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This work is meant to show how home video can curb or eradicate the problems of drug abuse and how it can be controlled among the youths in our society: this project will be carried out through a critical approach of research using empirical methods to find out the causes, problem as well as the dangers inherent in drug abuse.


1.0              INTRODUCTION

         Home video as come to play an increasingly important role in public campaigns due to its wide reach and ability to influence behaviour. It has contributed to the positive developments such as fight and against the HIV/AIDS gender bias, poverty and racisms, and now there is an urgent need to use the full power o the same medium to educate the youths to shun drug abuse and drug trafficking. There is significance evidence that carefully planned home video campaigns can reduce drug abuse by countering false perception in normative drug abuse.

   The current trends of indiscipline among the youths were so alarming that various military and civilian governments have sought for ways of combating the problems. However the use of dugs without prescription by pharmacist (self medication) is a common phenomenon among the youths. Drug without the prescription by pharmacists could lead to many health problems among youths. Drug like alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, marijuana e.t.c are being abused by youths as a result of ignorance, tradition, influence of peer group and to boost one’s confidence.

         It is from this that the researcher intends looking into the home video and its possible solution to drug abuse. The home video messages have a deep impact on the society and youths are instrument in creating popular accepted rooms. Home video ensures quick and easy flow of information and education. Some home video plays music and videos that gives out messages against social video such as alcohol, drug and sex abuse. Drug abuse and other unhealthy habits have a role in the out burst of unfortunate incidents where teenagers have lately become extremely violent and out of control.

Home video as taught us how drugs and other pleasures affects the brains, it turns that drugs, gambling, internet use and chocolate all affect the brain in similar ways. The importance of this discovery extend well beyond knowing about drug abuse and pleasure. Youths take drugs for many reason which include (1) peer group (2) relief stress (3) increased energy (4) to relax (5) to relief pain (6) to escape reality (7) to feel more self esteem (8) for recreation (9) they take stimulants to keep alert (10) Feelings of excitement produces.

Athletics and body builder e.g. wrestlers, boxers e.t.c may take anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass. Drug abuse affects society and youths in some ways because drug abuse at any age can cause serious health effects, but teens who abuse drugs are at particular risk for negative consequences. Youths who abuse drug are more likely to struggle with addiction later in life and have permanent and irreversible brain damage. Some other negative effect of drug abuse are:

1.      Emotional Problems: Drug abuse can cause or mask emotional problems such as anxious, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, unfortunately, drug abuse can also increase the severity of these emotional problems. For example teenagers that use marijuana weekly double their risk of depression and anxiety.

2.      Behavioural Problems: Youths who abuse drug have an increased risk of social problems, depression, suicidal thoughts and violence. According to a recent survey by the substance abuse youths who don’t abuse drugs to engage in delinquent behaviours such as fighting and stealing. Some youths who also use drug are found to have increased urge for sex and this may result into contacting diseases like HIV/AIDs.

3.      Learning Problems: Drug abuse damages short term and long term memory and can lead to problems with learning and memory later in life.              

4.      Brain damage: Drug abuse among youths can result in serious mental disorders or permanent irreversible damage to the brain. Brain damage among youths includes brain shrinkage, imppairect learning ability and memory problems impaired reasoning and changes in sexual desire.

5.      Accidents: Youths that abuse drug are more likely to be involve in car accident resulting to injuries or death.

In the late 70s, usage of cocaine and heroine became signitant in Nigeria. Although the law enforcement agencies and the government were not aware of the development because of the rampant use of drug and emphasis on Indian hemp. It was not until May 1983, when the Guardian newspaper of the Nigeria.


It is expected of the youth to be well cultured, morally upright, respective, honest intellectually sound, kind hearted and academically efficient. But the contrary is the case, most of the youth today engage in cultism, drug abuse, robbery, prostitution and are back- ward in academics with a host of social vices which  have negative effective on the society. Therefore there is need for ethnical re-orientation of such young men and ladies by the home-video some of the problems this project work would be tacking are;

(i)                 The misuse of drugs by youths especially females.

(ii)               The negative effect    of drugs abuse on youth and the society

(iii)             Influence of the society on drugs abuse addiction

1.2              PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

It is the intention of this research to enlighten parents, guardian and society at large on the problem of drug abuse more so when it is not limited to the children of the rich alone children from the poor family background too do involve in drug abuse. The purpose of the research  is to;

(i)                 identify the role of home video in curbing drugs abuse

(ii)               proper solution to the problem.

(iii)             To know the cause of drugs abuse

(iv)             To know the concept of drugs abuse

(v)               The effort made towards curbing being drugs abuse in the society.  

(vi)              The types of drugs that are been abuse by the youth

(vii)           know how the film (Omo Gomina) has help to talk on drug abuse among the youths. 

1.3              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This research is concerned with the use of home- video in curbing the problem of drugs abuse and to identify the cause as well as the danger that are involved in the home video titled “OMO GOMINA” by Iyabo Ojo would be use as a case study 

1.4               RESEARCH QUESTIONS

The following question and other’ question that may arise in the course of the research work would be addressed

(i)                 what is drugs abuse

(ii)               is the cause of drug abuse among people a result of ignorance

(iii)             can the society be the  reason for drug abuse

(iv)             can drug  abuse cause poor health status among youth?

(v)               Can drug abuse affect the academic social mental, emotional and physical status of youth?

1.5              DEFINITION OF TERMS

(i)                 HomeVideo: Refers to home entertainment system that seek to produce a movie theatre experience and mood, with the help of video and audio equipment in or dirt outside a private home.  

(ii)               Menance: A person or thing that causes or may cause, serious damage, harm or danger.

(iii)             Drugs: These are substance that affects psychological or behavioural functions. Drug can also be defined as only substance that could be used in the prevention and treatments of disease.

(iv)             Abuse: It is defined as the act of using

(v)               Drug Abuse: It is referred to as the use of drug in a wrong and unconventional from that deviate from the norms of a particular group or society.

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