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The key features of the world economy since the 1980’s are the world trade. This has introduced serious competition threads in the domestics and export market of developing countries.

Industries output are the goods produced by industries for the consumption of individual’s organizations government and the entire population. Output of any country can be an input another country therefore; the finished product of any industry depends on the level of that country’s technology advancement.

The trade liberalization in the industrial output means to facilitate and aids the production of goods by eliminating / minimizing restrictive control on such either r political or morally.

Industries need to be free political pressures and conducted solely in the live of product finance, due to the difference of the existing trade regime. Industrial export remain insufflating in Nigeria and the country has consisting been unable to take advantage of the opportunities afford by such schemes as the ECOWAS trade liberalized programme.     

West Africa Milk Company plc, was incorporated on the 17th April 1977 as a private company to manufacture, process and distribute various milk products in Nigeria.

In 1978 the company became a public company under the second schedule of 1978 decree in compliance with the Nigeria enterprise promotion decree of the said year from that moment, the Nigeria share holding  was in creased to 60% out of the 40% balance 36.67% was held.

However the WAMCO office has also improved environment (i.e thus well and glitter ring window).

I also observed that the staff of the Nigeria chinning services limited were recently contracted for round the clock chewing of WAMCO office and they have made a difference by hinging the professional touch to chewing the conductive visitor might even enquire for food production.

A very imagination visitor might even enquire at these observations that WEMCO is truly a company for the future.

The problems clearly he much close to home and probably include and in appropriate trade regime.   


The purpose of the project work is to highlight to the means of policies that guide trade within and outside the country.


West Africa Milk plc. Technically partner is the corporative Company Friesland (FRIESLAND) in Holland. It is one of the foremost, daily most beginning at its inception in 1931 to a corporative with farmers membership of 14,000.

For the consumer market friesland offer a tailor made range of products including sweetened milk, body and infant food and chocolate.


Peak instant procedure milk, which now corves with an attractive package has a new addition to the range, the latest addition to the range, the latest as at year is 10g sachet. The newly improved peak instant milk new contain 38 vitamine and mineral and very glass of milk assures you of adequate nutrient necessary for healthy living and development.

All package (180g 400g sachet) have the inscription “control 28 minerals and vitamins”

The peak brand has always been unique in every way and this new trade as the induction of 28 vitamins and minerals has been landed by many professional and health exports across the nation. Mr. Jan Bless the commercial manager explained that the trade has been improved upon to become better attraction.

According to him the 400g Sachet new come as a standing pouch while  a new addition the 180g pack has been added to the peak range.


The main of this project work is to find the impact of trade policy i.e Trade Policy let us know the policies that guide trade within and outside e.g quotes excise duties, tariffs etc. i.e exporting and importing. On the output of goods in Nigeria. Its objectives  are stated below:

1.                  To find  reason why the government of nation control price of its industrial output. The pricing measures price a measures of marketing programme. It reflects how will the marketing manager has done well no business decision is a critical from both an economical and social stand point as price.

2.                  To consider whether to give power of monopoly to the existing and prospective industries to operate and conduct on product finance.    

3.                  To consider whether the government should remove its policy on trade e.g trade policy on import and exports tariffs etc.

4.                  To encourage government to make available the developed manpower and technology so as to speed the trade of the economy.

The Corporative Company Friesland Holland (i.e Friesland) and the remaining 3.33% was held provision meunller and company limited Manchester, United Kingdom a subsidiary of cc Friesland.

The Nigeria 60% equity shareholding institutional shareholder than the company is the only one producing evaporated work in the country went into production on the 25th of August, 1975 when the Rainbow Brand of evaporated milk was produced Rainbow as a brand name was later dropped for “Peak”.

The company factory occupies 8.312 acres of land at Ogba industrial scheme Ikeja. At inception the company had  an installed production capacity of 1.2 million controls of 98 x 170 grame evaporated to 2.5 million in 1982.              

The management are much aware of the nation wide demand for their products as such to ensure that the product reach customer the organization maintains a high efficient network of distribution.     

Appointed distributions spread over the state of the federation including individual and marketing forms.

Realizing the vital role human resources plays in the success of any company the company undertone continuous formal and informal training for their staff both locally and international from time to time support which would be adopted by the company to enhance sales of the product and expatiated upon by the marketing manager in person Dr. Ify Urahhe said that bill board as are being strategically located that the media would be extensively employed to communicates the attributes and benefits of the newly improved pack milk to the consumers.

The pack evaporated milk for export is produced in LEEVE WARDEN.

1.4       OBJECTIVE OF STUDY                                       

The objective of this project is to examine the effect of trade liberalization on industrial output in Nigeria.


The scope of this project work is limited to the industrial sector of the economy their freedom from Government policies and to operate work is limited to the little information gathered from text books, journals periodical papers, the topic has limited researchable resources and has taken a lot of time and efforts to collect the available information.   

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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