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            This study was on the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Advertising in changing Consumers Behaviour  (A case Study of First Bank of Nigeria PLC., Okpara Avenue Enugu). examined some of the factors that helps change the attitude or behaviours of customers when they are faced with a new or an old existing product.

The literature review was basically on theoretical frame work, historical background and current literary meanings of advertising by different authors and marketing experts especially those writers who have written immensely on the topic or relevant to it.

During the course of this work, the research design method used was descriptive method, while both primary and secondary sources of data collections were used.

The total population size of the company was 245 out of which questionnaires were drawn from 95 staff of the business organization that constituted  the sample size.

The sample size were drawn from the staff and  customers of the bank.  The method used in data presentation was simple percentage while chi-square (X2) method was used in testing the hypotheses, the findings were that First Bank of Nigeria staff saw advertising as the key to changing the behaviours of consumers and therefore recommend that, First Bank of Nigeria should adopt advertising as a tool, that will help change the attitude of consumer which includes, bill boards, posters, Tv, Radio, magazines, newspapers etc. in order to change their various behaviours.

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