivity.
  2. The organization set it as a waste of time and resource. It reduces employee’s performance and effectiveness in the job due to the absence of staff development.
  3. Lack of employees training in the business organization
  4. Lack of acquired skill and knowledge in the development will decrease performance.


This research is intending to achieve the following objectives

  1. To determine how staff development affect the performance and efficiency of employee in first City Monument Bank, Uyo.
  2. To determine the extent at which staff development affects productive in first City Monument Bank, Uyo.

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