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The study examines the impact of Human Resources Management Policies on workers performance, with special reference to First Bank of Nigeria plc.

To achieving this, related literature was cited on Human Resource Management Policies.

Human Resource Management Policies involves the system of codified decisions, established by an organization to support administrative personnel functions, performance management, employees relations and resource planning. The establishment of policies can help an organization to demonstrate both internally and externally the basic requirement to managing conflictual issues of diversity, ethics and training as well as commitment in-relation to the regulation and corporate governance of it’s employees.

A sample of 80 respondents was selected from first Bank of Nigeria plc. using the simple and stratified sampling techniques.

Moreso, there was a response rate of (62.5%) as against the non-respondents of (37.5%).Thus,(50) respondents were used for data analysis and interpretations.

The research instrument used was the questionnaire, frequency distribution; percentage and chi-square were methods of data analysis used for the study.

It is however shown from the study that : Human Resource Management policies has a significant impact on workers performance. Also that employment relationship is positively related with Human Resources Policies




Management of human resources policies of is general to the growth and survival of any organization particularly those of the 21st century, who encounter on regular basis unhealthy rivalry in the global market. Bankole,(2003).

Practices on human resources management involves basic guide lines to which efficient and effective utilization of personnel to achieving best practices can be attained. Therefore, for any organization that will stand the test of time in the highly competitive environment must necessarily adopt a realistic human resources system, planning, and utilization that could motivate as well as carry along the entire work force in the effort towards attaining the organizational goal. This is because while the kingdom of heaven lies on righteousness, the organization of this world is practically run by men (Human resources). Hence, it takes the effort of management policies or principles of human resources to enhance the survival of an organization.


However, established HR policies are entrenched in ensuring a peaceful and conducive employment relationship of employees considering labour standards, privacy legislation, occupational health and safety, human right and workers compensation.

It involves certainty to other related legislation as applicable in the jurisdiction in which the organization operates.

Regardless of the sophistication and efficiency of organization’s modern tool and equipment and the vastness of its financial and other material resources, they are no value to the organization, unless the policies activities, principles or rules guiding humans resources are put into use. Adequate supply of natural and other resources doe s not alone bring about economic development. It is the human asset in term of employee or workers team spirit and management action, which can make good use of resources with effective deployment and utilization of human resources. Therefore, HR policies helps to shape the employment value of the organization and as well ensure managers have the skills and resources to be able to implement sand monitor the policy. The human element is central to organization of all description.


Iyanda, (1986) noted that in the process of development to any nation, manpower contributes up to 64%, the remaining other physical and manmade resources contributes the remaining 36% to the process of the development.


Knowing the need of human resources management ad a pivotal pigment to successful operation of an organization, policies enacted to effect it’s functioning are poorly implemented. The slim or poor response to executing this practice in most organization has predicated inflexibility and poor performance for it’s ethics. Some of these anormalics are :

–      Mediocrity in service delivery through improper recruitment, and selection of individual via federal character, nepotism, sentiments and feelings.

–      Inexperience due to lack of effective training and development practice expected in-contradiction with it’s HR laws or principles.

–      Absence of strict employees appraisal of job whereby constituting inconsistency in performance of a duties or task assigned.

–      Improper motivational provision that will connote expected job satisfaction on the part of employee

–      Inconsistent decision – making between employee and managers negatively impacting on work-environment or business accomplishment

–      Inconsiderability and insensitivity to general employment standards, occupational health and safety, human rights and workers compensation that negatively affects employees performance.


The general purpose of this research is to examine the impacts of Human Resources management policies on workers’ performance in First Bank Nigeria Plc. It’s purpose is to:

–      Understand the significance of human resources policies on employees performance.

–      To create and enhance the awareness of employee about Human Resources practices and policies to banking sector.

–      To portray the difference inhuman Resources Policies offered by the different companies of the Banking sector in Nigeria.

–      To identify the most neglected Human Resources practice which employees believe that could help to perform better than before.

–      To explore the importance and to change the mindset of the employees by introducing Human resource Practice as these practice are contributing in the performance of the firm and employees collectively.


–      The study is vital because the result will enable the researcher to know poorly practiced HR policies in organizations can be amended implemented and complied.

–      The result will assist the researcher to identify the benefits to HR policy compliance in work organization.

–      The outcome will help unveil how organizational integration, flexibility, decentralization and functional autonomy can be perceived ad catalyst of corporate communication and commitment of organizational employees towards greater organizational synergy.

–      The study will enable how Human resources policy addresses important issues related to organization’s mission or operations.

–      The outcome will debunk how consistent management’s flexibility to treating each situation as UNIQUE can be curbed.


From the research objective stated so far the study aims to provide answered to the following questions:

–      Is the human resources management policies effective in your organization?

–      Has these policies influenced employees performance in organizations?

–      Does the size of the organization’s workforce justify the HR policies practiced in your organization?

–      Is the policy effectively monitored and enforced in your organization?

–      Has competent and skilled workforce been generated through the HR statement entrenched?

–      Does it promote peaceful employment relation in the world of work?

–      Has goals been achieved through this formal statement?

–      How will the HR policy impact a manager’s ability to act when reviewing performance, awarding promotions, approving leave, hiring or terminating?

–      How does it support the development of the organization’s desired work culture?



H0:   Human resources policies do not have a significant impact on worker’s performance.

H1: Human resources policies have significant impact on worker’s performance.


H0:   Employment relationship is negatively related to Human Resources policies.

H1:   Employment relationship is positively related to Human Resources policies.


The study access the impact of Human resources policies on employees performance; with reference to First bank of Nigeria Plc, sited at Taylor Bust stop, Lagos-Abeokuta express Road, in Lagos state.

The major respondents aimed for the study are majorly staff/employees from the top, middle and low cadre of the organization.


Challenges faced in the course of the study include:

–      Traffic barrier

–      Distance

–      Stress and it’s related rigors

–      Incomplete collection of questionnaires in-contradiction to the initial number distributed.

–      Information secrecy by some respondents.

–      Mishandling and unfriendly treatment by the security-gate personnel of the financial institution and

–      Financial constraints.


·        POLICY: is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization’s mission or operation.

·        PERFORMANCE: involves the result or outcome of employees service delivery to task assigned.

·        HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: is the act of people focused function or activities, which cover the effective acquisition, use and maintenance of human resources within an organization.

·        EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP: explains the basic working conditions regulated between employer and employee in the world of work.

·        MISSION: involves the task that an individual, group, persons or organization is set to perform.

·        VISION: implies the goal of an entity, a group or set of individuals or an organization, which is driven by it’s mission (task) to attaining it.

·        ORGANISTIONAL INTEGRATION: explains organizational harmony and manual co-existence between and among workers in an organization. This can be achieved through effective communication and firm cohesion within work group.

·        MOTIVATION: is any instinctive or rational, by which people try to satisfy their basic needs, perceived or rational needs which trigger individual’s behavior.

·        It is also the inner stimulus which boosts employee’s behavior towards higher performance.

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