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Manpower was founded in Milwakee Wisconsin, USA in (1948) by Afforneys Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld. The firm began offering franchise opportunities in 1954 manpower shares were traded on New York stock exchange since (1967) under the tricker “MAN”

There are numbers of factors that contribute to the success of any organization these factor include; capital, equipment, manpower, etc. All these factors are important but the most significant factor is the human factor since it is the people that will put the other resources to work it should be viewed as such by management by giving it due attention in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

According to Tracey (2003), human resources are the people that staff and operate an organization. Manpower planning aims at ensuring that the right person is available for the right job at the right time. This involves formulating a forward looking plan to ensure that the necessary human-effort to make it possible for the survival and growth of an organization, it becomes imperative to develop the employee.

According to president Kennedy (1961) large scale of unemployment during the prior of recession is bad enough but large scale of unemployment during a period of prosperity will be intolerable. Manpower development is the process of intellectual and emotional achievement through providing the means by which people can grow with their jobs. It relates to series of activities, which an enterprise will embark upon to improve its managerial capacity.

Manpower development is important in any discussion of strategies human resources management, this emphasis on manpower and development is influence by the belief that, it is how desirable to forces more attention on the area which is in the past has been relatively neglected because every organization regardless of its size must provides for the needs interest and desire of it employee within the work environment if its is no earn loyalty dedication, involvement and commitment necessary to compete effectively.

Since the early 1960, the human factor of production manpower as it is alternatively called, has incurable been recognized as the factor without which an effective utilization of all other factors remain a dream. Although it might to temping to attach more importance to the availability of Physical resources such as capital and equipment undermining that they are mere passive factors of production, which depend on human intellectual, which is the active agent to explicit them in order to achieve the objective of the organization.

Thus, the human factor (Manpower) is the main stay of the organization. In other word, the success of an organization depend on the ability and expertise of those who operate it both at the managerial and lower level of operation, such abilities and expertise usually stem training received.

There are numerous challenges been faced on the process of manpower planning and development such as:

  1. Lack of appropriate planning environment.
  2. Lack of management support
  3. Lack of effective and experience planners
  4. Lack of legitimate planning needs etc.

It is very imperative to put all these challenges into consideration as it enhances effective running of a business set-up activities and the problem ensuring optimum productivity which is fast becoming a challenges as well a imperative for the management of organization, thus planning and development of staff on whom the huge responsibility of furthering these goals rest, must take top priority if the organization must continue to enjoy maximum performance from staff.

The main objective of setting up a company is to make profit and to achieve this organizational goals, adequate manpower planning and development programmed should be put in place to enhance performance.

In the word of S. G. Odia in his paper “Manpower Development; in Nigeria”, the manpower resource of any nation is a unique index of appraising the nation’s economic growth development and infect it’s economic “worth”.

The same can be said at the organizational level, that is to say that manpower is the main stay of an enterprise. Long before now, emphasis has been on how to increase productivity through greater financial commitment and other inputs other than manpower.

As a result of the above, many firms especially in the private sector of the economy saw the direct need to pursue an integrated manpower planning and organizational achievement if one recognizes .the strategic position of manpower in any organization, then efforts of every organizations must be geared toward ;the double barrels objectives of an effective manpower planning which is pre-requisite for the attainment of corporate objectives of an organization which in this case of profit making.

Human resources are very complex especially, when there is a large pool of them as in the case of champion Breweries Plc, Uyo. their mobility rate is very high and most often very unpredictable. be that as it may, it is inevitable to have a plan which entails to a reasonable degree of exactness the manpower need of the company from time to time.

This research is aimed at having a critical look at the problem of death of manpower in some organizations as a result of lack of manpower planning in such organizations. it is also to see to the consequences of this as it relate to the achievement of the corporate objectives of an organization, using champion Breweries Plc as a case study.

  1. To find out the challenges encountered on the process of training and developing manpower in Champion Breweries
  2. To see the effect of training and developing of manpower in champion Breweries
  • to find out if manpower helps in achieving of goals in champion Breweries
  1. to identify some techniques of manpower training and development in the company and their relevance to the company needs and industries at large.
  2. To determine how manpower planning will help to ensure the availability of the required manpower resources to be employed in the various department of an organization.

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