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The definition of auditing came as independent examination and investigation of the evidence from which a financial statement has been prepared with the view of enabling the independent examiner to report whether in this opinion and according to the best of his knowledge, the information and the explanation obtained by him is properly drawn and if not, in what respect he is not satisfied. The independent examiner who the investigation and report there upon is referred to as auditor.

The auditor being an independent examiner who should be professionally qualified, examines the books of account and vouchers to report whether he is satisfied or not, that the statement of financial position is properly drawn up so to show a true and fair view of the profit or loss of the financial period.

The role of internal control is rigorous and from the above description of an auditor’s position in this dynamic business world, it can be concluded that the main objective of internal control is to ascertain that the rules and regulation, policies and procedures established by management of an organization to guide its operations and to secure compliance by staff of established standards.

The detection of fraud and error in business organization is therefore  important to note with great concern that the auditor is not absorbed from the responsibility for fraud or error committed by directors.

Local government is the third tier of government in Nigeria, state government council, local government council are now recognized by the forth schedule of the constitution which includes consideration of economic planning and the making of recommendation to a state commission for planning and administration. The council chairman now becomes the chief  accounting officer administrator while the counselor makes laws for the administration. By law, the council generates revenue and obtains funds from both state and federal government, hence the need for accountability and effective administration, it’s therefore pertinent that a sound financial system be in place to affect internal control by way of internal audit to prevent fraud, embezzlement and defalcation of public funds. For these reasons, internal and external control measures become the administrative tools of this administration.

The internal control includes:

  1. Appointment of committee for different services
  2. Issuance of financial authorities (warrants)
  3. Centralization of all payment in the council.
  4. Preparation of the budget/standing orders for the financial administration.

The external control includes;

  1. Parliamentary control
  2. Control by the general public
  3. State/federal government
  4. External auditors control
  • Statement of  the problem

Generally, the public and observers believes that internal auditing is not of any value to local government council administration since there are always yearly external audit, there are financial regulation guiding the control of funds in and out of the system. More so, there are problems of lack of independent/confidence in the part of internal auditors who are also staff of the organization. The combined impact of these hinders the effective administration of local government council and it is based on this scenario that the researcher is undertaking a study to ascertain the impact of internal control on effective administration of local government council.

The study has the following objectives:

  1. To determine the impact of internal control on effective administration of local Government council.
  2. To examine the forces promoting internal control in organization.
  3. To ascertain the problems of internal control on effective administration of local government council.
  4. To examine the measures for reducing problems of internal control on effective administration of local government council.

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